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post stories of friends/family that have died.
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some guy i knew from HS suicided by train

everyone was surprised but i mean he did make a lot of negative posts on fb before his death. not saying i saw it coming, but he was clearly troubled
just watched a movie and heard a line that my sister used to say to me...never realised the context, but remembered that we watched the movie together when we were teenagers.

she died when i was 18, there was a negligent homicide trial. police went through her room took some evidence.

i went in there when no one was around and took her diary, she explained that she wanted to die and purposefully put herself in dangerous situations.

never told anyone about the diary.
an old friend I used to talk to every day went quiet for a week. never let on that she was depressed or anything a week later I got a message from her brother saying she was found dead in the bathtub. I went to the funeral an visit the grave occasionally. her family have moved away from the town so I tend the flowers an makesure its not to bad. -love ya cassy.

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Hello robots I'd like to discuss something very important that everyone needs to know.

I'm going be to discussing subtraction.
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But what is subtraction?
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Well you see.
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*ahem* One moment.

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How did you lose it r9k? I'll start
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>be me, 17 at the time
>work with girl, sarah
>shes properly cute, i know immediately i wanna make her the one
>chat idly to her at work, she seems into me, the boys confirm she seems to like me
>one night go in her car and listen to a band together. dont do anything, but bond over it. yes, she likes me. shes the one. sorted.
>she invites me one day to go the beach with her and friend, vanessa, proper thicc sexy whore
>she picks me up at mummys
>whole car ride shes given me the eyes in the rearview mirror
>get to her friends, he buys us all beer
>we go to the beach
>we are to stay in a hotel room with her friend, whos married this guy for his military benefits. so its this girl, her "husband", some random guy, vanessa (thicc whore), sarah, and i
>we drink all evening, im drinking olde english, a literal nigger malt liquor, and they're impressed by my drinking
>time passes, its a bit of a blur
>suddenly we're in a hottub, sarah, me, and vanessa, thicc whore
>vanessa warns me that sarah is still in love with her ex and not to expect much when sarah leaves the hot tub
>ok. sarah returns. time passes. at some point, she pounces me, and starts very aggressively making out with me in the hot tub. my first kiss. okay. sorted.
>get to the hotel room
>we're all in one room
>sarah and i lay down in a pullout mattress (? dont remember)
>im drunk and tired and wanna go beddies
>sarah pounces on my lap and starts aggressively making out with me
>she whispers in my ear "wanna fuck?"
>i literally say "o-okay" stuttering like a retard
>before i know it sarah has stripped me and is blowing me
>oh god how did this happen
>moments later sarah has mounted me
>oh god what the FUCk is going on
>dick starts to die, im exhilerated and overwhlemed with anxiety
>she is aggressively sucking my neck and moaning in my ear
mind you this is in a room full of people trying to sleep
>bed is creaking loudly, everyone was definitely hearing
>dong dies
>she flips over and lays on her back
>i start to bang her with a half chub missionary
>squeak squeak squeak
>eventually i realize my dong has retreated for good, nerves plus alcohol
>i just stop and mumble some sort of apology
>go to bathroom together
>see her naked in the light, cume myself (not really, but it was a great moment)
>get dressed
>go onto the beach together
>start making out on the beach
>security rolls up on us and says we have to leave
>go back to hotel
>go to bed

and that is how i lost my virginity. she wasn't the one.
What is it with girls named Sarah dude. I've dated two of them. They're always cute as shit. They're always the one. And it never fucking works out.

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>used to be in gifted programs in elementary school
>used to be smarter than average
>used to like school
>used to be enthusiastic about learning
>used to read books
>used to have an imagination

>over a decade later

>graduate high school with a low C average
>don't care about anything
>too directionless and apathetic to go to college
>over two years since I graduated and I haven't done anything
>lay in bed all day and play videogames
>don't have any goals
>hate working to an irrational degree
>haven't read a book or been able to focus on a book in years
>feel myself getting dumber and dumber every single day
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Kill yourself thats the only solution..
I would suggest that you get rolled over by something big, pretty dramatic way of dying.
sounds familiar over here too, OP.
why is it though? why did this happen?

I hate to be the one to tell you this but those gifted programs were actually psy-ops designed to identity high-potential children and to neutralize them before they are able to fully develop.

>Go to Mexico once or twice a week
>Buy all kinds of candy from distributors (literaly pennies)
>Bring it back to US
>Sell it to white bois for x12 the price

Why aren't you guys doing this? I went from NEET to enterpeneur candyman
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my cousin used to go down to the border to get the cheap cartons of mexican made cigarettes, but his bus got stopped by the cartel

i havent seem in him 2 years lol
Oh shit anon have you tried calling BP or the heroes at KKK?
Nah his bus was stopped while still in Mexico. 19 people disappeared and he was one of them lol.

also i dunno the number for the KKK

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How can I hurt and bring pain to myself?
Both Physically and Emotionally.
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Hurt those around you thoughtlessly.
That last bit is important.
well, considering you're already at this desolate place, chances are you're already emotionally fucked. Physcial? Put out cigarettes on yourself.
Go ask random girls out on the street.The more attractive they are the better (bonus points if they are with a boyfriend more attractive than you).

Went to red lobster the other day. Saw this lovely white couple and their three black children enjoying their meal. What you guys think? The husband is such a nice guy right?
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you're a weirdshit for taking this pic desu
those kids aren't mulatto, the couple adopted them
one or both of the adults are infertile and are taking on society's burden. it takes a village, although your jewish subverters will tell you they are cucks. have a good evening

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Which is better?

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Tendies. There is more chicken in a tendie than a nuggie, which means more protein and caloric fulfillment.

Nuggie niggers get OUT of my board.

Post more OP.
fuck off fuck off FUCK OFF!

Nuggies are the best!
Boneless hot wings

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Well my night went horrible

>friend invites me over to casual bonfire
>decide why not and go
>one of my good buddy's will be there
>sit there
>try to engage in the conversation
>told I'm too loud
>try again only to get ignored
>good friend noticed and tried getting me involved
>they all just started to roast me quickly and get back to the conversation
>passively agreesive call one dude a dick after he asked if he was to everyone
>he makes some shitty fat joke
>call him a manlet hitting him in the self esteem since he's 5'9
>he's was a bit mad after that
>I leave soon because being there was pointless

You know what, fuck it, shit happens and I was only invited as a cheap joke. I hope when I leave for Massachusetts something horrible happens here, the more lives gone the better.
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its ok bud, one day you'll meet people and have better relationships. I had a pretty horrible group of friends and when i finally moved on, i forgot all about the troubles they caused
Some people are just born autistic. I don't think I'll ever be able to have a conversation with normies where I don't embarrass myself.
Yeah I was invited to a bonfire party type thing awhile ago, I ended up not going. Nothing good would come out of it, I just wasn't meant for social things like that.

>can't sleep because I'm afraid I'll have nightmares
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>it's another "can't sleep for more than an hour straight without being interrupted by a nightmare" episode
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>tfw all my nightmares are about Cthulhu-esque eldritch horrors
>tfw nightmares are able to put me into an indescribable state of extreme terror that nothing in real life can even come close to
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i haven't had a nightmare in years
in a way i kind of miss them

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Who else here /get money/?

Currently making about $20,000-$30,000 a month, and got about $180,000 more or less stashed, entirely in cash.

Not much compared to some earners in here, but still growing. How much money do you guys make or have stored away in cash or in your bank account?
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3rd world robot here making about $600 a month. Plannning on gettng asecond job in a literary museum or the local bookstore to get my money game up because shit's real. Also make a negligible $10 a month from online surveys which helps fuel my drug habit. How old are you and how do you make money?
i work a minimum wage job and can barely afford to buy food to eat.

the worst part is im too scared to kill myself. i dont deserve better
I'm 23 years old. What kind of drug habit do you have that $10 a month would help with? I live in a technically 1st world country, but it's pretty 3rd world-ish in some places

>be me 20 year old KHV student
>tfw meet super cute 18 year old girl living in Apartment complex with me. (Pic related)
>she was kicked out of her home and forced to live alone because she had no friends.
>ask her where is works.
>she claims to work at wallgreens.
>super cute and always teases me that I'm a rich student ect ect.
>she comes over and she plays vidya and watches anime, we eat in my apartment.
>fall deeply in love with her
>one night talking about our troubles and I tell her I'm a KHV.
>"wow no way anon! I'm a virgin too but kissed a guy"
>tell her I'm depressed because no girl likes me and KHV stuff.
>"I could kiss you if I like anon"
>we kiss. It felt so amazing like nothing I've ever felt.
>"hehe how was that anon?"
>she leaves and I go to bed.
>wake up the next day and go to Walgreens she told me she worked this time but wasn't there.
>buy stuff and go home.
>I look for her car in the parking lot, not there.
>hm was she lying to me I thought?
>next day I see her I ask.
>"I was with a friend in the hospital she was sick ect ect."
>the next day I am getting quite horny and browsing backpage in hopes that I will finally get enough courage to loose my virginity.
>i see her, different name, and put 20 instead of 18.
>freaking out.
>she is a hooker and also sells nudes and nude videos.
>the qt female I thought was pure and beautiful is a hooker! And definitely not a virgin!

i wanted to get married to her! I even kissed a hookers lips!!!! I haven't talked to her since i found out and haven't even been outside. All I want is a pure wife. What am I supposed to do now!?
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you could rape her if u want
Tf did you expect
Idiot story when you dont give proof or povide timestamps

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images (35).jpg
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What would it take for you to marry a woman?

>If she ate my ass out

This is all I ask, where can I find ass eating gf?
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>young (18-21)
>not experienced
>not fat
>not ugly
>not a stacey
>not mentally ill
>not outgoing (dancing, parties, etc)
>ywn be 12 years old again and have christina Hendricks as a milf neighbor
>Gigantic titties
>Not fat
>Not dirty/smelly

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white chiIdren.
16 posts and 4 images submitted.
We must secure the existence of our peopIe and a future for white chiIdren.
We must secure the existence of our peopIe and a future for white children.
We must secure the existence of our people & a future for white children.

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>Brother brings normie friends over
>watching anime in living room
>"OMG anon what anime is this?"
>"haha you watch it subbed? I cant read that fast so i stick with dubs, plus japanese sounds weird"
>"how many animes have you seen"

Why cant these fucking normies just leave me alone, the entire time they just talked and I couldn't focus on watching
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Why do you watch subbed? Dubbed is so much better you don't have to read.
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>dubbed is so much better

Weak bait.
I'm not even kidding I actually hate reading subtitles. If I look away for a second I have to rewind and watch it again. Dubbed is just better imo.

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