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Robots what are the best sites to learn programming to get a job? I have a meme Software Engineering degree and I want to amount to more than a McJob.
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truth be told
that picture contains it
>have all the free time to practice fightan
>no money to attend majors so you plateau

Be Wagecuck:
>all the money to go to majors
>no free time to practice so you plateau


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Any NEETsbinterested in making ez money off of roblox? We can start our own "company" and produce virtual clothing for either neets to buy. Depending on your skills with photoshop and the like we could easily make bank.

Was thinking we could produce pepe or any other meme related things considering there isnt any competition for it.
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Also excuse my english I am korean jew
Yeah, I'm pretty good with photoshop. Sounds good. add my steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/somafoama
and we'll talk tomorrow 12PM GMT
ptttttfff, like you could make a dime off that jew written site, the goal is for the jews on roblox to make money not you, you dumbass, also,
>korean jew
that says it all, roblox is a waste of time and money and you won't make anything off of it, believe me I know I used to use the retarded site, also I bet you'd make barely any bux off the poor man's gmod.
t. NEET with a full monthly income of Actual neetbux.

You guys ready to crack some skulls?
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Yes, fellow robots!
*readies the shit catapults*
You wont even get close.

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>I go to omegle (normal section not the unmoderated gay shit)
>I am connected to a girl
>first time in my life I am talking with a girl on omegle more than 20 minutes
>she suggests that we should have some fun
>as a kissless virgin in 27 years I saw the first virtual boobs by interacting with a female
>she tells me that she wants to see my dick
>I show it
>"omg so small is that even a dick" (13 cm) and she disconnects
>chat was on auto rotation so I got connected to 3 different strangers naked while i was still in shock
>I am banned on omegle now too for showing nudity

I can't take it anymore, what is the point for living for a robot
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You spilled some spaghetti there, boi.
>posting nudes

Why do you think showing a girl your dick after only 20 min of conversation is a good idea?
B-but anons told me that girls don't care about dick so,e :^)

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>Make a Facebook account for Tinder because I never made one before
> use my regular email for some reason automaticly blocks my account
>Wait 2 weeks make another account with a brand new Gmail
>It works
> i post thinking it would be okay, "just need this for tinder"
>an hr later my account is blocked
>apparently you can't admit that you just want the account for tinder.


Facebook is clucking me. Get on my level wizards.
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HELP It's friday night I've got incurable ants in my pant never tried tinder in 29 years but let's go procrastinated long enough
>how do I take pictures to make it look like other people are taking the picture are props too much?
>I'm never spending money on a woman AGAIN unless she tricks me into believing she is good so how do I get tinder grills to pay for our coffee?house coffee is much cheaper
>is kik some sort of app for criminal activity?
Pic not me how I feel
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If you want to hate yourself just THAT much more, try this fun little website.


Come back with reults.

As of now I have a photo on "dating", with two votes. So far I am "average" in smart, "above average" in trustworthy, and "below average" in attractiveness.
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With 9 votes I have-

Smart, 3 for no, 3 for somewhat, 3 for yes, 0 for very

Trustworthy, 2 for no, 3 for somewhat, 4 for yes, 0 for very

Attractive, 3 for no, 5 for somewhat, 1 for yes, 0 for very

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rainy evening
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I like this show's fan base more than the show
Why's that? I'm curious to know.
My sentiments are exactly the opposite.

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>guy asks where the WalMart is
>give him directions to get to Target instead

Who else Devilish here?
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>go to the mart
>actually it's just a fart
>this greentext isn't even true
>tell Steam friend a game he really wants on is on sale
>it's not
>lie on my sister's pillow so it's warm by the time she goes to sleep
>replace the spicy sauce with medium hot
>park in the regular space even though I'm handicapped

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Feels Trippy.png
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>feeling like i'm starting to trip even though i haven't done hallucinogens in well over a year
>haven't done any drugs at all today other than caffeine hours ago
Does this mean I'm dying?
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All stimulants can produce psychotic episodes as far as I know. Even caffeine. I would take less caffeine or discontinue it altogether if the strange trippy feeling continues to occur during your caffeine usage.

This is pretty common with LSD, not so much with others... but it happens.

Your body, especially fat and spinal fluid, retains trace amounts of these active chemicals. When you pop your back just the right way, or lose just the right lipid cells, these active compounds are released in to the blood stream, and activate an extremely brief recursive trip.

Depending on your usage, these headspaces can last for less than a second or for your entire life if you fuck your brain up enough.

tl;dr you're gonna be fine, enjoy the free ride.
FFS it does not get stuck in fucking cerebrospinal fluid or fat. Fucking retard. If you were baiting me, congrats, you succeeded.

LSD is very quickly metabolized, its half-life is 7-8 hours. The nature of how it binds to serotonin receptors may explain its duration and potency at such low doses (when compared to other meds, ug vs mg). LSD can remain in the brain for ~24 hours, give or take a few.

What you are describing by LSD flashbacks is extremely fucking rare and not well understood at all by the modern medical literature. HPPD might even be a fucking anxiety disorder rather than some kind of permanent brain fuck up like it was once believed.

>mfw unemployment insurance got approved today
not livin in my truck next month, i'd like to thank jesus and the academy and my fellow patriots
god bless america
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does anyone else find Mia Sinclair Jenness to be extremely hot? I don't usually like young girls when they are 3D but ever since I saw this girl in OITNB I was just stunned by how beautiful she is. I have no idea how old she is.
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She's eleven, maybe twelve now. She plays the ukulele and donates to charities.. Adorable.
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oh, thanks for the info. I definitely wanna watch more stuff with her in it. Wow, I never thought I would find an 11-year-old 3D girl to be attractive.
She has the same facial features present in my maternal lineage, but her lower jaw is less forward/more undderbite.

Eye shape, forehead shape, eyebrow shape, eye Ridge shape + padding between eyes/above nose, nose shape vaguely, lip shape, shape of head, hair line, eye color/noticeability of pupils

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Bout to meet tinder date and go to Pitbull and Enrique inglasias concert. First time meeting her. She 19 I'm 22. She's prolly taller than me.

Wish me luck
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Also they are suite tickets. Admiral suite. Too bad she can't drink since food and drinks are free
Remember, anon! Just beee youurseelllfff.
Lol if you payed for both tickets and haven't fucked her you're an idiot op kys. All she's gonna do is use you to get this concert

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How do you go texting a girl and go from asking her for a first pic to asshole pics?
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By asking her
I gotten to tit pics before, but I can never finish the full loop.
What do?

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>Be me
>In grocery store
>Checking out
>Employee starts making small talk "So Anon got any plans for the weekend?"
>No just working
>"Where do you work Anon?"
>At the uni
>"Does it pay well? You probably make like what, $12/hr.?"
>No, I make $7.25
>People turn and look
>I make $7.25/hr.
>"Dang that sucks Anon, that's not right. Why do you stick around there?"
>In my head I told myself because I don't have a single friend or acquaintance and spend all day inside. If I didn't have this job I would have probably killed myself by now
>Manage to not sperg out and just say because it's easy money
>"Well good luck with work this weekend Anon"

Does having a shitty job keep anyone else from ending it all? Who else only gets outside to buy groceries and go to work? I can't be the only one
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Why do they know your name at Walmart?
yes i said this before i looked forward to work as it's the only way of talking to anyone. i hated that when i was bagging someone's food i tried getting their numbers as anxiety would happen if i went to the bars.
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I work the night shift (11pm-5am) at this really cool pizza restaurant I stumbled upon. All the employees there are nice and sometimes drunk customers will come in and ask for my number, which I think is flattering.

There's still, as always, a level of disconnect that I feel from everybody, but it's a nice job. The pay is pretty crappy but I get to interact with interesting people and they let me do whatever when it gets slow. My manager often gets in fights with customers and carries a large knife in his pocket. Whenever I mess up he just laughs and tells me to chill out.

I'm the type of person that needs a job or else I'll drown in loneliness.

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