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Is it true that Seattle is alot like Los Angeles minus jewllywood and warm weather?
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all big cities are the same
Nah, LA is way different from the Texas cities
>Is it true that Seattle is alot like Los Angeles minus jewllywood and warm weather?

not really no
Seattle has a much more sense city center compared to LA, while LA is a much larger city overall

I would say LA has way more asian influence, you can literally find entire mini cities in LA with just Chinese, it's almost surreal

They are actually pretty different from each other

What the fuck are those roasted white things
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scallops mah nigga
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Scallops. They're fucking delicious

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I'm 19 and I feel like technology is so above me, I can't figure out how anything works. I was born into the computer era but yet I feel so alienated from it. Everything is just so frustrating and impossible for me to grasp that I feel like I'm falling behind everyone else who can use computers properly. Is their any help for a person like me?
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it's all just a bunch of on/off switches that's what binary means and that's the dna of computation so think about technology as a dead or alive scenario except with revival potential at any time but also there is a special pathway through the gates that are on or off and with the right collection of ons and offs you can play doom
Thank you, but that doesn't really help me since I have no understanding of what the fuck that even means.

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Do robots prefer to play video games on PC or console?
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Well my chair broke so i can't lean back in my chair so I've been doing more console gaming on my bed.
I get more immersed on PC
Their both fine, since both platforms produce the same end result. (playing a video game)

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Have you ever dreamed you had a gf?

What did you do with her?

For me we met up for lunch at a coffee shop. She gave me a hug and kiss when I got to her booth and we just talked. No anxiety. No suicidal thoughts. Just me and a person who thinks I'm good enough.
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>tfw you couldnt save her
I've dreamed absolutely beautiful things. Things that cannot compare to any possible real life experience. The most intense romantic feelings I've ever felt have been in a dream. And maybe that's just the only place where you can experience something so profoundly, cause you're making it up, in the self-creating chamber that is your head. Dreams are my shit, faggot.
Why didn't Kelly save Elliot?

Why Pro-Fascism?

I can get being against left wing movements like feminism, BLM, socialism, etc. But why take that far enough to adopt fascism/fascist-sentiments unironically?
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Seems you haven't gotten the memo yet. There's no middle ground or reason in this shit anymore. It's either or.
Because centrism and moderation rely on democratic consent from all parties, and communists are anti-democratic. Since communists are anti-white male on principle, that leaves me no option than to support the fascists.
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Fascism is extremist centrism. Get the FUCK out of my ideology, you fucking cancer. Find another one to co-opt.

My roommate said we could have a lot more space in our room for activities if we pushed our beds together
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Yeah, I think you can double the space for bed activities if you do it.
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>Yeah, I think you can double the space for bed activities if you do it.
b-bed activities...?
we are just roommates anon ~_~
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>tfw no roommate bf to share a bed with

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>guy posts this and says "What is he watching?"
>other guy says "Master and Commander"

I don't get it, but everyone else seems to. Does anyone here know what the joke is?
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>jokes women will never understand
Are you a female by any chance?

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Man understands and is reacting while the female is unmoved.

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Wobble's meme..png
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All statements tards say have been translated for your reading pleasure. Good luck.

>Be me
>Parents forced me to help downies and other tards on the holidays as volunteer work because they're cunts
>Go there for the first time, Tards are the average monstrosities you hear from the other victims of these beings
>Start chatting up this one Tard, he screams and sets off the entire building
>This one tard runs into me in the chaos, He is wearing a child's fake santa beard, The elastic is half chewed
>I force him off me as he starts to play with this little bell attached to his wrist in the tune of one of the christmas songs you hear in wallmart in november
>He is heavy as fuck, takes me ages to get him off
>He screams when I take him off me, then forces himself onto me using his downie strength
>I don't know what to do at this point, I can't win
>He shits him self in the panic
>He stares at me, he calls me "Felix" in his tard language
>I say to him "My name is not Felix, But I'd love to know yours" in hopes it would calm him down fast enough to get him off and bolt for a shower
>I sit there as he still forces him self ontop of me, I'm about to throw up at this moment
>I say to him "Could you get off of me, Shantor?" trying to mimic what he said
>He gets visibly upset
>He stands up and points at me, his hands shake, making his bell rattle at an ear-blistering rate
>He starts to scream and says "YOU HAVE MADE IT ONTO THE NAUGHTY LIST"
>Tard Wranglers break into the room and start to pull "Santa" off of me, It takes three of them
>I run out of the room and Santa forgets everything that happened, as he starts to chew on the elastic of his fake beard
>This was the start of a cancerous fucking relationship.
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>took three tard wranglers to pull him off
how fucking big was this downie
pls share more stories. I love me a good tard story thread.
Expect a continuation in 24 hours.

For those working
Whats your career?
Do you like it? Whats your pay?
Feeling lost on what path to take

pic unrelated
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So you wanna get paid to draw pictures. Great.

You better be damn good at drawing pictures, the best. Right now you suck. Your work is garbage. I hate it. I'm a better artist than you and I draw anthropomorphic cat boys being anally raped.

Good luck loser, you'll never make it.

-the nicest person you'll ever meet.
I rape people for a living.
IT, it pays good and I usually enjoy it, but that mostly depends on the project and team I work with. Best moments is when you work uninterrupted while listening to music and not talking to anybody. I get about 2400 a month after taxes.

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Is it possible for men (especially robots) to fall in love with someone but not have sexual feelings for them?

I'm asexual and my best friend is bi. He's previously told me about having feelings for me and told me in graphic detail that made me nauseous, uncomfortable, and really /used/. It's been a couple months and he hasn't said any of the same things. We agreed to just have a "special bond" kind of but not in a gay or sexual manner.. I'm just worried he's secretly sexualizing me every time we hang out and it makes me feel really bad. Is there any way to know if he's thinking these things without asking (he'd just deny) or trying to kiss him (which would cause me mental agony).

I'm fine with us being "special" in a way especially since I don't have anyone else that cares about me, but I just can't stand the thought he might want to put his dick in me. I read a post today saying how if a gay guy hangs out with his best friend often enough he'll want to fuck him, just as a straight guy would if he hung out with a girl often. I've never experienced either of these so I can't really say.
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What are you, GAY? Have sex with that poor man.
I'm just really uncomfortable with sex I was abused for years and there is no way I'd have it with another man, I'm very iffy about even a woman. Just answe my question
Yeah you're a giant cunt. Have a bit of empathy and get with him already

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>get horny
>asshole still horny
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not sure i know this feel but I can sympathize with your plight anyway
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>he actually swallowed the boipucci ovulates meme
>tfw boyhole feels distinctly empty if I don't play with it when I fap
>tfw I feel like there's a void inside me I need to fill

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I wonder if there was a former NEET in that tower that finally made something of himself, landing a comfy job in New York after spending a couple years shitposting in neogaf forums about not having a job or gf
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doubt it, that's Chad central. Most financial/business majors are perfect
I find it highly unlikely that all 5k were chad and stacy. Every office I've been to has a few dregs that somehow seep in
Whew lad! Hehe I forgot 911 happened. Why did you have to remind me and be a nigger-faggot?

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Does this picture of two normal, good looking white people make anyone else angry?
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The filename makes me angry. I want every single phoneposter banned on sight.
I get really mad. Especially in real life.

Like, you know they're not just pretty. Other people like them. They have friends. They're more intelligent. They, by default, know what's cool. They fuck. They fuck. They fuck.

And you know what, they have "problems" too. So you can't morally hate them, because they have hardships too like divorced parents and shit like their boss is a fuck.
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>they have hardships too like divorced parents and shit like their boss is a fuck.

These are normalfag problems. These are not problems that affect their relations with other normal human beings or degrade their social/romantic/sexual skills.

This is what separates normalfags and non-normalfags. Normalfags experience hardship that they can overcome, that often makes them stronger. Non-normalfags experience hardship that is long and arduous, rather than immediately painful, and slowly erodes our emotions and our social skills.

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>haha anon look what i can do with my belly button
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Might get at least 2 inches skinny
What the fuck is that? Post-op tranny?
too much fat and too little dick
>bonepress fags

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