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>tfw no hung bf to creampie your boipooch
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This truly is the worst feel I wish i had a black bf desu
Leave this board faggot. LEAVE.
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Black cock is the best. I want a hung black bull to fuck me silly and fill me full of his superior nigger seed.

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Brown cock owner here. So explain to me why you don't own a sissy white boy as your cumdump?
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>Brown cock owner here. So explain to me why you don't own a sissy white boy as your cumdump?

I want to be the sissy brown boi cum dump desu
Go outside and find one then, you geek.

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>take a break from uni because of financial stuff
>get a job as a janitor/grounds keeper
>since i just need the money i throw myself into the work
>double shifts, sometimes night shifts
>with all this manual labour i slowly start losing weight and start gaining muscle
>this attracts female attention which i don't know how to deal with
>physical contact from female coworkers
>sometimes free food in the work cafeteria since "im a young boy easy on the eyes" said the head waitress
>recently i noticed the younger at waitress staring at me
>like walk into the cafeteria and shes leaning on the counter staring at me with a smile
>she sometimes comes to sit at my table while im eating and asks if i want more food since i work so much
>compliments my looks like my new haircut or broad shoulders
>yesterday while i was eating she came from behind and put her hands on my shoulders and rested her head on my head "want something to drink? its on the house"

IM FREAKING OUT, i don't know how to deal with this, this is new to me, what am i supposed to do?
or am I just reading too much into this situation and this is stuff normies do all the time?
i really don't want to sperg out and ruin this

any advice robots?
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i'm not 100% sure about this but, i think she likes you.
yeah i've picked up on this vibe, but i still don't know what to do, apart from work i dont do much
just stay at home, play vidya and smoke weed
this is what im worried about, that the real me isn't good enough for her
OP here, need to go to work, hopefully ill have a clearer mind when i get back, ill read the replys ( if any) when i come home

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It's time to accept that homosexuality is the purest form of love.

No one will hurt you, promises.
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Sure, if you love Satan. You should repent. Seriously.
god and satan don't exist and even if they did if god can't deal with me being trans fuck him
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>posting in multiple threads
>just waiting for post timer to post more gore in multiple threads he doesn't like
Holy fucking autistic.

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So I will be going on a romantic date with my second cousin. Is this fine or what? Like will I produce an unhealthy child if we go steady. Both parents are encouraging it.

She seems all right, pretty respectful to traditions albeit a homebody.

Im not sure where to ask.
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>second cousin
>Like will I produce an unhealthy child if we go steady

why are people so fucking retarded. no you will not produce an unhealthy child
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Thread needs more slav Asuka
How old are you?

>I swear this question is 100% original

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Dear god
fuck off
I am aggravated that the dude at work that sits behind me is complaining about the fact that the fucking FREE lunches they provide from a local sandwich shop have shredded lettuce on them. Fuck man, just go buy your own shit and stop bitching about something that someone gave you for free.
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This goddamn fucking cunt below me bitched me out again last night for being too loud
Bitch, you have no fucking idea what loud even is.
That was me holding BACK
You live in fucking DOWNTOWN TACOMA
How am I louder than the fucking freeway right outside our windows with the motorcycles driving by at full throttle?
How am I louder than the fucking freight trains on the other side of the freeway speeding up and slowing down, causing all its cars to ram into each other?
And you come up here saying it sounded like I was having some kind of party? I was playing a video game with my BROTHER
And it was only 11:00. Fuck you for having to wake up at 4am! You have a shit job! And you work weekends?? Fuck YOU!
I've been holding back on the noise, believe me. You have no idea how loud I can get. You can't expect me to halt ALL noise after 9:00. Fucking Christ.
I'd also be a little more understanding if I was doing this every day, but this is literally once a month. Can't I have some friends over at least once a month?
Welcome to the city you fucking cunt.

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Why the fuck is there so many BLACKED, Gay, and cuck threads currently?
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We are merging with /pol/ anon don't you love the future
more like a /b/ merge
/pol is /b/
Of all the boards they could go to for yous they pick this place

Actually looking for advice here.
How do I stop putting pussy on a pedestal? I'm dying for female contact and I want this shit to stop. Will losing my virginity put an end to this?
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Possibly, being in extended contact with females I hate ended it for me. So yeah, once you get laid and realize how it really feels you'll start to genuinely just dislike 90% of women naturally.
How about approaching them with a level of scrutiny?
I put attractive women above myself because I know they're wanted and I am not.

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>welcome to Japan, anon kun!
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Lay off the rice paddies you fat fucks.
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>tfw no marshmallow gf

originio japnaiolio
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Hajimemashite DESU
Yoroshiku onegai shimasu DESU!

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What the hell, why are there so many gay threads? I had to check if I was on /lgbt/ by mistake
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>too many gay threads
>makes another
This is an anti-gay thread, faggot.
We're being raided and every time anyone complains they make more.

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Would you ever consider worshiping someones balls?
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Yes, if it's a cute femboy.

Bi male btw
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This is my favorite kind of porn tbdesu
no because I'm not a faggot

I often wish my balls would be tenderly sucked though

oh that's boring? fuck you all

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>tfw you haven't left your room in over a year

I barely even come here anymore, I mostly just sleep all day, I also broke off all communications with the few friends I had
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When you say "friends" I'm assuming you mean "people who I talk to on the internet sometimes"?

How do you piss, shit, and eat?
sorry you live this way.
don't know what else to say.

>>When you say "friends" I'm assuming you mean "people who I talk to on the internet sometimes"?

You assumed right. The one friend was online and we talked occasionally but he stopped messaging so I did too...

Actually had an IRL friend but we stopped hanging out and he moved away anyway so fuck it.

>>How do you piss, shit

In the toilet


I order in. I know the pizza guy by name. And the subway guy. And the chinese guy.

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Veronica Cucamonga
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But where in the world is she?
That's what you must find out. Heh.

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>tfw masturbating to interracial tranny porn again
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Ahhhh those were the days
Back before catfishing as a curious virgin girl who's into futa
I'm on so many layers of irony I'm not sure whats a kink of mine anymore
truly a thinking mans fetish
that isn't real gore loser

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Why do some boys have such large private parts?
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why do you have a fucking horse dildo
File: 1497660829862.png (20KB, 1174x201px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's a result of the evolution

specially on the girth part
that willy is very big

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