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How old was your mom when you were born?
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Very unoriginally 21
He is probably wondering if becoming a robot has anything to do with women having kids at a later age.
39. I want to die
I growed with no father obviously

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tfw you realise being a lifelong permavirgin means you will never be falsely accused of rape

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>implying you need to have sex to be falsely accused of rape
In proper trial maybe, but universities will kick you out just for the accusation
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Uh, no it doesn't. You can be a lifelong permavirgin and still be falsely accused of rape.
but how would the accusation even happen?
>h-he raped me at a party!
>we were in a bedroom together alone!

none of those would make sense considering i don't know anyone, don't go to parties, and would never be alone with a female in a bedroom

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Stop being a NEET, son of man
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Osnie ok aopa
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>tfw not a neet
>working hard at college where its suffering and i have no friends solely so i can slave away for the rest of my life hating myself and my life
yeah not being a neet is SO great
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>individually shaped armor platelets for toes
>toenails designed on
Who would do this?

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>have really bad social and generalized anxiety disorder
>get prescribed Klonopin
>suddenly I can make eye contact with people, talk, go outside freely, relax, sleep, and life feels manageable
>psychiatrist takes me off the Klonopin after four months because "it's only for the short-term"
>I'm now back to being a dysfunctional mess and genuinely entertaining killing myself
Literally what was the point? It's like giving a blind man the gift of sight for a short while before snatching it away again.
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drugs never fix things long term, robot life is a curse
what about cbt? is it a meme?
never tried so idk

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>tfw basically tell my coworkers I don't have the balls to approach women or solicit sex
>mfw i was already considered the weird guy now I'm the weird virgin
I was already planning on leaving now i need to leave sooner

ITT: Times where you shared too much information
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"Solicit sex"
kys. fag.
I once told this girl my life story because she asked how my day was.
Not good man. Not good. Didn't even know her.
Good on you man. I'm sick of people asking me to respond to them and bothering me with an unsolicited "How are you today?"
They know I'm just going to say Good How Are You and it's a big fucking boring aggravating ritual. We need to remove this shit and the best way is to actually tell them how you are to shut them up.

Either that or just say "good morning." don't cajole me into fake conversations.

Earlier on r9k I said whoever rolls a 33 forces me to make whatever video they want me to. HERE IT IS:
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draw a underline beneath your tits
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You dont understand, it is already done
Show benis attractive face/disgusting body anon

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Hey r9k loser betafag here
Saw an escort tonight. The bj was good but the sfx was boring.
Is sex always just dissatisfying compared to jerking off?
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You need to update your soundcard OP, I had no problems
What are you running?
Maybe the escort you saw was simply boring. The last I saw made sex awesome

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1b8 (1).jpg
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How does it feel knowing Chris Chan has found a TRUE and HONEST sweetheart before any of most of you? He's pretty much a chad at this point now.

Vid for proof

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it has got to be a troll.
>friended him (years back)
>she white knights him.
>he ignores her for pretty much years.
>saw the "unclit" 2.0
>he whines about being lonely.

this reeks of troll.
MARK.MY.WORDS u niggos
im just happy hes lovequest is (hopefully) over
Holy shit is this the same uggo I saw in some vid that was storing his sperm in a freezer to not lose his "children"?

How can anyone take /pol/ seriously when the majority of posters are absolutely abominable r*dditor subhumans with no sense of self awareness and filled to the brim with unwarranted egotism?
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>muh /pol/
Stopped reading here, go back to neogaf/reddit
>subhumans with no sense of self awareness and filled to the brim with unwarranted egotism?
You described leftists perfectly, projecting much?
>complains about the death of white culture and how they can't get any women and people are being brainwashed by the media
>don't produce any competing media, jerk off to wagner/ marching songs for the thousandth time and keep shitposting

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>tfw want a trap bf or mtf gf
>love in irelans
>they don't exist here
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my ex gf was a cute irish tranny, look harder
she was a complete shut in though so it might be difficult
So am I, how did you find her?
>>tfw want a trap bf or mtf gf
>>love in irelans
>>they don't exist here
Dumb sissy white boi.

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I have an appointment today with a psychologist. Primarily for my social anxiety.. any anon have experience with psychologist? Does it even help?

I honestly think this is the last chance for me to get out of the hiki life
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all depends on the person and who you are. never worked for me though.
friendly reminder that they aren't a doctor and that you can drop them at any time though.
I'm a psychology student who has attended a psychologist and actually helped.

The therapy CAN help, but you need to actually WANT to improve yourself.
If you have no one else to talk to about your problems then yes sometimes it helps to put your issues into words to "let it out", just remember that anything you say that would get you X amount of time in jail they are obligated to tell to the police, do NOT confess to any crimes or thoughts to commit crimes or they will inform the police and you will be put on a watch list / dragged to face charges
But then again most of the psychologists are hacks that went to that field because they thought it would be cool but are now jaded to their profession and a bit fucked up themselves
If you're going to just talk about your social anxiety then i see no issue there, ive been to some psychobabbler before don't now if that helped as much as weed did on my depression, weed reminded me how it felt to be happy for short periods of time, though weed can trigger some heritable mental issues and can become a expensive habit if you don't do it in moderation
But take everything you read online with a grain of salt, go to the appointment, keep your mouth shut about criminal thoughts and see how it goes is my tip to you

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What would you do if you had a penis for a day?
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As in a second penis?
I suppose I'd find some girl to fuck and take both of their holes
>What would you do if you had a penis for a day?

What did he mean by this?
Isn't it weird how guys fall in love with their own penis? Look at the way this guy records what hes doing. He is getting turned on by his own dick.

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>doing algebra last night at 2:30 A.M. and get message from 8/10 friend
>she asks if she can call me
>say yes
>we talk for an hour and decide to go on a milkshake run
>she picks me up
>we head over to Cookout (shitty food but 10/10 milkshakes)
>then we head over to McDonald's
>we park and see if the lobby is open
>before we get out the car she says I'm attractive and kisses me
>I sit there for a second while she gets out
>we walk up and it's closed so we go drive thru
>"Sorry Suh but da machine is broke and in cleaning"
>fucking big big cant even get her excuse straight
>we go to quiktrip (run of the mill gas station
>she kisses me again but this time makes out with me
>4 mins pass
>we get out and get Icees
>she drives me back to my house
>she takes off her seatbelt
>let's call her Blondie
>"Blondie why did you take off your seatbelt?
>"Because I wanted to do this anon"
>full-on makeout sesh ensues with her hand guiding mine to her boobs
>holy shit
>She then wants to give me head
>say "Why not?" Like the beta I am
>she stops and asks "can I ride you?"
>she's 4'3" so it's easy for her to get on top
>she does and we fuck for 10 minutes
>the moans were 10/10
>I cum inside (Bc for the win!)
>We say our goodbyes and I walk in to my house
>"I just had sex" by The Lonely Island plays in my head
>Can't believe it.
>Still can't.
>mfw I didn't even get a milkshake
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You had sex with a dwarf
Congrats you can no longer use this board
Not a dwarf just short af probably not 4'3" but I suck at estimating

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>try store brand version of a product that's a fraction of the price
>it tastes better than the real thing anyway
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Oats and bananas are the same everywhere you jackhole frogposter
>Believing the store brand doesn't have chemicals in it to make you turn gay
File: 1504520595810.jpg (50KB, 474x262px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Shit thanks for the info, drinking water from a plastic bottle and eating bananas wasn't cutting it anymore

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Daily reminder that you cannot be a robot if you're either a fat neckbeard pony, degenerate trans faggot, or tall and attractive with no will.
A robot is a chad/normie soul that is trapped within a robot personality and body.
A robot want to have sex, have friends, party and live the normie life, but he can't because of bad luck.

So basically if you never even tried to obtain a gf or friends, or didn't want it because you have no sex lust YOU ARE NOT A ROBOT.
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>A robot is a chad/normie soul that is trapped within a robot personality and body.
>A robot want to have sex, have friends, party and live the normie life, but he can't because of bad luck.
That's a failed normie you stupid faggot.
It's almost like robots break down into different classes the more you go until you're on the individual level.
Robots are failed normies you stupid faggot.

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