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Who else wants to be /serialkiller/ here?

Getting really sick of everything.
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Yeah I wanna be a cereal killer
And a milk murderer
Nice try FBI but I'm not going to post anything about this.
They will call me the Shreddies Shredder

Which one would you rather marry and live with in a magical Disney universe?
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We must defeat the Huns
Princess Marco

>when a neonazi comes to spread hate on /r9k/
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This episode aired so long ago. Why does this gif keep being reposted now?
It's a good example of what happens to racists and neo-nazis who think it is okay to spew hate on /r9k/.
> aryan ubermensch destroy the little skinhead untermensch

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smug monk.jpg
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>if you eat it, you'll die
>if you drink it, you'll die
>if you vomit it, you're fine
>the poor have lots of it
>rich people have none of it
>you can't buy it because nobody sells it
what is it?
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Nothing, what is this, elementary school?
dangerous virus/bacteria
Gonna say AIDS

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Wow....is he right, /r9k/?
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No way. We're definitely ahead of tumblr.
geez i guess he has never been to /b/ i cant even go there anymore...
literally who is this

I don't give a hoot

in 1 month i might be dead. ask me anything
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Can you take me out with you
where would u want to go?
wherever you're headed

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Can't stop fapping to /aco/
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I stopped visiting /aco/ a year ago after the /d/ integration. it was pretty good until then
Sorry friend I'm new to nsfw boards what did the /d/ integration do?
western art that would normally have sstayed in /d/ (diaper stuff, inflation, giantess, vore, futa, etc) was moved to /aco/.
another problem with the board is that a lot of japanese stuff (hentai) appears there so the entire point of the board is null.

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>sister who doesn't talk to me is trying to watch GoT on some shitty stream on our shitty 400kB/s internet
>everyone is using computer atm so it's even slower
>she's been watching watching the 50min episode for more 2 hours so far with all the interruptions and buffering and still haven't finished
>tfw I have it on my hard drive in full HD quality
I would tell her but she doesn't talk to me
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>I would tell her but she doesn't talk to me
I like the way you think anon.
Are you a time traveler from 2004? Where the fuck is internet that slow still offered?
central europe
it's supposed to be 1MB but runs ~400KB most of the time

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Stacy in the 8+ tier. If so, what is your story?
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if anyone has ever showed interest in you, you are not a robot
There was a girl in my first year of university who was interested in me.

I'd say she was 9/10. Others might say 7 or 8/10. She was sweet, intelligent, kind. I liked her a lot.

We used to discuss literature and philosophy. She was an English major while I was doing Math.

I wanted to go out with her but I was too scared to talk to her in this way. I figured that just talking to her like this would be better because it could keep going on and I'd be happy.

She kept on saying how I reminded her of her dead older brother and how she considered me a blessing in her life.

She dropped lots of hints about wanting to go out with me.

Then depression struck. It was terrible. I didn't even want to leave my room.

She texted me a lot and tried coming to my room physically to find out what went wrong. I didn't answer. She even told me that she loved me and kept telling me to get some help. She wanted me to get better. But I didn't want to see her face. I just wanted to die.

Eventually she had to move on and I dropped out after attempting suicide.

She was a girl I loved and she loved me too. I cared for her and she cared for me. But depression destroys everything.
What if you are socially awkward? I've had women in the 8+ range show interest in me but I lack confidence.

Wubba lubba dub dub.

I say wubba lubba dub dub because my stomach cancer has spread and the pain is unbelievable every day of my life.

Wubba lubba dub dub.
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Sorry anon cancer must suck
topkek rekt
I was gonna call you Reddit but now I feel bad

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Well, /r9k/? Would you grant her last dying wish of getting blasted by some cock?
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She's going to university you retard of course she's not dying
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I'd love her intensely
How do you know she wasn't enrolled before finding out?

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1. Use a name in the namefield.

2. Share.

3. I might be less active today, depending how much time I have available. I will dump resources and such.

4. New people are strongly encouraged to post.
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ooh shit, l'm sorry.
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Oh. Hi. Isn't it too early?

It's not like we have schedule times. At some point I'll absent myself, but not right now.

Are you on Lichess then?

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>Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem
I hate this normie bullshit so much
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>suicide does not end the chances of life getting worse
Literally false. It eliminates both possibilities.
>that sign
It does both of those things you dumb bitch.
Suicide is edgy as fuck

>*megaphone* sir, step out of the vehicle and come towards ours
>evening sir. put your hands on that wall over there and spread em.
>we need to check if you have any.. illegal items on your possession.
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I-if I have to...

"Yes, officier" because i m not a nigger
why are gay guys always so fit and chad like?
this genuinely intrigues me

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Why does everyone on 4chan hate us?
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Because we are sad beta faggots that always say
>tfw no gf
and we just wallow in misery together
pol doesn't count because it's on a different website https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/
im a normie girl and i kinda like you

some of you are alright

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