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You're not a robot unless you're boring
If you:
>have any kind of hobby or talent even if it's vidya
>have a body type that can't be described as "average"
>have a face that can't be described as average"
>have a unique hair or eye colour
>have any kind of interest in anything
>are any kind of minority or special snowflake
>have any distinguishing features (even if they make you ugly)
>do drugs or drink alcohol for fun
>have goals and achievements
>get/got good grades
>have a job that is in any way interesting or stimulating
>are a neet
You are not a robot.
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If you post on r9k you're not a robot
Not true but if you follow any kind of "r9k culture" then you are not a true robot.
If you are not illiterate you are not a real robot

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You can maintain eye contact with this qt right /r9k/? You're not autistic are you?

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I can't even keep eye contact with the fucking thumbnail.
Normal conversations with women I can. Being intimate however I do struggle.

One of the joys of being a virgin.
im in love now

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Picture 19 (2).jpg
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>be me
>be fembot, 18, emo-ish
>boarding an hour late plane, window seat :3
>cute chubby bearded college boy sits next to me
>listens to kanye while coding on his macbook pro
>fuccboi.jpg but i still like him
>fall asleep and kinda put my stuffed animal against him and lay on it
>he's so warm, and smells amazing
>start blushing and getting warm
>eventually get too shy and fall asleep by the window instead
>free snacks from flight attendant, he hands them to me like a true qt
>write note saying "I think you're cute & wanna lay on your shoulder. Is that okay~? Sorry if this is strange...." because I'm too autistic to just talk to him
>too shy to hand it to him
>30 mins before we land we we write note
>"I'm scared of landing & wanna lay on your shoulder. Is that okay~?'
>hand it to him
>sweating intensifies
>lay on his shoulder for 30 mins until we land and almost drool on his jacket
>get off the plane and never talk again

why can't i just find a bf
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are you semi cute?
Why didn't you just ask for his phone number?
>listens to kanye while coding on his macbook pro
>fuccboi.jpg but i still like him
>why can't i just find a bf
Cause you're so JUDGY, Judy!

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lost my reactions folder, everyone post one of your favorites
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Anyone got corpse reaction faces? I need the dead dude whose eyes are popping out. Ill post my tits if ppl deliver
File: yyyyyyyyyyy.jpg (9KB, 480x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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is this itt??

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>varg gets to lick her pussy and asshole every night
>feels bad man ;_;
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Marie's so cute bros. How do I get a gf like her?
Make black metal and kill your friends.
She is an autist, so I guess just be an autistic chad, like Varg is

keep it in your heart
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Is the desire to attack others for being different and scrutinise an inherent part of human nature? Are we defective for not wanting to do so? What is it that grinds normies gears so badly about doing something differently? Why do they seem personally offended?
Maybe it's because they work so hard to fit in and be "normal" that it upsets them when someone who disregards such things and lives life on their own terms, outside of the social race.
File: 1462353669251.jpg (185KB, 819x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This pretentious
>I'm special, I'm not like the rest of them
does nothing for me any more

The majority of people have just as many problems as these snowflakes, the difference is they actually deal with them

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What are the worst boards on 4chan and why?
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/int/. It has no reason to exist now that /pol/ has flags. Nobody discussed actual internation things. It's just generals and shitposting about whatever hot topic has 20 something white males in the west angry at the moment.
/v/ because underage
it's turned to shit over the last couple of years

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I have a crush on a 32 year old man. He watches anime, a lot of TV and plays video games. He's good looking, tall, fat but has had girlfriends before. Is this a warning sign or a good thing because I'm not even 20 yet and worry about coming off as immature.
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Hey, *I'M* a tall fat man who plays video games often!

No gfs though
>good looking
Yeah, no.
His face is really nice. It doesn't even look fat desu
It's weird. He's a big guy though.

Anyway answer my question.

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This is not nice.jpg
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I'm tired of procrastinating.
I'm tired of wasting so much of my life.
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its ok you can fix it tomorrow
why are you still here, i get that it's not as easy as "so just stop procrastinating lol" but the fact that you're posting this thread shows that youre in some way willing to accept that youre not going to actually do anything about feeling this way

tomorrow though
well me? i've only just begone.

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Fembots vs. Traps
Which is better?
which is worse?
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Incest threads.
traps are worse and better than fembots

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Went for a Sunday drive as was bored. Am now shitposting by a lake on a lovely sunny day.

Why is England so comfy?
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2MB, 3546x2133px

Am heading out for a walk along a flood plane. Lots of rabbits around.

Rabbits are very cute.
File: IMG_3020.jpg (2MB, 4032x2035px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 4032x2035px

Have reached the end. Some woods ahead. Looks pretty comfy too.
I hope the Danes come back and enslave your people.

File: t20170430_020809.jpg (108KB, 600x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Successfully infiltrate bourgeoisie lifestyle and it sicken me comrades, I don't know how long I can last but ask away. That pic is a trans/trap or whatever it call nowaday while kids in the back using all their mental power on Mario Smash on which they could have put it to use on something more productive. The drug they got is very strong comrades, this world may not last longer if this lifestyle continue among our kids.

I did my best to stay pure to our kind and only masturbate to Marx governments mandate that have been stickly regulated to filthy our mind on. Comrades, be warn on how you filter your mind. Persists
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Op here, if you are feeling a little naughty and want to poison your brain of these lifestyle, I suggest reading https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Historical_materialism . That should give you the tingle comrades.
Op here, lots of word were said during my intoxicate mind. They actually express their feeling through meme and can't even argue with each other because it "trigger" them. They resort to primitive mean of fucking unwed motherly-fit woman and actively shooing away helicopter by mean of "holla" at them.
Op here, one of the female comrades try to get me involve in unwed lewd act. I told her no and try to make her understand this is not the lifestyle for her, that there is much more than just drugs everyday. I try comrades but she push me off and chase for the primitive drug dealer. I'm sorry comrades, I couldn't save one of our own kind.

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Who is the most beautiful girl you have ever seen?
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Eliza when she was anorectic druggie.
The girl reading this post :3
Swipe right, amirite?

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Why are some guys attracted to girls who don't have tits or hips?

Pic unrelated
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everyone has different interests anon
Usually the girls with no tits or hips have the cutest face, more cute than the face/tits or face/hips.
My crush has wide hips great ass cute face and b cups. Everyone has different taste.

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Post images that explain fembots.
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File: 1471623897102.jpg (142KB, 599x858px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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original nigger 123
In this case men are far worse
Politics are important compared to the color of your fucking nails.

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