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You probably just got fat desu
Larp alert oh my stop
I actually lost weight anon

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>be me, several years ago in middle school
>normies have been bullying me for months over me being autistic
>finally end up punching one in the face
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>Several (2?) Years ago you were in middle school
Fuck you little boy
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>be 12
>bullied by pack of girls
>teachers didn't take it seriously
>they encircle me after school
>push the main stacy against a tree and choked her Evangelion tier until she gagged
>released when I saw tears
>ran away while her friends checked if she was still fine
It was only later when I realized the potency of female tears, and how they stopped my autister rage. They pretty much left me be after that event. I live in a relatively small city, and the Stacy recognised me lately (she was a cashier), just exchanged small talk. Don't go there anymore because of that though
How do I create pic related? Is there a quiz or smth?

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normalfag bingo.png
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welll robots,
How do you stack up?

note:escorts and sex with condoms do not count as lost virginity.
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pro tip: if you into the bingo meme you already are a normalfag
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Not a normalfag by any chance.
this is pretty much mine, except I don't use social networking anymore, and the only 'drug' I've done was alcohol.

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Does /r9k/ like reverse traps? Yes, or no? If not, why?
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No, as I am not a gay.
no such thing exsists irl
If I wanted to see women who look like men I'd go to walmart

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If you live in California, don't go outside tomorrow. I'm sorry I have to do this. Adios, robots!
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I never go outside, so no need to worry. Are you NorCal or SoCal? Which news feed should I check?
Oh hell yeah, please kill some of these fucking normies
Hello cnn!

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>walk into little sisters room
>see this
What is the first thing you do?
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first thing you determine wether or not it is consensual.
If it is, fine by me. Ill go play some vidya.
If its not, interrupt, simple as that.
Why is a white supremacist and an annorexic in my little sister's gigantic room
Wait, when you say "little sister" how young are we talking about?

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>tfw I'm starting to realize I don't actually want a gf, or any kind of social relationship whatsoever
>tfw I only wish to exist in silence and to be left alone
It's a strange feel, but it's liberating.
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I want one just because I feel like I can't ever just be left alone maybe someone elses company would make life better
>maybe someone elses company would make life better
That's where you're wrong
You've ascended failed normalfaggotry. Good job. I wish they all left for /soc/ or back to re ddit or something.

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So I'm a smart guy, and I'm wondering, how does it feel to be someone with sub-100 IQ? I'm not talking retards, I'm talking about IQs between 85-99, which is below average IQ. Does it hurt that you can understand the idea that you are stupid, unlike the retards who are beneath you? What does it feel to have a dull IQ on this level?
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Ask that to Lauren southern orbiters and those who donated to her patreon.
I have an IQ of 114 which on its own is fine but it would be a little higher if I didn't have some bullshit disorder that literally inhibits all but incredibly basic mathematical and pattern based tasks. I can still rationalize and understand mathematic concepts at their base but as soon as numbers start moving I might as well be reading the cyrillic alphabet through a mirror. Additionally complex schematics fuck with me hard as well but that might be normal.
If my IQ was like an 80 or 90 I could imagine that literally every task would be an absolute chore to put up with.
Previously 143, probably mid 100s now, person here. Most people are just too dumb to understand how unhappy they are.

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Fembots, when and why did you stop trusting men?

Could you ever see yourselves trusting men again?
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fuck off with this fembot bullshit larper
why do korean people smell so wierd? all the other asians smell ok but koreans smell so wierd
Probably all the plastic

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Lil Angus.png
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This little nigga is 13, but he's still a baby.

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hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...hmmmmmmmmm hmmmm
looks like some demented cartoon that came to life
Earth is hell and everyone here has incarnated to suffer.

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Have any of my fellow robots ever survived any near death experiences? I once got bit by a shark when my family visited Hawaii. The shark bit into my midsection, but someone among the crowd in the water managed to hit the bugger. By accident, of course, as no one would have knowingly risked themselves for me. It only lasted a few seconds but I've never been more scared.

Luckily I survived but the scars mean I can't wear bikinis anymore. What about the rest of my fellow robots?
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Your mom gay lol
An oncoming drunk driver swerved onto the sidewalk a few feet in front of me and stopped

If it makes you feel better, bikinis don't look good on obese, middle-aged, balding men
I have a hunch that this whole thing was a ploy to start b8ing anons into thinking that OP is a girl because shark bites are really rare and thus the story is likely untrue

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Are most of the robots here still yellow fever fags or have they realized they are mostly just ugly pan faced gooks with no redeeming qualities?
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i used to have yellow fever when i was like 15 until i actually dated a chinese girl and interacted with her friends. i quickly realized they were terrible people and never looked back
>ugly faces
>mostly skinny without much tits or ass
>plain-looking hair
>overbearing and needy
>her entire personality is based on her insecurities

typical asian woman
as a white guy I would even prefer a black woman to an asian one, because at least BW have some attractive physical qualities
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>they are mostly just ugly pan faced gooks with no redeeming qualities?
Not in my experiance, and I went to the Philippines. On average, they're much more attractive than white women.
The only ones who are pan faced are the exceptionally ugly ones.

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>when you have sex with your cousin.
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Sounds oriligantly comfy.
I remember that thread where that anon greentexed the time he fucked his cousin from another country or something. Got me diamonds
im going to marry my cousin, does that count as hot?

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>just called the NSA, CIA, and fort Meade to talk to someone about the planes with sonic weapons

No one picked up . CIA just transferred my call without picking up
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What fucking sonic weapons?


Planes have been flying over my house and using sonic weapons on me and my family.

It's been going on for a year or more.
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Americans everyone!

>laugh track plays on que

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>"we're at the beach anon, why is your shirt still on? take it off you silly"

wat do?
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Want a picture too?
I burn really easily I'd actually rather just keep it on for now thanks.

Never really got the point of these threads,
I don't go to the beach, I don't spend time with beautiful women.

I browse 4chan at midnight

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