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Post perfect gfs.
>tfw no qt /fa/ big-titted gf
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Someone posted this pic the other day.
>shitty taste in decorating
>dykey hair
>questionable whiteness
She has a qt face and nice body though. Only tattoos are shit.

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Its 1.9-2.2km away

Easter Sunday night, 8pm
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lay out a spike trap
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no need my man

safe as houses
Hello Australian friend. I am invested in your pizza struggle. Please keep updated.

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American politics is a joke lol
What does this have to do with NEETs?
Antifa is like 90% NEET

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are there any girls (female) here that would be my gf?
im so lonely...
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You really think some girl who has nothing more to go on than a cute anime pic will be your GF?
Can someone be my gf too. I'm rly lonely. If ur a cute petite trap with soft pale features that will totally work too uwu
Ar u a girl? be my gf? say yes, I'm so lonely.

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Would you let your girlfriend go to a party dressed like this without you?
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>Would you let your girlfriend

God I hate high waisted shorts fuck off tumblr
Your bitch choosing just letr

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Get a call

>I don't recognise the number or caller's voice, she says she can help me
>She asks if I need help
>Say no
>She insists I seek help
>I don't say anymore, just hang up
>My friend who sees a counsellor said she was worried about me and gave her my number

Its nice to know someone cares, even just a little bit, even if it means nothing to them

When was the last time you knew someone gave a shit anon?
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She loves you, dummy.
BTW my family does care about me but it's not mutual. Yeah, I'm a douchebag.
>tfw my boss at work cares just enough to piss me off by recommending I seek professional help once every few months

I just tell him to fuck off, I'm 27 and already too set in my autistic ways to be molded into normiedom. Therapy is a fucking scam and I refuse to take any sort of anti-depressant.
You are a good employee and he wants you to stay stable at your mental health.

What does /r9k/ think of edm? I'm considering attending EDC in Las Vegas this summer. Currently going through the line up and creating a playlist of the DJs I like.
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Electronic music is good but edm is basically the pop of electronic music and therefore for normies
edm just stands for electronic dance music...
>Electronic music
This is the overarching genre
Examples of the same magnitude: Rock, Country, Hip Hop

>electronic dance music (EDM)
This is a sub-sub category.
Examples of the same magnitude: Hair Metal, Americana, Alternative Folk

What does /r9k/ think of ASMR?
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I only listen to J ASMR "Ear licking" videos
ruined by horny normalfags that turned it into a sex thing
well past its prime

innovators > imitators > idiots

TFW the cum bin smells like fish and the mint plant smells like weed
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Why is his thumb so tiny?
a retard originalo
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Even /r9k/Chads aren't all that good-looking.

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Does anyone else get sexually frustrated with all the degrading porn out there knowing you'll never do anything with a girl?
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I found a kinky pretty Asian on Tinder, tied her to the bed, shoved my dick into her mouth and finally came head over on her forehead/nose/hair

So I kinda go that out of my head. To be completely honest I didn't get fully errect because I felt it was a bit weird and I was not so turned on as I thought I'd be. AMA?
Of course you won't. Expecting a virgin gf who isn't hard-core religious is unrealistic in 2017. Ib4 enjoy your roastie. No one says you have to be with a girl who was riding a cock carousel and now wants to set in with a guy who she'd never consider befote. But you're not getting a virgin.
idk man I used to be the same way and than I started getting laid and I'm more sexually frustrated now than before

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i don't understand this thread

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>tfw my name is literally Pajeet.
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But for really thou, is that actually your name

I have an Indian classmate named Ajeet but i thought pajeet was just a meme name

Tough luck dude
Bruh, sorry about that.

Just stay away from CS and IT senpai, maybe get into math and go full Ramanujan.
yeah it iss. I also have all the indian steroetypes, like the bad smell and also I am 5'4. i fucking hate this life.

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hi don't give up
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Always amazed that this giant could play a tiny ukulele like a fucking boss. RIP bruddah IZ.
alright, bro, i won't thanks a lot
>*heavy breathing* oooooooooOOOOOOOOooooooo

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Daily reminder that traps are officially not gay.
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what bias
Reminder that if biological sex is a social construct then the government should stop paying for freaks titty skittles.
they're officially gay in my book

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the perfect image.jpg
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>be male
>shittiest sex
>has most of the mental illnesses
>does most of the crimes and violence
>lazy, impetuous, aggressive, have to strive not to be a nigger even if you're bone-white
>only good for fucking and fighting
>nobody wants either one
>mostly useless to society b/c not part of the tiny fraction of men it needs (smart, tall, charming, fierce)
>minority in college, only naturally good at shit machines can do
>age like shit, die sooner
>if you're over 30 and unmarried people look at you like garbage
>if you're over 40 you're garbage anyway
>retarded nature made it so your sex drive doesn't go away like a woman's does, so you're stuck still experiencing sexual desire even after you look like hot runny dogshit
>this is doubly true if you're ugly
>your wife can cuck you and it's your fault for not being alpha enough
>"women are wonderful" effect means that people instinctively recoil from you
>"women are wonderful" effect also means that if anybody's interested in you it's in a weird S&M way where you're like an animal they fuck
>objectively speaking, things would go a lot smoother if you were just replaced by a robot

I don't think "transitioning" can make you a woman, but if it really DID work... Why the fuck wouldn't I? Why the fuck shouldn't I defect? What possible incentive could there be for putting up with this gangbang of misery? Who the fuck would put a thinking, feeling life-form in this fucking position?

This is hell. I demand a fucking reconsideration of my fate. This is wrong to do to anyone.
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Manbashing bait is the best. It's always obvious but the bitter retards fall for it every single time.
What the fuck? I am male, you dipshit. This isn't some ebin Tumblr raid. Don't you fucking understand that I'm pouring out my heart here? I want someone who's not a denialist beardo or whatever to fucking acknowledge that I've gotten screwed.

I want someone to fucking SEE WHAT I'M SEEING, to for fuck's sake at least NOTICE that the deal we're getting is shit.
We're smarter than women. We're stronger. I don't really care about the rest. I'm fine (, but not happy) with all of the gender inequalities. It's nice to be a man. There are also a lot of things that are good, but in general we have it worse than women.

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