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Anybody else trying to become /fa/ and /fit/?
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I am both, yet I am a retarded autist still.
Been at it for a couple of years now, I am not a lifter though. I prefer endurance training for now. As for fashion, just dress in what I feel good in. What about the rest of ya
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What's the point when I'm 5'8? Every time I go shopping for clothes I'm reminded of my inferiority and pathetic body.

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Where's the best place to livestream a suicide without it getting taken down?

I'm not delivering today.. or perhaps ever.
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Bumping because this is actually interesting. And I'm totally original
Hey, it's that crab guy!
Just don't show any windows on screen, use proxy ip and you're good to go

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>Never used to care about how I look back in high-school
>Turn 20
>Suddenly every-one grows a beard
>I can't do that
>Feel an intense anxiety to not look like a boy
>Feel scared people can sense I'm mal-developed
>Virgin walk tier thought process
>Insecurity comparable to that of a 14 year old
>Need a man hair-cut, but they all make me look ugly

Is anyone else going through this?
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>tfw 21
>look like I'm 16
I actually enjoy this feel.
I wish I could have that feel, but my jaw bone grew out too much, and now, I have a nice jaw-line, but I'm treated like a man.
I was busy getting all my physical insecurities out in high school. I realized I probably torture myself over physical appearance / clothing more than any sane stranger would. I just shaved my head 2 months ago and that was enough for me.
T. 20 year old anxious neurotic with shitty facial hair

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What is real? How do you define 'real'? If you're talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.

Choose a Pill. red or blue.
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red, i want to fuck my waifu while smothering her big tits
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One Blue Pill Please.
One on the left is a guy btw

Lets say you've been afflicted with the same Hulk condition as Bruce Banner (Turning into a giant, green, super strong and invulnerable version of yourself under a certain emotional trigger) But you got to chose what emotion would trigger the transformation, which would result in your Hulk going on an rampage of that feeling.

Which emotion would you chose and why?
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for shits and giggles
Loneliness. Perma Hulk mode engaged

so I would never have to do it

I can't get over how attractive and beconing female bodies are, it's so hardwired into my genes to feel all sorts of things by the mere presence of the opposite sex and how they act and do things oh god fuck I want a gf why oh god
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man I came up with a doujin idea catered to my tastes today and my dick wont stop leeking
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I'm not attracted to vaginas at all.

I'm not even gay. I love cowtits, I love butts, but vaginas are revolting at worst (roastie) and "eh" at best (slit).
That's the beast within anon. Let that be your inspiration

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why aren't you black /r9k/? don't you want to have sex?
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also guaranteed replies picture
>also guaranteed replies picture
Dumb sissy white boi.
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Is this from r/blackworldorder or something
I like it

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Old thread died, let's make a new one
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also here's a template for you guys
I'm not much of an artist, plus my hands hurt from work.
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real human bean.png
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posting again i suppose pleas no bully

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>try to lose weight cause fattie
>go to buy veggie chips instead of regular fatboy chips
>find out they have the same amount of calories per oz

why the FUCK do they make them then? they just taste like shitty fucking potato chips

also ill take suggestions for good dieting foods if anyone has any
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If you want to lose weight fast but not fuck yourself up completely try keto diet, just google it
ill take a look, but for the last month I've just been counting calories.
It's slow going but I already had someone tell me I look thinner unprovoked
Like anon said, but it doesn't need a fancy name, completely remove carbs from your diet.

Live off eggs, fish and salad.

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Have any of you found your Misaki?
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Yep. Found her online but she found a bf irl 6 months later
btw i cant see her irl because she is on the other side of the world
Where did you get to know her?
>be in highscool
>cute girl starts talking to me
>wasnt sure if she was a slut or not and mainly thought she was just getting close to mess with me
>try to keep my distance as much as possible
>didnt realize until like a year later she wasnt fucking with me becuase she was always alone when she came to talk with me
Its only been 5 years im sure she'll come back r-right guys?

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My power was knocked out by the hurricane. Wasting the last of my phone battery. What do?
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The people you made fun of for being "preppers" don't look so crazy now, do they?
Don't you have one of those little crank powered chargers?
Didn't make fun of anyone. And no, they still look crazy honestly. The power went out bud, there's been a total of 0 structural damage to the property and everything is fine. I'm just bored.

This is the ultimate /r9k/ album.
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That's fuckin gay, dood.
it's not gay

listen to it

>I just paid $50 to have sex with a 8/10 babe for 30 minutes

What the fuck are your guys problem? Get a prostitute already.
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>$50 for 30mins
What the fuck? Where are you? I live in Aus and that's unthinkable, even for 40 year old immigrant hookers.

Ausfag confirms he doesn't understand how exchange rates work.
I'm busy not getting aids, or any of the others 60 std

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Thinking about it, we all feel. Not only the brits.
More trap hate threads. /r9k/ needs to fix the shit left over from the summerfags.
the only threads that are in my opinion interesting are the drug threads, green text threads, battlestation/room threads, random /r9k/ /v/ type threads, "dubs chooses what i say", and i guess food threads are occasionally cool. all the gay shit and constant race-baiting threads are what's really messing up the board. the mods made a good move with the /soc/ rule, but i wish they could get rid of all the /lgbt/ garbage. /pol/ shit can go to, it's just Reddit tier trash at this point.
Agreed. It's just shitting up the board at this point

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When you hold a girl's hand and she gets an erection, what do you do?
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girl cock don't work that way opie
if the erection is visible then its not a grill
I can't get hard from something liike that after being on HRT for a few years, I have to have something in my butt to get hard.
Wahahaahahhahahaha you fucking moron! I love a good bait thread!! I'm high as FUCK! You are a faggot! An actual homosexual! WAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA holy cow...

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