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I've accidentaly wasted my life. How do i go back?
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There's a reset button on the back of your head. Press down in the right spot and you get to start again.
life isn't real anyway
No you didn't.

Just play video games and forget about what society expects of you

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i just want to fuck
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you don't really want to fuck. once you have fucked a girl, you'll realize how boring the act of sex is. you'll also hate women even more.
how is this original?
my name is buck and i want to fuck

INTP/J hybrid here
How does it feel to be inferior?
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I'm infinitely superior to you.
I bet you are not 1/8 jewish 1/8 anglo 1/8 asian :^)
>1/8 jewish 1/8 anglo 1/8 asian
and 100% faggot lmao
check my dubs
fucking loser in real life fucking loser in 4chan

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What kind of girl do you usually attract?
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the kinds that have penises...
I can say the same.
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I've attracted one who went with 4 other people at the same time and then shouted rape on me took me to the police and then tried to drop the charges because her case was shit and I didn't do it.

I still wait for the day of thot extinction.

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If I find young girls cute, and I like looking at them just because I find them adorable, am I a pedo?

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Do you get aroused by them? Do you want to touch them?

If not, I would say no, though you're still a little creepy.
>If not, I would say no, though you're still a little creepy.
Creepy? The kind of feeling I get is more like a parental feeling, like it makes me want to raise a daughter of my own
No, but you might get mistaken for one pretty easily if you don't keep your hands to yourself

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is it true that all anime posters are cute androgynous boys?
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No, some of them are fat, hairy neckbears.

It's up to you to be careful and tell the difference, anon!
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No. But they are faggots.
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d-drink mee~~

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Are you fapping right now anon?
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i fap all the time but i havent cum in weeks. its not even to porn i just get hard all the time, probably because i have such high T right anons?
the ultimate edge
15mins ago I relapsed on my week of nofap

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Review Brother.jpg
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>try to be assertive
>feel extremely guilty

What do I do? I'd rather be stepped on than deal with any remorse.
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>feel extremely guilty
Either you cope with it or move on.
Good question. I want to know this too.
>tfw not enough testosterone to feel no remorse
Fucking this.
Even why I inadvertantly get people to do what I want I feel like an ass.
What the fuck is wrong with me?

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Why haven't you started taking estrogen yet Anon? Do you not want to be pretty and cute?
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Have you? Do you want to be my gf? Ill love you forever
keep posting these so eventually all the betas will go on hrt and ill have a lot of holes to fill with my load

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Today is my first day as a retail-cuck. Where are my fellow retail-cucks.
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I did a year of retail in my off-year
wasn't bad. I am alot more outgoing to people now after that because I was always answering customer questions and stuff
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This is the first day of the end of your life.
That's nice. Hoping I get the same experience.

I lost all my friends, which were internet friends today. Because I pushed them away.
Music for this feel?
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>internet friends
They never were your real friends.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VI24XkeyYUs sorry for your loss anon.
Unrelated to what you are feeling, but a great sad song anyways.

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Who /anus/ here?
Btw. What's your top porn search except "anus closeup"? Mine is "small uncut cock". They are the best!
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I have small round things around my asshole. They have no feeling what can it be?
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Reporting in.

One of my biggest fantasies is smelling a sweaty, poorly wiped, perhaps hairy asshole.

My top porn search besides that is probably scat. If you don't like watching fat-butted anime girls squeezing out gigantic turds you can't really call yourself a robot.
fuck off you fucking degenerates you are not welcome on this board

It was after classes and I was going to a fast food place. At first I thought it was a bird because it was black and writhing around really weirdly but as I drove closer I recognised a tail and legs. It quickly writhed underneath another car.

I swear to god why do cats like to dash in front of cars? You'd think they'd be smarter than that. I know birds like to fly in front of cars as well but goddamn the whole two wheels rolled over this cat. What do I do now guys?
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Idk man they do it in my neighborhood a lot. I always have to drive real careful around this one house that has a lot of cats
I know it sucks, but you have to move on, as shitty as that sounds.
It pretty much looked like this

I read something as to why birds like to dip in front of cars because it gives them more lift or speed or something which kinda makes sense but is really risky. I guess animals don't understand how dangerous fast moving objects are or their perception is crap or something. It was a busy road too. Maybe the little fucker was trying to catch a bird? What are the chances of a cat surviving being run over at 50km/h?

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One day, I will organize my pictures folder.
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is that all your autism can muster?
How organized is your folder though?
I see a lot of pictures outside of sub-folders with default 4chan names.
If you had real autism, each one of you pictures would be inside a corresponding sub-folder with a proper name.
i found a girlfriend and shes keeping me busy dont have time for this

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So I met a girl and her friend said she has had a lot of trouble with guys in the past and that she has been ''fucked over'' by boys

is this just codeword for her having ridden the cock carousel?
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She's been dicked by several men.
I thought as much

fucking whore
Yes. leave now. contact your school immediately .

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