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hey anon its me. u neber gave me a respone so I thought it would be cool to download the pic.Thanks and sorry if it wasnt.
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>Sitting alone watching anime
>Feel sad as always when the characters are all understanding and loving of eachother despite their flaws and I realise I'm completely alone in my life
>Phone starts buzzing
>My sister is calling to me
>Smile, I haven't talked to my family since Christmas, I hope she's not too worried about starting university, I wonder how her Summer job went, I hope she's happy
>Answer, "Hug you sister" threads ringing through my mind
>"Hello Anonette! How are you feeling?"
>"I'm fine, I was wondering if you know where the spare HDMI cable is?"
>"Uhm, no I'm afraid not, why do you want to take it when you move in?"
>"Ah, that's ok. And yeah that's what I'm thinking."
>"How is your new pl-"
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She's prolly banging chad right when she hung up.
The primary allure of anime that its impossible to be real.

Wait for VR to get better. Until then your best bet is to find friendly people on steam or some shit to fill the gap
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This was pretty real and painful to be reminded of. Fortunately it also served as a reminder that I can use anime for escapism from my horrible reality, so I ought to do that when I can be bothered.

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why is it so fuckin hard to get a dominant girlfriend that would take me by the hand and force me to go with her somewhere
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>dominant girlfriend
needle in a haystack
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I need it so much, please god, I'm begging you.

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>the internet is a pocket dimension
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>you've had a bag of holding all this time

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fuck my life.png
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Have any robots used photofeeler? It's a site where you can upload your photo and get anonymously rated by women on looks, trustworthy, and smartness.

It's pure suicide fuel and the final black pill if you all finally wanna be pushed over the edge. You get to see how ugly you are on top of how absolutely terrible women are when they are anonymous. It's worst than Tinder.

I think so long as we don't post our pics, and just post the results; the mods should allow it.
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Put the hammer down anon, don't do anything crazy
Grandpa how'd you get on here?

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I realized how to become a chad robots. I had a plan. Implemented it. Now things are going well. Let me tell you what I've done so you may follow me towards salvation.

First of all I worked out for months to get a body that isn't fucking disgusting. Second I realized where I could go where my below average face matters less. I joined BDSM communities. Doms for BDSM, as long as you lie and say you know what you're doing and are willing to teach, don't fucking have to be attractive. There are so many thirsty girls who want to be tied up and called sluts/cunt that it isn't even funny. You can treat roastie bitches how they really are and they fucking enjoy it. The kind of girls who join this shit are repressed and willing to fucking way less attractive than their league because of their daddy issues.

I have used these methods to bully subs into thinking of me as some kind of chad dom. I went to BDSM events, used tinder/okCupid (just put I was a dom in my description), and used fetlife. Just be a bully and pretend you know what you're doing, also emphasize 'informed consent/safe words are important, I say it now so when we're in the act I don't have to.". So many subs are ecstatic at that kind of stuff.

BDSM is the way to go robots, it's the way out. I have four regular bitches now who I can treat however the fuck I am. Join me. Escape.
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I thought your image was a snake that got into the popcorn

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>girth is average
>looks big and nice for me
am i a narcissist or something
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post a picture and I'll tell you if you're a narcissist or not
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K. Is it hopeless?

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Tfw Asian
Tfw not smart
Tfw not pale
Tfw not cute enough to trap
Tfw not tall
Tfw not young
Tfw not rich

Tfw dodge the minority tax by claiming to be white on my returns
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Tfw got bombed
Tfw cook dogs
>Tfw dodge the minority tax by claiming to be white on my returns
Where you from anon? Never heard of this one, I wonder if I'm targeted (because Spic) too.

>never heard of this one

Build the wall

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>tfw mods never publicly warn users anymore
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Not in this forgotten board
they're scared of making a show of their power because at any minute anonymous might overthrow this godforsaken website
Why should they? Anyone who posts here should know the rules already.

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could this be... a drawing thread?
>yes it is.
ask me to draw whatever, and other artist anons can join in. im not to great at doing a lot in a small timeframe but ill try
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was drawing bateman from memory for another thread but it closed down before I could post it

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Thoughts on this trigger-happy litigant?
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no one gives a shit about dumb youtube drama

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*dabs on you, hater*

Do you support traditional, monogamous marriages, robots?
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yes, i believe in dedication

No. Smash the patriarchy, desu.
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I don't know what I believe in anymore, I'm just an edgy agent of chaos now, and chaos like fire burns the wielder.

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>live in manufactured home
>aka a trailer
>surrounded by 20ft trees
>hurricane coming through
>high winds is the only threat
I hope I get crushed by a tree while I sleep.
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>He calls his trailer a manufactured home

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alright robots/fembots what's the most pathetic and depraved things you have done? confess your sins here
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I've had sex with over 400 people in the last 4 years or so. This isn't a good thing. I think I might actually be addicted to sex.
When I was 14 I was blowing morbidly obese old men for free. I almost never showed up at school because I was constantly out and about letting people do whatever they wanted to me. I don't even like men. I just like contact.
I can only handle going without some kind of sexual contact for maybe 8 hours. MAYBE, with effort.

I'm thinking of chemical castration. I would give anything to just not be insanely horny for a day.

It got REALLY bad when I was 16 and 17. holy fuck, someone save me please
Please go to a therapist. You're a nympho. You can get better.

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