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Is this how every women should be treated?
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women are not obligated to fuck you virgin boy
Audibly LMAOd when he put the toilet seat on her
That would be a lot of toilets.

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Fembots, why do you cut yourselves?
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Self harm scars are so fucking hot on women, please post more.

look at that leg hair. this bitch is hairier than me. pretty sure that's a trap or a MAN
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That was taken a year or so. She looks much better now.

What's the worst experiences you've had with women, all my fellow cyborgs/failed normies/robots?
>Tfw this green line is to grab your attention
Let's get some real stuff in here so femanons can see why we hate their kind.
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Roastie took my virginity, then cucked me a couple weeks later
>have an older sister
>get hit in the balls all the time
All women are the same.
>get a random text one night
>it's a girl I went to high school with
>she says she had a dream with me in it
>conversation gets around to her coming over to fuck
>all others texts afterwards are about what she wants me to do to her
>she eventually comes over
>we start making out
>she eventually takes her top off
>she suddenly stops
>tells me she can't do this unless she's intoxicated
>says I remind her too much of her ex bf
>she gets dressed and leaves

I have another like this if you want me to share. It's much more cruel I think.

This has also happened to me.

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>tfw middle eastern living in europe
>everyone scared of you
>women think you will rape them
>people think you are going to blow shit up when carrying a bag/wearing a backpack
>i'm not even muslim, i'm syriac catholic
>i was born in europe

Atleast you people can fix your shit and get out. i will always be a rapist terrorist in everyones eyes.
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Looking at the fat lot of good being a Catholic got you in the eyes of white people. You're following their religion and they still don't care.
Nice job cuck.
i love middle eastern men. they make me feel like the girl.
c-can i be ur haram-bae?
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>kike on a stick
>white religion

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post your voices, singing and voice impressions or whatever else you'd like.
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Nice thread that you've got here, OP.
Guess the language.
Pro tip: Not Slavic
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What do girls do when they're hanging out?
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comparing lengths of their meat flaps
Lesbian sex, what else would they be doing?
Drink and talk and sometimes do coke

do we believe in this shit?
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I believe Earth is a conspiracy on itself and nothing is what it seems the prison planet!!!!!!!!!!!
I'd say that's fucking bullshit since nobody can answer when I ask something like: 'What about the edge?"
What he said pretty much tbqh

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*unsheathes katana*

Excuse me, robot, did you think you could disrespect women at this convention??
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Meanwhile, if I walk around with a katana people call me a sperglord.

But men are privileged right?
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>*looks up where to buy a sword online*
*reports OP to convention operations and has her permabanned for not having her weapon Peacebound*
Leave forever roastie cunt

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Taking phenibut for the first time, wish me luck robots.

Also general phenibut thread.
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What the hell is penisbutt?
I tried and after taking it like 3 times and i stopped I got FUCKING HORRIBLE HORRIBLE nightmares, EVERY fucking night for like weeks
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It was created in Russia for people with anxiety, PTSD, depression etc.. People love it it also helps people with insomnia.

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New femanon thread

Can we get some men hate feels?

I'll start.

My ex best friend, he was the biggest fucking idiot I've known

Things I said to him
>"you're Fucking nobody, you disgusting piece of shit. Nobody will ever fucking love you, You're fucking trash and you will never lose your virginity you worthless piece of shit"
I said that infront of people irl. He just kept on saying "okay" "alright" "I know", and I just kept going ham on him.
>next day
>I didn't mean it
Guess what, he forgave me, like always. Such a pushover.

I don't know how many times I just out of the blue told him I'm disgusted by him and mocked him for being a Virgin, I bet he scrolls this board and cries about his "hardmode" life like women have no problems. God I fucking hate guys like him.
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>Either a larper or lolcow slut no one likes
move on boys
Make it a banworthy offence to declare that you are a female or non-virgin.

Only females and non-virgins will think that this is a bad idea.
Why did you just post the same thing as in the other thread? At least provide a new story.

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Why do you hate yourself thread. I'll start.

>Be 22 year old sperg neet
>High school drop out
>Live at dad's
>Dad is visibly distressed about my neetdom
>Haven't been to family get togethers for ages because socially fukked. Can't even remember all the names.
>Go to town by myself every weekend, not talking to anyone until I get a few too many.
>Say idiotic shit, almost start fights, have sex with random men even though they don't really turn me on that much, I just get really fucking promiscous when drunk. It's definitely my low self esteem.
>Wake up day after feeling empty and sick
>Rinse and repeat.
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Btw I'm a dude. That's a pretty important detail.
Are thou perhaps what they call a homosexual?

OriginalanigirO CommentnemmoC

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images (3).jpg
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Hey ! I just met you and this is CRAZY
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How can a man wander a lonely city and not realize that he is lost and without guidance?
here's my cunthole, fuck me maybe
but hear my numbers

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i spent 12 hours playing the entirety of life is strange in one sitting, masturbated immediately after, then watched the fireflies music video by owlcity
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How did you like the game?
I want a cat to keep compsny with but i live in a small appartemnt and am poor. Would it be a good choice?
ending was unsatisfying

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Welp, I'm homeless. In France. No money, no car, no contacts (not even French phone plan). Wat do? I'm on my phone at low battery using McDonald's wifi.
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Have you tried going home?
Become a French whore.
>in france
thats your first mistake

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What does he have I don't have?
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money fame and a bbc
Fum fact, proceeds from a play starring John Wilkes Booth funded this statue of Shakespeare in Central Park.
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Pretty interesting, any other fun facts?

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