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Women outnumber men in the United States, then you can take into account the 2+ million men in prison, and then take into account all the male virgins and MGTOWs, and yet somehow there are still guys who can't get a girlfriend. How? Where the fuck are these millions of girls without boyfriends/husbands?
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wait until all those BBC'S leave prison and BLACK all your white women.
Mostly in retirement homes.

Go get you some!
This. Women live longer than men because men are worked harder. But that doesn't put into account combat deaths, but it might be too minuscule to even matter. IDK

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What is the meaninng of this?
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meaning of what?
obedience training, and what happens when she disobeys..?
You punish her. it's a nobrainer anon...

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Why do my nipples secrete liquid? I'm a guy, and touching my nipples feels nicer than touching my dick. But sometimes they get wet, what is it?
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It's blood. You're touching your nipples a little too much.
how the fuck are we supposed to know without seeing it?

maybe milk if you're a fatass, or maybe lymph if they're chafed from your rubbing, who the fuck knows
You got hormones in you op

>Finally go to eye doctor after 23 years of nearsightedness
>Get trial contacts and go outside
>"This is fucking amazing"
>Go home and try to take them off
>"This is fucking awful"
Took 2 hours to take out both of them, best and worst day this week.
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>want to wear contacts because of the nu-male meme (even though I wear wire frames)
>have a babyface
>look like I'm 16 when I don't have my glasses on
>I'm 25
How do you have such a hard time taking them out? I used to spend 30 minutes every day popping the useless shitters into my eyes cause of the eye twitch I'd get from touching my eyelids to put em in.

Taking them out was as simple as molesting the surface of my eye a little.
Time to slay preteen pussy

can someone explain tobacco to me?

like seriously, i really just do not understand. unlike real drugs, tobacco doesn't fucking do anything for me. like i literally do not feel even the slightest chance, save for my lungs feeling uncomfortable.

it's so expensive and there's no pleasurable aspect to it that i could possibly see leading me to be addicted.

like what the fuck?

should i try like 5 mg of nicotine patches just to see if i can get fucked up on it? would i get a buzz? would i finally understand this "drug" that millions die for?
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Why are you trying to get addicted to something you don't even like?

It's ridiculously difficult to quit once you're chemically dependent. Just don't start.

not to mention it smells like shieeet
i don't think i could possibly get addicted to this retarded drug

but i'm always up for getting fucked up and having a trip

Could you date a titcow knowing there will be a bunch Chads and Dindus constantly hounding on her?
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I am a cuck and I love huge tits, so I would prefer it if anything.

I will just remind her that all the Chads she is titfucking just want her for sex, and remind her she is a useless whore, and that the only reason I have not honor killed her ass is because she is hot
Fucking hell anon. That's genius.
Solution: shut-in NEET titcow

Come home every day and treat her to a nice milking and breast massage before dinner after she's spent all day playing vidya, minding the house, and playing with the cats. Titcows belong safe in their barns.

I love this thing more than any human. She follows me around the house all day and sleeps with me. Best $12 I've ever spent. What's your excuse for not having a best lil buddy to love /r9k/?
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>tfw no bf who will love rodents more than he'll ever love you
>tfw want to purchase mice to have a mouse genocide because nobody cares if and how they die gruesomely
Rats are inteligent pets.
Normalfags will think you're gross

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>oh this your girl anon? i want to show her something in the clubhouse, no you don't have to come
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He tall :o
nahh hes not cute thoughhhhh maybe the guy in the back
"Are you going to try and hit a homerun"

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Why are low IQ idiots and irresponsible whores allowed to breed again? Humanity would be much better off if all those undesirable "people" were sent to slave labour camps and not allowed to contact the opposite sex, or just killed off by or for the entertainment of those worthy to be called human.

Efficient production? Check.
Violent urges satisfied in humans? Check.
Superior gene pool in the long term? Check.

What's the downside?
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morality and originality
You forgot:

Lazy people
Ugly people (i'm talking about the very ugly)


>Minimum wage is $10.00
>Still not enough to live comfortably alone, without a car
What the fuck?
Am I just bad at managing money or is living really fucking expensive?
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Get a real job?

idk what to tell you bud.
well ur paid relative to the problems which u can solve so become more skilled then maybe u will get more money???????????????
What do you spend your money on? Bills?

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ITT: characters that inspire you to become the best version of yourself possible.
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"It doesn't matter what your best version is; what matters is how you'll achieve it, Champ."
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Maybe someday... *wistful sigh*
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This ORGINAL character.
Taught me that struggling and never giving up will change your situation even if just a little. He gives me hope as gay as it sounds.

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Why the fuck do antidepressents mess with my dick so bad? Oh wow, I might not be suicidal anymore. But I can't even fap.
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You as well? What's with yours? Anhedonia here.
My doc put me on Zoloft for Generalized Anxiety Disorder. It's absolutely killed my desire for sex and ability to get a boner.
What I'm on hasn't killed my libido or boner. But I can't feel pleasure from cumming, it's pretty terrible desu. I'm hoping it wares off as the weeks go on.

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>See child living with drug-addict family
>See a small, run-down "home" that's about a bit bigger than a truck
>Know everyone in that house is on meth/crack
>Feel that I should call CPS
>Don't know what's happening to that little boy
>They might be giving him drugs, abusing him, etc
>Kid's life might be down the drain in 4 years

Does anyone have experience with this?
Is it the right thing to do? I fear I don't have enough information to intervene, but I see the child on a bicycle everywhere.

I only did that as a boy when I didn't want to go home.

Does anyone here come from a crack family?
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Report anonymously
I fear I may be one of the few people in the neighborhood that care, but I also fear that I may tear a family apart as CPS does that at the drop of a hat.

I'm too ignorant as to what's going on to take any action.
I believe you're right.
If there are real issues with that boy, they'll be discovered by a government agent.

I can't stand by and let him go to school and go home and do it again. He'd live a better life with his grandparents or extended familial members.

I've seen too many kids get hurt where I live by people not doing anything.

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I had the best wank of my life today. I often beat off while driving around. I have dark windows and high door panels so 90% of the time no one notices (unless they're in an SUV right next to me). Anyways, I'm jacking as usual, and I come to a crosswalk with 2girls on my right waiting to cross. I see a golden opportunity. I go right on their red. I inch across their view. One girl is on her phone (bitch) but the other is looking around... and looks at me.

Dead. Eye. Contact.

I'm furiously fapping. She smiles as I arch up, and MAKE SURE she sees. I instantly jizz everywhere. 99% of the time, I don't cum in he car, I wait till I get home (a long build up is nice) but today I couldn't stop, and wouldn't have wanted to. Her jaw drops.

I keep driving. Whole pass by maybe took 20 sec. as she clears my passenger window, I hear her cry OH MY GOD to her friend and points at my car to presumably tell her.

Today was a good day.

So what's the story of YOUR best wank?
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Seriously, none of you robots have a best wank story?
trying to stop no fap, Couldnt they just pic ur car number and get you registred as a sex-offender ?
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Probably not? I mean, imagine if you got arrested for every little thing that someone claimed you did. I didn't hurt anyone. She def wasn't a minor. And isn't a car an extension of your house?

Everyday I wish I could go back in time to atleast four years ago when I was happier
I felt so carefree, now I feel older and more insecure about everything.
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Coz dude if u don't learn and constantly achieve goals which generally gives u a reason to exist then likfe can probably seem pretty pointless it really is just a game just that u have the ability to set the objectives
But idk what to really set my mind on
Like I made it a goal to do well in school but that i still feel the same
maybe start doing as many push ups as u can do until ur so exhausted ur mind goes blank

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