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What do you do when you're at the end? I don't want to do something, but I also don't want to not do something.

Somehow I got this week off, so I've been doing nonstop escapism since last friday, but playing a game has become way too tedious. I've laid in bed all of today and after an hour or two lurking 4chan became straining too, since it's bretty much the same everyday. I've stared at the wall while debating on whether or not I should bother with turning on the PC, but I did it out of habit. When I came back from the toilet I've laid myself on the floor for a good 10 minutes, the reason for this unknown. It's all so stale.
What do you do in your day?
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Legit try to go outside, it works when I'm boredepressed.
And then? Doubtful that this would bring me nearer to any answer to be honest famili
You're absolutely right. There's no point in doing the same shit every day. I'm going to watch the anime adaptation of fate apocrypha then I'm going to take my life

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It's just so easy!!! Is this really all it takes?? Where's my gun be right back gonna SHOOT MY FUCKING BRAINS OUT
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>really smart
That's just women speak for you better get a high paying job
If Tinder exists in 10 years, it's gonna be funny to see the same women way more desperate after they get married and then divorced (possibly more than once)
Her profile will be much different then.
yes, anon. we will post before and after pictures here on r9k and laugh! ten years from now when we are all still here.

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I cannot not stop masturbating to traps. Is there a way to fix me. Am I already too far gone.
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Meet a real trap irl
become a chad and get one as pet

it's the only solution, betas dont get cute traps
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how would that fix it. I would most likely fuck one and then there is really no going back

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Any one had any cosmetic surgery? I'm planning to have double jaw surgery, it got canceled recently but it should be happening in 100 days now.

The thing im worried about is I've read that most people aren't satisfied with cosmetic surgery.

I really hope I can become better looking from it.
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its never the answer anon. there will always be something you're looking to fix. just accept the way you look and make the most of it

Don't do it. She looks like meh in both
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I also think about surgery

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I've only got 18 dollars and the food I want to order collects to 17 dollars.
I hate this fucking shit because I'll have to tip the delivery guy, and here in america a 1 dollar tip basically means "this guys a shitter spit on his food every time now"
i fucking hate this country I just wanna order the food, I have enough money, WHY DO I NEED MORE
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go to the store idiot
iktf I would try a fresh new pizza place perhaps?
Just try to dig up some quarters and pocket change to make the difference and just say something like "Sorry, but I don't have any bills at the moment"

What are some movies that make you feel good/smile? I'm looking for any recommendations. I'm trying to be happy and I just want something that will make me smile. Pic related always puts me in a good mood
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grand hotel budapest and the darjeeling limited
I like to self insert as the main character and pretend i have cool friends for the length of the film
comfy movies like these

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Hey Anon, I thought your girlfriend was joining us for dinner? Or do you not have an extension cord for your computer??

>*Howling laughter fills the room. Even Grandpa Ted, who hasn't said a word since his stroke last year, manages a weak chuckle at your humiliation. Everyone is so happy to see him smile again that Mom breaks out the good wine and toasts to his health. And all thanks to one biting dig at your lack of a social life.*
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if my family looked like that I would have dropped the diss track of the century on them right then and there.
>opens fire

It's what you get for not being muslim desu

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>Get job dishwashing at a restaurant downtown
>3 shifts a week, all 7pm-2am
>First shift starts in 5 hours

How fucked am i anons?

>Friend that works there and got me the job says "Once you start working here you instantly get a social life, everyone is really close"

Is this finally my chance to become a normo?
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>late night shift
prepare to get fucked for life anon.
Your sleep gets fucked and your health your feet will hurt and you will be in a bad mood.
maybe get a better job? or continue if you want it
Do you wash the dishes by hand? Whats the pay like? Is it a good pay for your area?
You will get a social life but if there are no women that work there you won't be getting laid or anything. work hard and everyone will respect you, maybe even invite you to party with them. Kitchens are fun and hard work and a cool head is all it takes to be 'in'

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it's my birthday and it feels like nobody cares. happy birthday to me i guess :/

today sucks.
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Happy birthday, OP-anon-kun-san-sama-senpai-whatever!
happy bday anon luv u
Birthdays don't even exist mate we just make them up to give kids something nice you shouldn't give a fuck about it as an adult.

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>tfw not like the other boys
I like pastel colours, soft music, flowers, I'm sensitive and not afraid to show my feelings. Why won't a girl date me over a meathead.
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Becuase under those banal interests you are a completely boring individual with nothing to offer in a relationship.
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I like blinding neon beams, harsh wall noise, and trampling flowers especially in gardens; I'm surgical in torturing sensitive feelers. Why am I drowning in pussy?
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I have a big dick and I can open a jar of pickles


>I can hear a cockroach crawling near my bed
>I can't find it

There we go again.
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>past midnight
>see cockroach size of my hand crawl up onto radiator
>just sits there the entire night
I didn't fall asleep and ended up watching a documentary on cockroaches while constantly glancing over to see if it was still there.
Didn't you try to kill it somehow?
It's hard without insecticide (not to mention the nausiating mess left behind), but you gotta do something right?
I simply could not. the thing was fucking huge. I actually felt like my life was in danger is how big it was. I saw it again a while after that but it ran into a crack into the wall after that I stuffed a bunch of sheets into all the cracks I could find and settled with that. I hate NYC

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How many enemies do you have?

How many friends do you have?
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None, maybe 2 but not sure if it's even on friendship level
None but there are some who don't like me
I'm a lone wolf
7.5 billion
i would say about 8
two i guess, one of them straight up hates me because i put her back in her place after hurting my friends, and her huge ass ego couldn't take it. i wouldn't really care about her at all, but she caused me to have an anxiety attack which pushed me over the edge, and i tried to kill myself, so i actually fucking hate her ugly orc-looking fat ass.

the other one has just kinda shown me up in everything (except for personality because she's actually the most boring person) and i get so jealous

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Should I become a qt trap? I'm only 18
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yes and give contact info
Yes. Become some chad's pet.
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Is that you? If so Damn op keep posting

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How can I get a gf like Max? I've never met any females like her. I like her hair and how she dresses and talks. She is very funny and quirky. She is also a KV like me so that's good. Do girls like her even exist IRL? I live near an art college but I don't know if I should look for a Max gf there. Please help anons, I can't handle these no max gf feels. I want a Qt3.14 max photographer GF now!
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shes a cringey hipster chick and isn't funny at all. she isn't kissless. yes they do exist they aren't hard to find either she isn't even qt.
They definitely exist but they might be slightly less attractive than the average girl.

One thing you could do is go on Tinder, meet all the girls who look like they might be like Max until you find the one.

You should be able to see if they are like Max in like 5 minutes of meeting them. If they are not, just run.
Somebody kill the blasphemer.

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>take 5 200m caffeine pills
>heart is going crazy

should I go to the doctor?
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damn those are some big caffeine pills
please don't joke I'm quite concerned
You'll be fine unless you already have some condition that this agitates. Unfortunately it's going to suck until it wears off

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