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>tfw I finally outgrew video games
>Now have nothing else to do in my free time

I did get an acoustic guitar a couple months ago that's just been sitting there. Maybe I'll finally get good at it...
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what ever you do anon make sure you get yourself a creative outlet, does the mind good.
You should be working on your profession. You are a professional in some field, right?
become a (((rock star))), anon!!!!!

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>be me
>have horrific eczema
>have cystic acne all over my body from the knees up
>constantly bleeding
>all my clothing is bloodstained
>coated in scabs which open up throughout the day
>been this way for nearly a decade
>scarring is awful
>skin is like discoloured pock-marked wrinkled leather

The doctors say I have a hormone disorder or something

Who /skinproblems/ here?

>forearms coated in scabs
>people ask me if I have bedbugs or something
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download (8).jpg
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this one says with pulp. i like the one that says SOME pulp
Just stop touching your face, take a shower daily and change your bedsheets, brah.
Go vegan buddy. NO milk, cheese, yoghurt of any kind. Dairy is full of hormones that duck with our bodies. No meat either, too many hormones. Research it, even if it doesn't cure it, it will reduce it greatly. Give it a try. Will take a good couple of months to see major improvements but it is worth it long term.

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Post progressions. Template in the next post, or greentext it.
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The progression template
What if you were too autistic to be accepted by a community college?
Delete it then
and how is that possible? There are community colleges that literally do not reject people other than felons

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Right now i'm next to them, i can hear them fucking loud and clear...
Divorce happened in 2012 and now my mother is seeing this guy. he's like the guy that would go out and fuck around with a ute or something.
what do?
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You should blackmail mommy
Are you a virgin?

Post vocaroo

Oggle my oranges

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Has this fucking faggot been height frauding the whole time? He always maintained he was 6'1" yet when he was standing next to ice posieiden who is 6'3" he looked at least 5" shorter. Also them little girls behind him look as tall, fucking lying manlet
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eggman, what are you doing dressed like that away from the beach
it's cold in minnesota
There is no way he's 6'1 look at his body in proportion to his tiny little manlet pants.
He just wants to show off his bod! heheheheh

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>high, unthreatening beta voice
how can i make my voice deeper and more masculine?
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It's hopeless. Just stay silent unless you must absolutely speak to avoid revealing your power level.
Smoke cigs and suck cock
Practice. I have a strong voice even though I used to have a pretty weak one. Sometimes I sound like a pussy when caught off guard, but if I'm focused I can make my voice sound manly enough.

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How often do you come across 4chan whores craving for attention on other sites? Pic related.

reddit u/jingobae (now deleted)
imgur u/bellgirl (now deleted)
instagram /bellaandabackpack

semi dump of nudes/reddit pics:
>imgur /a/p4iHD

clingy attention craving depressed whore gets wasted and strips for /b/ and tells them to come kill her after her bf dumps her, then starts posting pics of herself all over reddit asking to be judged and ridiculed, then is surprised when someone recognizes her ???

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Dump the nudes here.
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okee dokee

this will b annoying with the filter tho
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those pep nips

Do you have cool friends ?
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That'd require having friends.
All of my friends are Chads and Stacys. Sometimes it motivates me and sometimes it makes me feel like shit.
One of my friends is normie tier with his other friends and plays d&d with us

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Well going to the gym repeatedly didn't work, but I am still willing to try things.

What do I do next? Where do I find meaning?
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>Where do I find meaning?

You create your own, because nature doesn't give you one besides reproduction.
what do u mean people go to the gym their whole lives u have likely yet to even reach ur maximum strength potential u r not even close to being done unless u want to be
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Invest 5% of your liquid net worth in ETH.

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I can make make myself have sex in dream. It works nearly everytime and is not to be distinguished from real life while its happening. Every night i get to have sex with a subconscious projection of my ideal mate. It is so unbelievably good. Dreams are even continuous, its like the best virtual reality ever.
Problem is i cant remember shit after i wake up. only very small hazy details. Is there any way to stop sleep amnesia ? Drugs or some method ?
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What are you saying, it sounds like you remember plenty. Why do you want to remember imaginary sex so well?
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Or you could just masturbate and realize women are worthless afterwards.
I tried sex in a lucid dream once, didn't like it. In my head it was weird because I kind of 'felt' the pleasure of both people, but it was overwhelming and felt a little sore, so I just stopped and did other nonsexual fantasies instead during it. Kind of lame now that I think about it.

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Do you roachies ever wonder who's really in control?
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Like a summer ago I was convinced that aliens were controlling me and that they were among us. I really wanted to strangle a woman on the bus because of it.

Strange times
What do you originally mean though
I've heard it's the Jews.

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>get a job
>go to job training (it's over the course of a weekend)
>within hours fall in love with one of the girls there
Why does this happen. How to get over it before she becomes my oneitis? I have no chance of ever getting with her anyway.
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>Why does this happen
Where did you leave your note?
No dude, I realize she has absolutely zero romantic interest in me. I just love everything about her. She's not even objectively the most attractive girl, but something about her rings my bell
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>She's not even objectively the most attractive girl
That makes her obtainable, in your unconscious mind.

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>be poorfag
>no food
>look at date
>realise I've not eaten in 5 days
>been light headed when I stand up too

H-How long can a person live without food?
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You're dying. Your body is consuming itself to stay alive. You could eat to stay alive, or you could not interrupt your death process and die.
I'd say you could go a month without food and only drinking water. Depends on your overrall health already though. What's your situation? Do you live alone?
Depends how healthy you are, i'd say youre not so much.

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Do you know any?
>brother have a new gf
>she bites her nails untill theres blood
>picks her arm hair
>washes her hands and arms with soap twenty times a day
>look behind her all the time when she's outside
>constantly nervous
Got a real cuck of a brother picking out a girl like that
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That's just classic OCD what the fuck OP have you never been outside?

Try actual crazies like tweakers, wet heads, schizophrenics, of all of the above

She sounds tame compared to real crazy
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>be me
>feel constantly wached
>always looking around my surrounding for situational awareness
>have times where I have rivetinf fantas conversations in m head, usually fighting with someone.
>this cuases me to make weird faces and move my mouth w/o talking
>If people get boring I will zone out and do this
>usually prepared for the worst of consequenses for the smallest thing.
>hide emotions as best as I can
>literally more scared about being walked in on when taking a shit than dying.
>rivetinf fantas conversation
riveting fantasy conversations
sorry for any misspellngs, my keyboad is intellectually deficient

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Was Hitler the ultimate robot?
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>tfw no uncle Hitler to die in battle for
File: 1498178300895.png (324KB, 457x675px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yes. Pity about the DUDE JEWS LMAO shit though.
>caused ww2 the ultimate beat uprising
Yeah seem about right

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