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>mfw /r9k/ is my main board
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>r9k is the only board I visit
I come here a lot because it's a less gross /b/ but the last six months are just beyond retarded no gf misogyny penisposting. Probably leaving.
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>tfw too depressed to browse other boards anymore

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Does the degeneracy disturb you, Bruce?
>Does the degeneracy disturb you, Bruce?
I don't give a fuck about degeneracy
I just don't want women on my board
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Then choose this path. We will cleanse Gotham.

[email protected]

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>inb4 a million clever smug replies calling me buddy
I don't give a shit about it on the internet, don't call me "bud" in real life or I'll fucking headbutt you
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I agree, who the fuck says buddy?
Calm down buddy orig
it's annoying anytime. even from people older. it's fucking annoying. get cancer. just call me by my name or use some regular shit like "man" buddy makes it seem like you're trying to be superior

Who /skinnyfat/ here?

>catch a glimpse of myself in mirror at dmv
>shocked at how scrawny and borderline skeletal i look
>go home and strip down to underwear to examine myself
>shocked at how disgusting my torso looks
Kill me.
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/skinnyfat/ 8 years here

>4000 calories daily
>computer by bedside, no wasted calories sitting upright
>sedentary job
>no hobbies or sports or activities
>attached garage to reduce sunlight exposure

I figure I might as well go for it and become a /skinnyfat/ e-celeb. Surely we must have an audience? Thinking of starting a youtube channel to document my skinnyfat lifestyle and offer tips and tricks to prolong or increase my levels of /skinnyfat/
You sound like you're plain fat without any muscle. That's even worse than being skinnyfat. I'm sorry, anon.
as someone who's weight has fluctuated a lot, the only weight where I don't look skinny fat (just skinny) is 100lbs<, but that's not healthy. Funny thing is, I've seen people around 120lbs (20 pounds heavier than me), that look way better than me.

It probably has to do with me having a very shit diet (drink a lot of soft drinks, barely eat cooked meals. get a lot of my calories through snacks).

I'm at 115lbs atm, and look kinda skinny fat, but idc since it's not like anyone will see me without a shirt.

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>pizza driver gets visibility upset when i ask for my change
News flash wagies, you are not entitled to my money. Get a better job if you want more cash
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You cheap bastard. Pizza delivery guys depend on the tips to offset their low pay. Go pick it up yourself if you don't want to tip.
There really should be a nigger Pepe for the people who don't tip to use
im with you OP
i never tip wage cucks.
ask Mr.Sheckelstien for a raise if you want more money, dont depend of me giving you my change.
go beg outside a 7/11 if you want handouts

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What percentage of white girls are actually interested in asians?
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I have a huge asian fetish. It's one of the main reason I watch Korean dramas. I would also wear their fashion if i didn't look like a hipster.
I can't tell whether she's hot or used good. It seems to me that she's just on the brink.
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We fucking need this a fucking feels thread, post feel pics, stories thoughts, whatever, we are all need to feeel. I need to feel

Come on r9k let's do it
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Just posting songs to feel..
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Mfw got a medical appointment tomorrow which i've been dreading for months, however if i don't go i'll be stuck with huge health insurance bills so i literally have no choice in said matter

I'll just sleep on the way there and fake whatever symptoms that guy writing the evaluation wants me to fake heh
Do whatever makes you happy and is the best for you.


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How often do you agree to come into work to cover for someone else's shift?
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every time and whenever possible

although now i work in a professional office and i come in every day the office is open anyways, so there aren't any shifts i can take over for people because i'm there all shifts.
Used to do it a lot. I even gained a reputation at work as the most "reliable" guy AKA can't say no. But now I get pleasure out of telling them no; especially the attractive younger women. They come to me like they know I'll say yes and then I rudely tell them no
I have a union wagecuck job. So I can't.

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do you think this girl is a qt?

Do you want to see her nudes?
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She has a nice face, like she would talk to me and remember my name. Let's see them
Eh, and no

Meh, don't care to see her nudes, there are millions of more pictures of much more attractive girls online.

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i am a NEET on a whole month vacation before i enter the university, i have 400 mexican pesos and idk what to do, i'm waiting for the cloudy days to go to the beach
what should i do on my vacation month?
i just turned 19 btw

as you can see i'm mexican and i don't how to write well so pls dont expect a well structured reply
(i live in pic related)
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its good. you could go to Belize mano
with 400 pesos?!
mexican bumpo

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Why is 90% of /r9k/ gay? I feel like I don't belong here for being straight.
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post your cock fagbot
Why do you give a shit? virgin faggot
I'm neither a virgin nor a faggot. I was raped as a kid so...

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>have another autistic rage over 4chan argument
>get at breaking point and hit hole in the wall
>scared that parents are going to kick me out of the house
>Pulp Fiction movie poster comes in the mail not soon after
>realize that because parents weren't home to hear me I can just hide the hole behind the poster
>realize hole is convenient place to dispose of poo
>system works for a few days
>parents eventually find out
>tfw damage to the house costs a fortune to fix
>tfw smell won't go away even after cleaning it all up
>mfw I'm definitely gonna get fucking kicked out of the house
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what the fuck got you so mad?
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how does one even come up with idea of putting his shit inside a wall
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"Son, you're going to pay for the damage by getting a job. We'll look for one tomorrow, and that should get you going. Remember to speak with the manager, give him a firm handshake, and tell him that you want the job."

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>my dad may have a monthly wage from 2500-3000 soon
would that make me a richfag?
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No that's working class. I make more than that without taxes and that's only about 20 bucks an hour.

Folks who've never had to try and survive on $10 an hour will never understand how much $30,000 per year is.
That doesn't mean you are rich just thrifty. I used to live off 20k a year.

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how do i stop despising everyone?
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OP better finish that coffee, so he and I can talk
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dash pepe drinking.png
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I suggest ponies
i can't tell you until you finish that coffee
until then my mouth is zippity zipped

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I find girls with tattoos very unnattractive. Instant deal breaker
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Same, and also girls who wear high heels and grow their fingernails long. Wear normal shoes and trim that shit.
I don't mind high heels if it accentuates their ass. I don't understand why women care so much about their fingernails, guys don't give a shit
>wears ((((((((((((((((((((shorts))))))))))))))))))))
>has beta orbiters
>goes to the club and dances like a degenerate
>"say something funny"
>doesn't know
>acts like a kekistani faggot(haha autism, praise kek, hail kek, grim shit xD, haha cancer memes)
>likes anime
>claims she's a cinephile, favorite movie is some normie trash tearjerker

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