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Holy shit. How can NEETs ever possibly recover?
It's on Reddit kek
Wow that guy got destroyed

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So it's pretty much universally agreed that being a woman is easier than being a man?

Even the ugliest, most disgusting women have beta orbiters, handing them shit on a silver platter on a daily basis.
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>So it's pretty much universally agreed that being a woman is easier than being a man?
No, it is not.
Look, I've talked to women in my life. Being able to find a man easily does not negate the ongoing disrespect in society and in the work place, the constant worry of being attacked if you go out at night, the assumption that you can't be the best in your career because you'll have to take maternity leave etc.

The overwhelming response from my female friends and family when I bring up the ease at finding partners is "big fucking deal".

>inb4 beta orbiter
I'm gay.
Location, location, location


>havent slept all night again
what did you guys do?
I looked at some discord logs
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I haven't slept either.

Woke up into hallucinations again jumped out of bed thinking I was covered in insects and was saying random quotes from some film I watched last night as if they meant something extremely important. Stuff keeps replaying in my head. For some reason I thought there was a nest in my bed so it took about 10 minutes to get back in bed and here I am. Guess I'm staying up.
Anon im sorry you have to go through that
what makes you feel like theres insects around you? did you recently experience something
>it's another "I stayed up all night refreshing r9k for literally hours" episode
When are the writers gonna give me something new and original?

Sometimes I look in the mirror and wonder how do people look at me without throwing up?
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>when people don't even bother to look in your general direction, on purpose
>it's like I'm not even human
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>people look in your direction
>they start laughing

being an average looking white male is overrated
The relief of not being you is just enough to inhibit their gag reflex.

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Post tabs and make judgements on the tabs the user above you has

originally ofc
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>he uses chrome-based browsers
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Good tab
is this bait

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What does this make you feel?
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Who cares? 99.999% of pepe artwork isn't official, it's made by memeboys. Sounds like a desperate attempt by the artist to stay relevant (pro tip: he isn't).
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>implying he has ownership of pepe
>implying his words and deeds mean anything
like I actually stole candy from a baby.

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What is a personality?
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Personality is formed over time by factors. For example, a dog that is treated well and trained well should be a peaceful and loving pet. A dog that has faced violence and hate has developed a scared and defending personality and attitude. It's all just genetics and factors, anon.
>he has no personality
what did they mean by this?
>A dog that has faced violence and hate has developed a scared and defending personality and attitude.
Awe why dont you go stuff it friend.

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roasties are the most despicable creatures in the entire world, yet when men judge them with just as much harshness we are met with ridicule.

I can't contain my autism today, roasties are the one true evil of the world
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>roasties are the one true evil of the world
No, that would be thirsty betas who enable their behavior.
>tfw 4'1
Get roasted, roastie.

I stopped chasing women in high school, I just get reminded of their disgusting behavior and sperg out

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00 buckshot in the mouth at like 45 degrees how likely are you to live? would it be instant death or wouldnyou have time to think after pulling the trigger? would it be instant or do you run risk of being a vegetable
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You wouldn't really be able to think after pulling the trigger anymore and there's no chance you can think anymore after a stunt like that.
Maybe by some freak accident you can become a vegetable living on your brainstem but you wouldn't notice that yourself.
If you hit it from that angle you will hit an rea in your brain that controls your organs meaning all your organs will stop working immediately.
There's always the risk of ending up a vegetable.

That being said, if you use the right kind of gun and angle, the risk is virtually non-existent.

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So, are you /fa/shionable, /r9k/?
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They all look autistic that's hilarious
>dylan roof on the far right
it cracks me up everytime.
That one guy, second from the right with his arms crossed is the only remotely attractive one of the bunch. Something't wrong with that one dude in the middle's neck

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>go to take shower to get day started
>get naked
>pull back curtain
>see this
What do you do?
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Stop the robbery in progress. Ez pz
Wash her because she is putrid all covered in mud

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Daily reminder that if you're short (male or female) you're genetically inferior.
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Good thing I was already 6' at 16.
5'5 here. How am I inferior? I have an IQ of 135, I'm naturally built, etc... explain, faggot?
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daily reminder if you have to make a threads like this it means you have insecurity issues.

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How do you stand this board when it's on a constant loop of the same threads over and over?
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Because I'm on a constant loop of depression and failure. Also people post cute anime girls.
>Because I'm on a constant loop of depression and failure
Couldn't have said it any better myself
Honestly this to be quite honest family
If you kill me that'd be great, too much of a pussy to do it myself

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>ate 8000 calories again today and feel like throwing up everywhere

I need an intervention lads
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>8000 calories again
How the fuck are you still alive?
Instead of eating just drink water you fat cuck
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don't blame me for my genetic predisposition to obesity and low metabolism (+ thyroid probmels)

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I get depressed and jealous as fuck whenever I get added to a whatsapp group and I see girls flirting with guys and talking about sex. I have a girlfriend but this shit still drives my autism to go crazy and I feel like shit for the entire day. I have had tons of gfs and sometimes even had a couple at the same time. Is it related to that? That my inner instinct is every girl I see even though I have no idea what they look like should only give me attention and no one else?

What the fuck is wrong with me? Anyone else with the same shit?
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>added to a whatsapp group
No I don't know this feel
>had gf
No I don't know this feel at all

Now leave normal
Yeah that's pretty 'tarded OP
>Arsenal fan
>Wants to kill self

Makes sense desu

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