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Who getting fucked?
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After i wageslave the next 8 hours i will get so stoned i can barely move, have a few mixed drinks, and then smoke again until i can barely think.

highlight of my week
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weird cat.jpg
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took a wee break for like 2 months and starte smoking again last week. god i love sleeping and not remembering my dreams. I wake up rested an ready for the day
I'm in the hospital and I requested a shot of dilaudid for my "pain" at night to help me sleep. Nurse said it looks like the doc is okay with it.

Can't wait. That stuff let's me fly.

Fucked up another one..

I was really interested in her too. Like we've only met once but she's motivated me a lot to better myself.

How do I relieve this autism?? Is a bullet to the brain really the only satisfactory ending?!
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man that's one of the most autistic things i've ever seen. i'm jealous that you can at least keep things interesting, though. wouldn't recommend sending any dicks to a woman though unless she asks for it, it will almost always be met with disgust.
Really made me think my boy my man
Send her a picture with a lot of cash

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Do you wish you grew up in Japan, robots? I feel like it would have been a better experience for you, what with aliens, time travelers and espers, not to mention all the cute fembots who are into that stuff...

So? What day you? Hurry up, or there will be a penalty. Penalty!
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I'd rather grow up in a country where people have noses
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My life would probably be even shittier over there.

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>mom decided to fuck dad
>mom decided to drink, smoke and not give a fuck while pregnant with me
>mom decided to keep me but I got autism and adhd as a result
>mom decided to give me a shitty childhood with lots of drinking, fighting and mental abuse
>mom is mad and disapointed the her now 23 year old son hasn't finish any school, doesn't have a job, has no friends and does nothing but play vidya all day
>mom blames me and acts like a victim herself

Why does she do this?
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because it is a woman has the brainpower of a sandkike and genuinely doesnt understand that it is 100% IT's own fault
Scientists still aren't sure what causes autism, OP
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Because she is an animal which will never, ever accept she's done something wrong, get over it. IT will never happen.

I also was abused and my mother was the same

Most people DO in fact lack self-awareness and are unable to think in an objective, abstract manner to analyze cause and effect of the issue. Especially women.

Painfully forcing yourself to to do something productive like studying a skill which can get you a job is the only way for mistakes like us. Personally I stab myself with needles if I dont study enough to punish myself and to not think of what if would feel like to ever be loved.

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Anyone else get kicked out by their parents.
Couldn't find a job so now my mom is kicking me out because all I do is stay in my room and have no money.
My life is so pathetic that I can't even be a NEET but I can't kill myself because I have a dream.
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no one even wants to call me a faggot...
ahh ok than...
Come live with me anon, I'm having my own apartment soon.
Set up shop on the street nearest to your mother's house. She'll crack quickly.

why do girls like wearing dog collar?
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I don't know but that girl is really cute, op.
can I have sauce?
they don't and you're basing your world view on porn and hentai
because they need to let other people know they have a black belt in dick sucking

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what's your primary fetish and what do you think caused it? I'll start

>femdom (not the shitty normie stuff where you get fucked up the ass by a bimbo, more like yandere minus the psychosis)
>never experienced love from a girl
>was homeschooled and sheltered most of my life, so not much interaction with girls in general
>with femdom, the girl is actively seeking you out for a relationship
>by being the dominant partner in the relationship, she makes decisions that you trust are ultimately in your best interest
>it's obvious that she loves you, which makes me feel secure

so I guess it's about trust and knowing that she actually loves me, which I've never gotten to experience
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Femdom because I like the feeling of being desired by someone else.
Also (2D) straight shota because the power difference is fucking hot. Like, a 28 year old woman could just pin an 11 year old boy down and have her way with him and there really isn't much he could do about it.
Puffy jackets. Don't know how it started, but I've always found shiny clothes to be sexy, and these usually are.
>primary fetish

>what do you think caused it?
Well, I know what most people are going to believe: that I have some kind of unresolved mommy issues.

I can honestly say with a straight face, that's not it. I have no desire to be with my mother in that way, or even with an older woman and role play that. I find the whole mom/son thing creepy.

I honestly have no idea where this fetish came from for sure, but I have a guess. I think it may be due to the stigma around lactation itself. For some reason, the natural purpose and function of breasts seems to be something that makes people uncomfortable. Breasts are already taboo in our society, and the act of breastfeeding is even more so. Perhaps it's that taboo that caught my interest in the first place. I can also say that I find it amazing that woman are capable of creating something so nourishing from their bodies. Through lactation, a part of them becomes a part of you. I think that's sexy as hell, and I'd love to find a woman that feels the same way.

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>You will be given $100,000
>For the rest of your life you have to wipe this woman's ass every time she shits

do you do it?
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not for 100000

maybe 100000000
just 100k? fuck no.
fuck no. she doesnt even have a nice ass. she has an ugly wrinkly grandma ass

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tfw you're a phoneposter but only because it's a lot better browsing in bed than it is to sit in a chair
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What's bad about phoneposting? I don't understand this hatred it's fucking stupid and nonsense.
Phoneposting is bad because it allows normalfags to come here with their Iphones

posted from my Iphone 7 S plus
This is the most stupid idea I ever heard on the boards.

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What does your sister dress like?
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summerdress because i told her since very young about how nice she looked on those

also my family is moderately conservative and she isn't a slut yet
Lots of dresses and tight fitting clothing. She has really, really large tits so everything she wears shows them off.
post pic

the original

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Can we all agree that Ketchup is the best condiment

It goes great on hot dogs, steaks, and fries. Can mustard say the same? Of course not. It's no contest, Ketchup is the superior condiment with Horse Radish being a distant second
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Tomato sauce is better. Ketchup is made from all of the ruined tomatoes.
>high fructose corn syrup and low quality tomato paste
sounds like shit
Take that back right now

Ketchup is made from the finest tomatoes so it can be the finest condiment mankind has ever created

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How did Apu overtake pepe as the best meme frog?
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Pepe was never a good meme to begin with. Everyone using pepe is 16 yrs and came to 4chan in 2013, looked up "old memes" on ED to try to fit in
They settled on pepe
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5 cute facts about Apu:

- He's a frogs!
- He's adorable!
- I love him!!!!!
- Apu!!!!!!!!!!!
Made in Finland

Do you ever get used to the crippling loneliness?
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Depends on how you are as an individual. I like being alone.
Booze senpai. Like Dean is doing there.
You accept the reality that you're the only entity.

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What's the normiest board on this site?
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This one. There's lots of normalfags here.
What kind of stupid question was that?
It's /fit/. I'd estimate at least 40% of the content on r/4chan is posted by /fit/ users.

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Is it gay to have sex with another boy if A,B and C are all true?
A, he's cute
B, it's just for fun
C, it's not weird or anything
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>Is it gay to have sex with another boy
yes it fucking is. sage and head back to /lgbt/ or /b/ you fudgepacking boyfucker, trap threads are cancer
Yes, just accept it, you are a faggot. Don't think "i had sex with men and like men but no im not gay!!", thats even more retarded than acknowledging you are gay.
Well, if you can't tell he's a guy until he takes off the pants then it's not gay.

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