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>cant even cum without imagining some boy fucking me anymore
why did I become like this
This is completely your fault /r9k/
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Aww, did you post this thread because you need help fapping anon~? Post your butt and I'll tell you exactly how I'd dominate your ass anon.
that pic is incredibly hot
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Relavant comic

>why do you have a picture of a sexualized underage cartoon girl as your phone's wallpaper, anon?
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How do normal girls react to the rare good looking man who does autistic shit like having an anime wallpaper?
"Oh wow you like toons too? We have so much in common, Chad!"

"That's so cute Chad, you really are a interesting person :33"

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When do you think was the last time they fucked?
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When was the last time you fucked?
When they conceived Barron.

I bet she has about a dozen bulls.
Just because she's his son doesn't mean he's Trump's son, lol

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Any other robots in this shithole?
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I guess that's a 'no' then.
This is Australia's fault
Dunners fag reporting in

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Taking refugee gfs to come live with me for free. Will provide everything for You. Make 66k a year. I'm not ugly. I'm 24
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Semi-attractive social anxiety ridden wannabe-gf right here. How serious is this offer and where do you live?
Semi srs. I live in Texas. How qt are you. I workout and have s good body and decent facial aesthetics are you qt at least.
I'm kinda chubby but my chest and hips are both oversized so I don't end up looking fat just, I guess, thick?

I might be willing to exchange pics if you can convince me this isn't just a ploy to mock robogirls

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Saturday wagie? Really?
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yes. really really.
>only work 2 days a week
>make 500$

Feels good, man.
You bastard.
You at least better be sucking aids cock or something.

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>tfw neighbors are direspectful as fuck
>they come into my yard and climb under my car
>they snoop around my house when nobodys home
>they chuck coconut seeds at my porch

I'm fucking tired of these mongoloids whats a good way to get some petty revenge without it being incredibly illegal
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ask them to please stay off your property, set up cameras and when you collect evidence report them for tresspassing with the evidence
Leave some expensive shit in your yard or on/in your car and then film them stealing it. Give video to police, or blackmail the neighbours into giving you money and leaving you alone in exchange for not getting them arrested.
you could also poison their pets if they have any

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>Be female
>Join online gaming communities that "hates women"
>Keep shitposting until they like me
>Start implying and "joking" about being a grill irl until they take it as a fact
>They say I'm the "exception to the rule"
>Keep talking about nerd shit ever after
Holy shit it's not even hard. Just contain your estro-autism.
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you don't need to do all that, just never bring your gender up in the first place. Why is your gender relevant anyways?
>Be female

Why are you already lying?
Because the company is so masculine. It's all bro this and bitches that, muh dick.
If the conversation was gender neutral I'd get that it wouldn't be relevant, and sometimes that's the case, but I'd be actively hiding and lying otherwise and I think that's pretty sad.

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Hey /R9K/ I'm in Japan right now, you guys like Japan right?
What would you do if you were me?
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>Hey /R9K/ I'm in Japan right now, you guys like Japan right?
>What would you do if you were me?
Probably find some cute Japanese boy to creampie me and become my bf and marry me desu
Idk if you would want to do that
I dunno. Get a job probably.
take a picture of some random kawaii thing timestsmp and post
>otherwise I call bull shit

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What would be the best way to rob a bank and get away with it?
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Be an intelligent white man, not a dumb nigger who can't figure out how to chamber a bullet
>Be an intelligent white man
Kill yourself and hope reincarnation works out if you're not already

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>be high school
>robot with debilitatingly fond memories
>shit cripples me
>had a relationship online with a girl
>felt real
>went well for three months then spiraled
>killed myself on facebook and even made fake obituaries to mail to her friends
>never know if they got them

>be me years later
>shit has gone fairly well
>associates in psychology
>realize that I was extremely shitty person back in the day
>want to apologize, but realize bringing up the past might be a shitty thing to do as well
>seems selfish, but require closure
>lose sleep every night because guilty of being fuckass
I am open to anything, just to let me sleep without this weight.
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forget, they probably barely remember this, it hardly traumatized them as they didn't even know u irl
An online friend of mine faked her own death and I would be immediately forgiving of her is she came back and tried to be close again, though this was after eight years of friendship, not three months.

I say to apologize. If this has continued to haunt her at all (and it might), it will make her feel better. If she moved on and stopped caring about this long ago, then no harm done because there's no scabs to pick at.
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Forget it. I doubt they even remember let alone care. Leave the past in the past op

It feels really good to play with my prostate.

Should I take a dick?
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If you like things in your ass you should probably put a dick in your ass. This is basic logic. Are you incapable of basic logic?

Stupid fucking moron faggot.
i'd give it a go, anon
life is too short not to take some dick
Youll get HIV, AIDS and then you have my permission to die.

Reminder that Gay and bisexual men accounted for 83% of new HIV diagnoses.

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Do you download your porn in your computer, /r9k/? If yes, why?
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because one time i found a god-tier hentai and i never found it ever again.
so now if i find something worth my time i'll make sure it stays in a special place :)
What if someone looks through your computer
File: 1486341942749.jpg (44KB, 569x506px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You can lock folders , look it up

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Who else /drunk/ here?

I'm drinking vodka and coke...alone as usual.
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white wine out of a goon box
>tfw been staying with my parents this last month so hardly had any alcohol

Can't wait to go back and just get drunk on vodka, really been craving it
Fucked up really bad on a job application. can't accept the job or even attend orientation because of the shift I chose, and public transport makes it impossible. drinking vodka and red wine right now. I can't even cancel the orientation, so if I want to apply in the future I'm sure me not showing up will raise a red flag or something. I've never wanted to die as much as I want to tonight

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Can someone give me the facts on the jews? What evidence is there that they're intentionally trying to destroy the white man with leftist policies?

I've been watching MOONMAN videos and they're funny and everything, but why do jew haters believe such things about the jews that lead to this kind of narrative? I don't buy it because unless jews are actually some kind of alien race, I don't understand how anyone could think there's a race wide conspiracy of this magnitude and subtlety when in the real world the government can't even cover up the president fucking an intern. I worked at a private jewish school and I've met a handful of jews, and my best friend in a jew. They're all just regular people, and my best friend makes jokes about how he's glad he's off anti-depressants which is jew doctor prescribed him and shit like that all the time.

MOONMAN video in question:

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They often say that the truth will set you free, we wonder what could it mean.
It is amiss chaos that we seem to find ourselves.
What's this?

I'm not reading all that shit. Sum up who wrote it, when, and how you know it has been adopted by the jewish race.

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