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I look so much better as a female.

We hapas were destined to be females.

Male hapas turn into Elliot Rogers.

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you're cute

can i see the original photo anon?

I'm not into guys, even though I wish I was anything but straight.

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>mother's boyfriend is crazy psychopath
>scammed her of 1600-2000 GBP
>constantly mentally abusive
>makes her depressed and suicidal
>manipulates her to not leave him by telling her that he loves her so much and that he only said it because he was angry and that he will kill himself if she leaves him
>she made him move out but they're still in a relationship
>she gave him her old phone because his phone broke
>he got access to her 'whatsapp' and saw all of her personal messages
>he messaged her friends and relatives lies about things that she's said to turn everyone against her
>told her he will ruin his life and that he will contact any boyfriend that she will ever have again and convince them to break up
>Told her to call the police but she isn't listening
what should she do bots? how can the police help? (UK) We did not report him living with us while he stayed at our house which is illegal in the UK, will they catch on to this and fine us if they realize? should who should I contact for legal advice etc. e.g. is there a chat room with police associates that I can speak with to find advice. He still owes her the phone, 1600+ gbp and he has keys to our house
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what you need to do is beat the absolute dogshit out of the guy if he ever comes around again
you also need to change the locks on your fucking doors
Why did you fart on his morning spot of tea?
I was hoping I could solve this via the law rather than taking it in my own hands. If I assaulted him he'd have the legal upper hand and he's a huge buff guy. The type that you cant tell if they're really fat or really buff because their chest is huge and bulky, he'd probably just beat the shit out of me. I have already told her to change the locks and we probably will soon.

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>be 18yo slav from lithuania
>mentally ill (read: gay)
>secretly start dating qts using shady website
>this boy wants to come over
>o fucc o fucc how do I prepare myself
>buy philips shaver from store
>buy qt panties from aliexpress
>day comes with no sign of aliexpress panties
>really awkward we had a blast anyway
>three week later, I get a text message from my father
>he's fuming
>ask what's wrong
>he intercepted my package and is screaming about it in front of the whole family
>brother tells all his school mates
>walk home in shorts and his friends see my shaved legs
>fuck fuck fuck

Please help I really need your advice or I could die
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Can you move out yet?

your options are either

A: beg for forgiveness and keep your promise you will never do it again, at least for a few years until you can move out and continue with gay stuff behind their back


B: Get a job and move, or move out with student finance or whatever you have in Lithuania

how was the sex?
Normie leave. Fucking leave. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Good. You deserve it. Nahh I'm just kidding that's fuckin' weak bro

Is there any way you can say you bought them for a chick? Did you already admit to anything?

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Waah muh genetics
Waah muh stacies
Waah muh chads

I bet the majority of you are fat neckbeards who don't leave the house. You need to get fit and your confidence will skyrocket.

The guy in pic obviously isn't all that better looking but you can tell he's more confident and happy in his skin because of his hard work and dieting
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sick bait bro
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15 - xvxkrDq.gif
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Go away you pathetic, insecure, projecting, gymrat

go back to your delusional shithole of a board where you tell yourselves you're all gonna make it
So not being a lazy piece of shit who blames everything on stacies despite putting no effort in himself is bait?

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>one month overdue for my dental examination

fuck I hate going to the dentist
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>young beautiful doctors assistant
>she does dental cleaning on you at the end of exam
>while trying to not get too noticeable aroused from the perky tits on your arm, for first time in your life you note femdom could be a hot thing

Just go there, you'll survive
I don't think I lie to anyone more than I lie to my dentist
>being able to afford dentists
fuck off richfag

Who else feels sorry for themselves?

Im one of the few 1/100 virgin betas in the world.

Looks like the fates have woven it in for me.
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I guarantee you, if you're a millenial or genZ in the west, you arent 1/100. Chances are, it's more like 33.3/100.
Dub and trip what a glorious day
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Pay someone for their time.
>It's just that easy

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How is your Japanese doing? You ARE studying japanese aren't you!?
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Immediately Kill yourself you fucking FAGGOT
>How is your Japanese doing? You ARE studying japanese aren't you!?

No I'm a fuck up I tried and failed
Studying japanese is the only thing actually stopping me from killing myself. It's my only hope for better future.

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Would /r9k/ befriend a girl like her?
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I'd be her friend. I'd even date her
Is there a reason why I wouldn't?
>How could a Robot befriend someone else
>When they can't even befriend themselves

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How can the gringo compete with the Latin alpha male?
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Enraged Enrico is a betacuck meme, fuck outta here
But first, can you tell me his name?

He looks White af

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Exhausted all possibilities. Cannot go around asking out all the girls that I hardly know like some kind of desperate creep.
Toured all the bars and clubs in this city. 90% of them are hangouts for old people. No girls to be found there. 10% are either high-end for people with money and nobody goes to those places alone anyway.
I have no friends. I also don't know how to make friends because of the same reasons listed here.
>>>student societies
I have no talents. I would have loved to join one of the student orchestras cause I tend to listen to classical music a lot but I never got a chance to learn to play an instrument. Other than that I don't see anything else that is even remotely interesting or something that I could actually manage to do. Also they all have a stupid $300 yearly membership fee. Imagine going there and not meeting anyone interesting after dropping 300 bucks into that crap.
>>>student sport organisations
>anything to do with fighting/body contact sports
I don't want to risk a concussion. Plus no girls to be found there.
>anything to do with water
I can barely swim.
>anything to do with stamina
I have no stamina. Never did. Also again they all have really expensive membership fees and just so I can maybe meet one girl and be one amongst 20 guys.
>online dating
Of course I'm too unattractive for that.
>>>Christian societies
In my desperation I even considered this but then realised that I don't want to get involved in a cult because what will happen is that when I get no women and try to leave they will get really pushy with me trying to stalk me and keep me to stay.
>>>meet ups
My city only has meet ups for software development stuff and occasionally some expat meet up.
I'm neither of those and it's 100% middle aged men anyway.


I literally exhausted all avenues that there are for meeting women and none fit quite right. I'm literally a social outcast :(. No wonder I'm lonely.
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Nightclubs, no way that there are only old people there.

Fuck yeah nig

While is pretty normie , Facebook is top tier for knowing people . If you dont click then you just erase them.
>old people
You what? Where the fuck do you live?

>everyone in school sees him as a chad except me cuz he often does some akward shit but nobody gives a fuck cuz he strong af
/r9k/ explain
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what should I comment on his facebook post
I actually have Chad friends and they Post shit like that all the time.
Its not something bad. I laugh All day with their normie shit and then i make fun of them for posting Facebook-mom tier shit.
Cultural Marxism has turned males (even the chads, sometimes) into touchy feely faggots that like INSPURASHUNAL quotes, boys/men wearing copious amounts of hot pink, white knighting, feminism, pesudo intellectualism and etc

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>tfw no cute steamboy to talk to 24/7
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google for one
File: 1479306215104.png (89KB, 372x388px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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shitpost for one
what's a steamboy?

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and produce another shitty beta faggot to continue the suffering.
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Become a sperm donor. Then you could potentionally create a fugton of babbies :DDDD

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Retail is dying. Soon there won't be any entry level wagecuck jobs.

>It's only April, and nine retailers have already filed for bankruptcy since the start of the year - as many as all of last year.

>More than 3,500 stores are expected to close over the next several months.

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Or I guess we can all work in huge Amazon warehouses
Tfw you soon will quit your retail job

Feels good man
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>tfw furry porn artist
I'm about to make it big on the internet and be a milliona're eceleb cancer.

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2MB, 1920x2560px
Would someone here like to have a friend (girl) or girlfriend with mental disorders, mentally ill, amputated, blind, etc?
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yeah since I already have a gf a girl friend would be nice
Yes you offering
I wouldn't mind, but why?

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