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>tfw no qt tomboy /ss/ gf
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but she's the one that would be pedo not me
even though i am one too
well in that case you are a faggot

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>be blackbot
>want to fuck Asian girls
>none live near me
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>Be Jewbot
>Almost fuck black girl at party
>get epileptic seizure as we're about to start fucking
>she doesn't come to the hospital after I recover
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shit storm.png
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>be blackbot
>want to fuck Asian girls
you're a filthy race traitor and should kill yourself
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But I want to marry and have kids with a qt light skin

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>have two friends my whole life
>all 3 of us are kissless virgins who are 2/10 ugly in the face and extremely skeletal (im 6'2 130 lbs, friend is 6'3 140lbs, other friend is 6'7 150 lbs)
>get made fun of and outcasted whole lives because we look like gangly freaks
>long growing bitterness and angry hatred towards normies has festered within us and made our friendship/bond much stronger over time
>to get back at normies we've recently started going to concerts every week, cutting all the way to the front, and then finding the largest group of stacies available and standing directly in front of them so they cant see the show
>mfw the satisfying sound of the stacies collective groans and sighs as we plant ourselves between them and the stage
>mfw sometimes one of them will try to her use her seductive feminine stacy powers to get us to move and we just ignore her
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devilish thread?
continue pls.
unfortunately thats all i have. concerts are pretty much the only time we interact with the normie world
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Devilish threads have potential to evolve into primordial alpha threads if the devils would just learn to take their honed craft and apply it more directly in a different setting.

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Anyone here gonna get a vasectomy? I'm thinking of getting one for the following reasons:

>I do not want to pass on my inferior genetics
>I most likely will never find a wife to have kids with
>I hate kids anyway
>In the unlikely event I do ever get laid, I don't want some roastie claiming her kid is mine when it isn't.
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I've tried multiple times but the doctors always tell me I'm too young and won't tell me how old I need to be to get one.
No. I'm a wizard so I don't really see the point.
Really? Have you tried private?

>work physically demanding and dirty job
>remain pure
>study hard
>make difficult compromises
>fight schizophrenia

and then I go on r9k at the end of the day to get called a whore and a roastie. Why do I. Punish myself?
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Good on you. I just had some stupid therapist bitch laugh at me.
I fucking hate therapists. They are always neurotypicals who made a living off virtue signaling.
>>work physically demanding and dirty job
what job is that?

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What keeps you going robots? What realistic thing would stop you?
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I heavily considered it, but then I imagined the world without me.

It'd be the same; no one would notice at all. I imagined a pathetic funeral with one or two guests, struggling to find platitudes to eulogize me with, and I felt a profound disgust.

I live out of spite.
Nothing keeps me going; I live life on auto pilot and have fallen deeply into escapism. My daydreaming is more important to me than the outside world

>tfw no Lisa Rowe gf

>tfw no prime Winona Rider gf

>tfw no chicken obsessed Brittney Murphy gf

It's just so unfair!

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Who else gets more depressed when it's dark outside?
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I don't.
Darkness is robot's natural habitat.

>no nagging parents at night / evening because watching tv or whatnot
>you can lay in your bed and be comfy
>no duties at the night
>not feeling good when it is cloudy
Cloudy days are God-tier aesthetic in the fall. Fuck the sun getting in my eyes. Normies hate cloudy days too.

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>you will never be a Mestizo
Why the fuck even live robots?!
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Why Mestizo ?
t. Mestizo
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Haha your jealous nerd?!
Because you guys are the strongest race in america.

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download (6).jpg
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It's my birthday today guys. Actually turned out alright, all the other ones so far have been depressing. My family basically forgot I existed.

This one is nice though, got cards and money and wished happy birthday, even got a cake. It feels nice.
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fuck your birthday OP
Good to hear your day went well. Happy Birthday bro.
>tfw no birthday boobs
any femanon here to provide?

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why are professors so cocky?
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They spent over 5-10 years studying a subject and how to professional teach that subject.

>excellent academics in general: 2 years
>superb academic success in area of study: 2 years
>competitive enrollment in PhD program
>2 years of hardcore study to pass prelims
>2 years of focused research for dissertation
>2 years of writing to give the world something unprecedented

Then it's off to the real world, where your area of study is literally part of your life. You just don't shelf that experience either. Every single day there's something new and it's your obligation to know it even if only remotely related to your field.

So, next time you feel someone is cocky, ask yourself: "What have I devoted 10+ years of my life to?"

where is my phd in memeology

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just b urself brah

works erry time
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works if you look like pic related
>sand nigger

top kek

I can't even imagine how unattractive you are.

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Is there an IOS equivalent of FaceApp? Or a website where you can make yourself look like a girl?
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>using normieOS
You brought this upon yourself
Op posting a hopeful bump.
Why would you want to make yourself look like a girl OP? You're not gay are you?

Who /untouching mother/ here?

>never got hugs
>never got kissed
>never got anything physical
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My mother is literally the polar fucking opposite

I'm sure your father made up for the the deficit, faggot
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My dad and I used to say this prayer every night and he would kiss me goodnight. I was raised by a single father.

Aul ma gives me a hug every once in a while.

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Hello fellow robots, post your pets, maybe we can make each other smile :)
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What a BEAUTIFUL dog. So smooth
For u baby boy
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she's not doing so great at the moment (GME, but we caught it quite early)

A couple more months of steroids and a healthy diet and I hope she'll get through the other side

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Men have been convinced so well by the propaganda, that they actually take pride in taking on the responsibility of another man's fuckspawn.
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>calling an innocent little girl fuckspawn
shuddap you face
you couldnt take care of a gerbil let alone another person and the other influences they face
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That video is just plain cringy to watch

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