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>Have a job interview at CVS tomorrow
>The manager is a black man

What should I prepare for?
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Just don't be a racist fuck and everything will be fine.
What color are you?
What state'cha in?
Submit to superior black cock
Thru the pants handjob
The further you get the more promotions he will give

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>Have worthless degree
>At a job interview, HR asks me what I plan on doing with my degree
>Say something within the field
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>>Say something within the field

what's the problem?
It's like
>Why are you here?
>Because I want the job
It's a weird thing to say because you are not delivering the information they want to get with the question
>what's the problem?

They will laugh at you when you say that you plan to use your Gender Studies degree to get employment "within the field".

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>start taking SSRIs
>not crying daily anymore and not suicidal anymore
>still not happy or satisfied with anything
>realize it doesn't get "better" and won't no matter what
>start thinking about how nice it would be to DIMSA
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try cigarettes, they help
DIMSA was established in 1995. Its founders, with strong prior experience in foreign investment support services, ...
How is your libido? Decreased as well? Can you get boners still?

How in the fuck to people maintain a regular bedtime before midnight and wake up to an alarm before 8:00? Is this something that comes easily to careercucks, or is everyone just lying about how tired they are and relies on drugs to fall asleep, and coffee to stay awake? I've been NEET for 3 years and it seems like the only jobs I could possibly get are in retail/food service where they have closing shifts, like 1-9 or 2-10PM.

Part of what makes existence bearable for me is simply going to bed when I am tired enough to fall asleep right away, and waking up when my body is ready. I tired resetting my sleep habit to an earlier cycle, and am occasionally forced to wake up early, but no matter how tired I am, always end up going to bed around 3AM more or less.
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Many people are chronically sleep-deprived.

The normalfags take pride in bragging about how very little sleep they got the night before.
Most people do enough during the day to the point where there tired and can fall asleep easily.
wageslaving is done out of a perceived necessity

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I put some concealer under my eyes everyday to hide my dark circles.
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Just do wtf you want dude.

This is my philosophy.
Yes, it is always perfectly acceptable, because this is the age of equality. Anyone who says otherwise is a sexist bigot who needs to be sent to sensitivity training.
Acceptable? No.
Will girls still gof or it? Prbably.

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>mom threatens to kick you out again
>"then fucking do it you pussy"
>she's stumped, starts yelling
>i just start laughing at how pathetic she is
>"get the fuck out of here you little shit"
>"you're the one who called me to talk to you bitch"
>i leave

Fuck it feels good. I need to start recording this shit and make compilations on youtube.
I'm not 12 anymore, i don't need to take anyone's crap anymore.

So, how did you stand up for yourself recently r9k?
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get your own place you are just a loser who takes advantage of your mom's weakness

that doesn't make you badass

it just makes you jez from the peep show on that episode where his mom was deciding whether or not to give him a nest egg
Do you live in georgia? bloxx
She was in a bad place financially so i gave her a bunch of my own money i earned.
So yes, i am literally paying her rent. She has nothing to complain about.

Nah. Europe.

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One chance at life born black and skelly. At least you fat white robots have a chance.
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What's so bad about being a skelly? If you have a cute face it's actually attractive imo
I inherited my fathers bodily disposition and will not lose weight unless I starve myself. If we could swap 50% genetics for each other we'd have a deal anon. But sadly it doesn't work that way.
i understand that feel
>small wrists
>big feet
>regular sized hands


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Who here /pathetic/

>lick own tongue to mimic making out
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That sounds hot desuu
>lick own tongue

literally what the.
Don't do this, but sometimes whenever I masturbate, I grab my own ass and slap it and imagine that I'm grabbing someone else's.

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Hey robots, I'm lookin for a good slice of life anime. Could you recommend some to me? Ones that i've seen recently and have liked are as follows.
Gabriel Dropout, Kobayashi, oreimo, himouto umaru
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Kys, weeb
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'School Rumble', I figure you'll truly be enthralled with it.
boku no piko

i watch it with my samachisan watch this

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Why are college graduates becoming dumber and dumber?
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Because there letting in more and more women.

disappearance of on-site training
degree is mandatory so you're not auto-rejected by a machine
humans are becoming quantity not quality
affirmative action

all this brings unwanted people to campus grounds
the world is a bigger meat grinder than it ever was and it only gets better

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>tfw you wake up in the morning and accidentally look in the mirror
>tfw day is completely ruined
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How you look does not largely affects your life, unless you have obvious physical disablities or illnesses.

I have cystic acne, vitligo, and chronic puffy eyes.

My looks definitely affect my life.
How exactly it affects? Why are you so sure it does?

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>watch videos of soldiers coming home to their daughters

>ywn have a daughter
>ywn have somebody cry of joy at the thought of simply being with you
>you will never come home from a perceived important task
>meanwhile i get drunk by myself and fap
I can't take it bros.
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Stop hoping it'll get any better.
Don't you have a niece or a little cousin ?

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Maybe a new way for robots to communicate? Low commitment and anonymous, group chats can be made, all you have to do to sign up is type In a wacky username and the app does the rest for you. The game.
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Thanks for sharing the name
What is the name of the app??
Triple a noscope
Zom mobile messenger. I forgot that part.

Reminder that if you want to buy alcohol under the age of 21 just use a self checkout
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>he can't be an alcoholic legally when he's 18
If you live in a country that is degenerate enough to sell alcohol at grocery stores you need to kill yourself
Its not like that everywhere?

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How to tell my parents i want to talk to a psychiatrist, i have no friends to talk to about my sadness and depression.
i really need serious help, there is nothing that makes me happy anymore, i can't find reasons to life anymore.
but i also don't want my mother to be sad and panic.

i can't live like this
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Talk to us first. Telling psychiatrist can get you locked up or labeled .
i am in the same position, i couldn't do it without family finding out eventually. so i don't go and endure the ride instead.

wow, another expense for your parents to pay. get a fucking job and pay to see one yourself.

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