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What is your biggest fear, r9k?
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my biggest fear is dying

Her in a swimsuit.

Seriously, how do you get that fat- I have a mild panic attack every time my weight shifts a kilo, and I'm a dude TRYING to build muscle.
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I hate huge spiders

22 year old beta seeking adv
ice. How to score pussy?
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buy a girl you work with and never talk to a $1200 watch /b/ro , you will be drowning in pussy. inb4 feminazis prevent you from being le gentelmen :(
Don't even bother, OP. The game's rigged.

beta 4 life

>Want to be trap
>realise HRT is like playing roulette
>realise your family and "friends" would disown you
>realise there's no going back if you fail
And back to drinking away depression it is
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just do HRT but pretend you're still a boy to them
>>Want to be trap

>making major life changing decisions based on your fetishes

truly kill yourself
I don't know whether it's a fetish or if I'm just mentally fucked from the start. I've been wanting to be a girl since I was 16, crossdressed for fun and met a guy once. All I've realised is that going to sleep begging God to wake up as a girl doesn't work and that I have no attraction to men, just attracted to being treated like a girl.

And yeah killing myself does sound like a good last option

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When did you stop yearning for 3d girls?
>inb4 "but muuh sex real pussy"
2d is objectively better
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>When did you develop a fetish for pixels
I didn't lad

And how are they objectively better anon?
Hey anon, did you know that when you look at a photograph of a woman on an electronic device, that photo is made up of pixels? Neat, huh?

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Im ready to die.
You guys were my only friends in last 2 years and I love you

No moralfags please, I've made my decision and im not going to back off. Just wanted to say goodbye.

>inb4 It will get better
Not it fucking wont
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Find a bridge or a gun don't try to OD like those attention whores
Ok, I might see you round later on <3
Do something for a friend and stream it

Feels thread.
Feeling like you've missed out sorta stuff.
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>tfw relationship of 2 years ended a few weeks ago and it's really stressing me out because I gotta move states because of it

It's a lot of shit to get into so if anyone is interested I could blog post about it because to me it's interesting how we met and ended up and finally demise
sure, post it
>listening to my friend's dumb relationship problems so at this point I might as well listen to something more interesting
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Alright. I'll try to make it short. Don't wanna give unnecessary details unless requested

>Back in late 2014 start streaming in twitch
>Not big but decent views and fanbase
>Have qt3.14/10 girl watch me
>This goes on for months until April 2015
>She's not one of those twitch whores who sell their body (doesn't even show cleavage)
>We dm each other on Twitter and do mild flirting
>Add each other on Skype and get into a call
>She's gushing over me how """""""famous""""""" she thinks I am and says she's my biggest fan
>Tells me how she found me and started watching me
>Start talking more and more on Skype messaging while I'm at work
>Really digging her and find her super interesting
>After a few weeks we felt romantic for each other, but we were both hesitant if long distance would work (me being in California and her in Texas)
>Say fuck it let's give it a go
>After a few months I take the leap to visit her
>Nervous as fuck
>Never been so nervous and excited in my life
>See her and couldn't help running and kissing her (her being my first kiss ever)
>Spend a few weeks there
>Lose my virginity to her on my birthday
>Shit was so cash, not just the sexually suff but being able to be around her finally
>Naked cuddling and late night early morning movies and food
>Go to six flags, get taken to her favorite food place
>I don't want to go back
>On the day I was supposed to go back here was a convention for anime
>Really wanted to go planning was terrible at the time
>She spend over $500 to push the flight back to a later date in order for me to stay long and have that time with her at he con
>Immensely in love with her
>Prior to visiting her I received a care package box from her with my favorite candy and an 8 page live letter about how she feels
>This is my 3DPD waifu I just know it


please i dont want to be the only one here
fembots plz
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self...bump... someone... please... it's been so long but i haven't met anyone here that isn't a chad or roastie,,,
>Emptiness and sausage party noices echoing on the background
Why did I have to be born here?

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Robots, how do I get a fat titties gf? (fat titties as in their tittle are fat, not "they are fat and have titties")

Pic related

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*titties are fat
Help out a bro-bot?
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If I post enough fat titties, eventually I'll get a reply.

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>tfw too short for girls to consider me attractive because of the 6'0 cutoff
>yet too tall to be allowed to complain because technically average if you take minorities and old people into account
Who else in the 5'9-5'10 range here
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>technically average if you take minorities and old people into account
I'm 5'5 kek
asian here living in asia so it's all good though
pretty much limited to shorter girls which is fine by me
Use 2 inch lifts and date short girls

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This thread is for having dino battles and dino facts etc.

My fav dino is Ankylosaurus because put simply this is the ultimate defender creature ever seen on planet Earth.

*Armored shell - literally impregnable - no dino possesed teeth strong enough or muscles big enough to smash through it - there are even fossils of Brontosaurus with broken toes and ankles because they tried to squish an Anky

*Club tail hammer (also seen is the absolutley sick spike tail mutation on more aggressive Anky's) if any dino went for an Anky they would get a warning hiss, if the dino was stupid and pushed it's luck then it would have its knee caps smashed into bits and then Anky would shit in its face for the insult.

The perfect mix of defense and attack, Anky was also a peacable herbivore and would leave you alone if you left it alone but could be trusted with cave children as there are cave paintings with children riding on its back.

It's the best dino for me and I give it 10/10 - nature had to cheat and make a comet to kill it because it was "too good"
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Brachiosaurus up in this bitch
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Good choice brahseph.

I like this feathered variant, very stylish.
>as there are cave paintings with children riding on its back.

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>"So Anon, what type of music are you into?"
>"Oh y'know... e-everything rea-really....."
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Fuck that. I tell them that I like prog. I don't care if they like me or not
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Mfw an anime opening is in engrish so I can mention that song
fucking beta ahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhhaahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

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How do I know if I have meme depression or real depression?
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You would know if you had real depression. You would really know.
real depression is meme depression
Depends on how you define depression. If you even ask that question(for a few months) you at least have mild depression.

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Tfw when wearing a bra is so bloody uncomfortable but mum says I have to because without one "it doesn't look right"
Yea they jiggle and you can see the nips but....they're so uncomfortable :( it's a wire literally wrapped around my body all day ;(
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how old are you even, anonska
Can I use my hands as your bra all day?

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When you have to make sure girls aren't stuffing your cum in their pussies in secret using any and all means, you know you have made it in this world.

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>new york post
nice welfare system we have there.
>avoid trap pregnancies
Traps can't get pregnant, dummy. That's one of the many things that makes them better than girls.

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this all they do is steal shit then try to make it there own
also got to the end who the fuck would give some stacy a 1000$ watch when 1st meeting her
We would apparently.

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