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I just spent the last two hour throwing up and crying due to being hung over AMA
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Did you make this thread for low risk (You)s because until now you were unable to satisfy your unsated internet addiction, due to your phone being too bright to look at?
I made this thread to share my story; I'm gonna shoot up my uni in two weeks. I figure I should tell the world something about me.
If you were in jail would you make wine out of the toilet water

ITT: Post what you would look like if you were a woman
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MS Paint is my best friend
So you're Pearl from SU?
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>what you would look like if you were a woman

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how many captchas do you have ?
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Only one since they expire after 2 minutes
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Only a short text. It never expires too
none, since I'm not a dirt poor NEET loser

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>Dog is asleep on my bed, comfy af
>wake him up

Who /devilish/ here?
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I hope he bites your dick off.
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>Dogo thinks I am going to give him chicken legs
>Smash his head in with a sledgehammer instead

Who /demonic/ here?
This is so bad, how could you be so evil

I tried to kill myself circa 3 years ago. After that attempt I quitted lurking here.
>Still no GF ofc

/r9k/ changed so much. What happened? EVERY thread here is boring and full of normalfags.
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the true-cel-bots have moved to reddit incels
it became /soc/ 2.0 unfortunately.
>tried to kill myself
>this fucking meme
You either kill yourself or you don't. There is no "lol I tried to kill myself bait I failed XD" option, it's only attention whoring. Fuck off.

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literally nothing is worse than having a pencil dick
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i am about 7.1 x 5.7, is that good enough?
>5.7, is that good enough?
stop fishing for compliments
i'm not, i am 28 and never had sex just wondering

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>tfw trainer im under for my truck driving job is yelling and cursing at me again
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jesus christ anon. can you do anything right? trucks practically drive themselves these days.
Just suck him off and he'll cool down.
Fuck you he gets angry at the smallest things and freaks out about it.
Im debating on reporting him to HR so they can remove me from his truck. Hes really stressing me out

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If women rate most men as ugly, then what the hell do they look for in a mate?
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Confidence and charisma obv,
A chocolate dick that ejaculates money
Money and social status

and maybe some oregano

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What are your specs anons? I'm using an i7-7700k, a GTX 1070 founders edition, and 16gb ddr4 at 2666 mhz. Pic unrelated
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Q9550/8GB/GTX 570. I steal the honors for using a potato.
Same as you but a 7600K at 4.8GHz and my RAM is 3200MHz
Damn, anon. This rig would be perfect for emulating botw.

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Rainy Sunday edition.
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who /failedexams/ here?
>rain = no normies outside.
>good time to go outisde and buy my daily meal before rain stops
>rain is good.
what and where do you buy? just curious

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What are some good anime that don't have complicated plots or little fucking mysteries? I just want some mindless fun.
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When Im back to home after work and I just want to chill I watch animes where doesn't happen anything like Non Non Biyori or The Flying Witch
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go watch lovelive its ton of fun
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Himouto! Umaru-chan is pretty much just this. All the plots are low-risk low-reward

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Why do women do this? It's very inconsiderate.
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$10 says this was from Europe (anywhere from UK to Russia or Turkey), that's where the real degenerates on public transit are
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Something tells me this is from Germany.

For fuck's sake, can you imagine going there for a fucking vacation and the bus is filled with piss?
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I agree. How dare her be so inconsiderate to not ask someone like me to get on their knees in front of her and open their mouths so she can squirt into it.

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Is lil' Kim the ultimate Chang Thunderwang?
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Apparently he wasn't according to those who went to same school
Becoming a dictator is the only way for a robot to overcome the chad oppression.
Its no mistake so many of em are angry manlets.

This is what 'being yourself' and succeeding actually looks like.
he went to school in europe and was a loner with an ocd addiction to cheese.

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>Walk into your lil sister's room
>See her like this
Wat do?
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Walk out, go into my room and jerk off to gay porn
>"Hey sis I came in to tell you that- haha woah sorry I didn't see you doing that! Oops, well I guess I better knock next time. Sorry for the unexpected intrusion. I guess I'd better be on my way huh? Haha well don't let me stop you from having fun ok? Alright I'll catch you on the flipside. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you mom says dinner is ready. Spaghetti tonight, you know how good that always is huh? Don't wanna miss that, now do you? Ok I'll let you get back to whatever it is that you were doing alright? Haha ok sis I'll see ya later. Oh yeah and you might wanna close the door next time! And don't forget to lock it alright? I'll probably just forget about this whole ordeal and walk right in!. Oops there I go prolonging this yet again. That's such a me thing to do isn't it? Once again, sorry to have bothered you. Really I mean it! Believe it or not, I don't want to have to see you like this as much as you don't want me to see you doing this. This really is a super awkward situation! Ok bye sis have fun with whatever it is that you're doing there. Love, ya too ok? Don't ever forget that! Okay bye for realsies this time haha!"
Lay my eggs in her

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Guys can you give me some (You)s so I can feel like my life has any significance?
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I wanna floss with your pubic hair.
Don't worry about it, here anon.

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a reply for (you).png
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(You) because (You) matter, my friend

(You) 4 (You) as well

No (You)s for tripfags, sorry its my policy

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