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>Looking for something specific?
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Du u hav maryjuana?
I would like one bag pleas
Hey, aren't you that Pepe guy?
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u got negros

i need a negro

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>he uses a 64GB micro SD card for his phone
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W-whats wrong with this?

why would you need so much memory for your phone? You can stream music. You can upload videos on Instagram/Snapchat. No way you're taking over 100 pictures a day and not having the time to transfer them to a computer so you can clear up your smartphone's memory.
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>he doesn't have a 128GB micro SD card for his phone
stay inferior

>/r9k/ tells me tinder is an easy way to get girls
>Dead wrong

What the fuck am I doing wrong? I have an easier time picking up girls in person than getting matches on this shit.
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what's your bio ? excluding personal shit of course
"The kids from the magic school bus have been trapped in my stomach for over a year"
>he fell for the tinder meme

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>why are you so quiet ?
>you don't talk much do you?
>you're like the quiet type right?

It's the one sentence we dread. Really makes me wonder why the FUCK normies, adults, etc find quietness so odd? Why do they expect everyone to be loud and obnoxious all the time?
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>why are you so quiet?
>proceed to talk and say something stupid
>they give me the creep weirdo stare

i have several theories OP:
the first is that when you're not talking, you're observing. if you're observing for too long, normies think that rather than actively participating, you're sitting back and judging them. people don't like being judged or watched. furthermore, normies understand this implicit social protocol and so they make sure to stay engaged. i don't agree with it obviously

the second is that being quite can imply you're afraid of judgement and fear putting yourself out there. this is unappealing to normies because part of demonstrating social value is being able to successful put yourself out there and have it be seen by other normies that you can garner positive social attention. this way, normies can trust that by associating with you, they will benefit socially.

im pretty sure im 100% right. anyone else can chime in though
>them: why are you so quiet all the time
>me: I don't see the point of wasting my breath with pointless noise if I have nothing important to say.

That always shuts them up.

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i wish someone loved me
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is this
>/x/ the post
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Of course they're real. What you never been abducted? lmao
I loved Majora's Mask

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None of you remember me because times have changed here, but two years ago I made threads about my deceased wife looking to talk. Its that time of year again and I cannot handle it like I did last year.

Why keep going on robots?
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>no replys

Well fuck. I hoped one or two people would comment
no one cares faggot kill yourself
I'm here for you anon. There's an album a folk artist made, his wife recently died. It's very blunt and sad, called Mount Eerie by Mount Eerie

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>take long time to shit
>usually 15-20 minutes
>have to set a time for myself to be done when I'm not at home so no one thinks I'm weird
What's wrong with me
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>use poop stool
>poop falls right out
>only have to wipe once, twice for good measure
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I'm the exact same way, but instead of 15-20, it's 20-30 minutes. 15 minutes is if I'm really quick. I also take a long time to clean myself-I wipe, then wet some paper towel to clean the area, then wipe again until it's nice and squeaky clean.

I've read literally thousands of pages on the toilet by now. It's actually my favorite time of the day, and I relish taking a long dump with a quality book.

Unfortunately, wagecuckery means pooping needs to be done at certain times, which makes this less enjoyable now.

My family knows all about my problem; it's been going on for over a decade.
Eat more fiber. I post as fast as I piss.

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I searched for a thread to post this in but I came up short. Enjoy. Or despair.

Do the insane suffer? I believe not. Ibelieve those incapable of delusion of reality suffer or will suffer. Those insane who can disregard unfortunate realities are quite privileged indeed, for this world is strife with crippling disappointment.

To forget that which pains us would be bliss. To sever from our minds the bonds of those hurtful events would yield contentment. Compared to this suffering, mere contentment would be ecstasy.
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so can we fuck or no
I may be amenable to that but we probably cannot.
where are you currently suffering

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>mfw I just found out I'm getting $1200 a month in dad's social security for 12 months starting next month.

How does it feel to not have an old dad with literal millions in social security lined up for him and you wages?
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I don't understand. Why are you getting your dad's social security? Is he dead?
Die in a grease fire>>37438917
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Nope, I'm a "full time student."

Awwwww, is the wagie upset? Why don't you just get some parents who worked their whole lives and ask them!

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Anyone else ever wait a day or two before showering since the grease makes your hair look less poofy and flow better?
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This afternoon I stood outside my house without a shirt on while my mom shaved the back of my neck with hair trimmers. Then I went on youtube and watched videos of people dyeing their hair white for an hour. Tomorrow I'm going to go get some bleach and white hair dye and turn my hair all white so I look like Anderson Cooper and I'll tell people a story about something I saw that was so shocking that it turned my hair white over night.
Have fun doing that, I hope it works out.
I used to do that until I discovered hair oils

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Guys I've been cleaning my room for months now and nothing's changed. What do I do now?
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Get a haircut and take a shower.
Throw everything out. If you havent used it in the past week, in the trash it goes.
You've sorted the room. Now you must sort yourself.

In highschool, I thought I would amount to nothing, but I wanted to be a rockstar/musician. I've been in jail multiple times, in 10 mental institutions, lost all my friends in highschool(who then tried to rebefriend me), got rid of all my friends, been homeless, and moved to a city out of reach of anyone except my family(who I, by god's grace, love (not because of loyalty to heritage or blood, but for they themselves). I found a dream of mine that I abandoned when I was really young, and I'm living it! Success!
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Fuck Tom Delonge. I used to love Blink 182 before they during their enema of the state years.

Tom fucked it up.
>In highschool, I thought I would amount to nothing,

Yup pretty much what happened.
I'm not anything yet, but I have a chance now, and a goal

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>know a girl who was sexually abused/raped by her step dad
>abuse caused her to develop mental problems
>recently she's been having dreams about her abuse
>says her dreams sexually arouse her
Should I be worried? Is this a sign that she's about to snap?
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what are you waiting for to fuck her
I mean, yeah, but she's crazy so I'm not gonna take the risk
I just want to know if she's gonna go Sam Hyde on everyone soon or not

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what do?
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Wait until the doors are closing and then the last second I throw in the grenade
, but not too hard
fucking looking elevator when the carpet is connected to it

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>applied to a couple of jobs online
How long does it usually take to hear back? I've never had a job so answers would be appreciated
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Usually about 5 business days I'd say
I just applied for my first job, and I got a call back the next day, with an immediate offer for full time, $10 an hour. It's an overnight shelf stocking position at a grocery store.
A couple of days to a couple of months.

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