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Fembots, this isn't a trick question meant to insult you but do you ever lie awake at night fearing that you'll never grow old with someone and stuff like that?

Like how bad is your depression? How do you cope? Do you ever resort to stuff to try and cope? Fembots in bad relationships are welcome to answer too.
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I'm more afraid of dying young without being able to accomplish my goals. I'd be fine with being alone if it means success.

I'm currently medicated but still quite depressed. I cope with escapism and fixation on fictional characters. I pretend that my favorite characters are in relationships with me, and that they love me. I draw pictures of us together, and pictures of them in general, as well as re-watching their source material over and over obsessively.
If your accomplishments do not change the world, they are in vain. The only meaningful thing an average person can accomplish is reproduction.
If I end up alone, I can adopt. If I end up successful, I can get a sugarbaby to spoil and fuck.
I'm sure there are plenty of robots would love a rich, successful sugarmommy.

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Are we only fapping to deal with our loneliness?
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nope. crankin one out just to crank it out. half the time i dont even think about sex when i fap

I know this board is for absolute losers but have you guys seen the state of the Kekistanis?

>gotta over glorify pepe until it's cringey
>must reply to EVERY CNN tweet and talk about how it's #FAKENEWS because my master Trump told me too and I'm a good little boy
>some spend actual money on physical pin/flags/stickers

This board is literally for losers and I have yet to see someone worse than the Kekistanis. Except that one negro literally eating shit... What the fuck man?
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i remember when /r9k/ was about gentlemen doing pristine gentlemanly things.

/pol/ was the worst thing to happen to this website. i don't know what else to say, if you're an alt-righter and you think it's cool to walk around with a hunting knife strapped to the outside of your pocket /pol/ it up but leave me out of it.
The kekistan movement is what we get for cross posting with reddit. It's the 4chan satirical edge culture but without the self awareness. The only way to save this site form the malignant monstrosity is with some form of purge or another chan for them or us to migrate to.
Can't pull off social puppetry on a nationwide scale without some side effects.
If they weren't doing this they'd be doing something else cringey for someone else's benefit
Just don't bring it home as they say

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>mcdonalds does their shitty inedible breakfast all day
>but can't get an 8 am big mac
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Believe it or not all day breakfast all day is usually fresher and better than when breakfast hours are actually occurring. It becomes made to order usually, that means all of the food will be fresh.

T. Person whomst works part time at Macdonalds.
>everything frozen
>mfw they stopped making McSkillet Burritos, their only decent breakfast item

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>51% chances to live the life on easy mode
>born a male
how is it possible to fuck it up so hard?
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what do you mean 51%? It's more like 48%
Being a woman has setbacks. Even in the Western society, you are aware that you're only being done favors in exchange for forced romance or expectations of sex.
It's humiliating, awkward, and dehumanizing. I feel envy of women able to take advantage of this without feeling guilty.
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yes very hard life indeed

Which one would you impregnate if you had to?
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first one is actually cute
Yeah, first one looks better
Is she Reese With her spoon?

>it's been proven on a large population that sex correlates positively with happiness, whereas masturbation - negatively
>tens of thousands of men on the internet share their testimonies about how abstaining from masturbation improved their well-being

I-it's all a placebo! You must be a ch-christfag! Your body can't t-t-tell the difference!
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What if you do both? Also what is the mental effects of degeneracy in a relationship

I don't think there have been any studies on "degeneracy in a relationship" my friend
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I think it makes it stronger if it's a healthy one.

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How do you get over a girl?

Is it even possible?
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How the fuck...

this isn't /b/ or /reddit/

People here are enlightened and have experienced ego death

how can you love if you are enlightened?

The only love we feel is universal, not retarded crushed for 8 year olds... for fuck sake what an immature twat.
Nope, you live with it for the rest of your life, either letting it go or letting it consume your soul
Same way a girl gets over a guy.

By not actually being capable of love.

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The only time I feel normal is when I drink

Alcohol makes me feel sober
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Wonkblog Graphic.jpg
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staying drunk takes way too much work

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>Normies are wageslaves even in their video games
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>that eyerape UI
the sign of a dogshit player desu
tbf any ui except minimal (which is the best anyway) is eyerape in 1024x768
>that assload of redundent information
>health bars arn't even class colored
>pointless animated frames
>no binds other than number keys
>no focus frame being used
this is fucking inexcusable
dragon slayers are such brainlets

>yfw a woman has more empathy for an ugly dog than an ugly guy like you
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If you were deformed you would have religious qts doting on you. It's being merely below average that is most painful.
If I was deformed like that dog I'd hate that bitch for "saving" me. I'd never want to look like that or get handicapped, If I ever get handicapped or deformed like that I would do everything in my power to kill myself. Fuck, I feel bad for that dog, I can just imagine every waking moment of his life being hell.
And she just HAD to make a video for normie brownie points. Give me a fucking break.

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/r9k/, describe yourself with a Youtube video. Rate others. Go.
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Aye, alright, why not like.


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accidentally put a hole in my ona hole. it's still good and a favorite toy of mine, but I'm thinking of getting a new one so I don't utterly destroy it. any suggestions?
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>any suggestions?
Fleshlights are pretty nice but a bit expensive. Also get some anal toys they really add to the experience.
>OP has an onahole
>anon suggest a fleshlight

Can someone fucking explain to me why entry level positions require experience? What the fuck is even the point of stating it's entry level?
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>not having volunteer experience
Apply anyway

Worst case they say no and nothing changes
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Where would you even volunteer? I'm an engineer btw
Pic very related (btw that's 96 pages of application confirmations)

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Was it cuckoldry?

Was it cuckoldry?
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Sound like the opening to a shitty cuckold story on Literotica. Next they bump into each other at an office party.

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