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Hey guys its me Chairman Pai telling you to start getting use to vanilla porn. No more amateur amputee golden showers you hear me loud and clear no more fetishes that are weird. Gotta pay extra for that shit.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Also, did he browse R9K? Was there any evidence to suppose this?
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He browsed Wizardchan, according to the Capri court case docs. We still don't know for sure if he browsed /r9k/.

not a fem"bot" btw but I'd think he's cute if I were a girl or gay
He kind of looks like me, which disturbs me. I'm just the full white version.

You wake up tomorrow and find out you've inherited $20 million form a distant relative you never knew existed.

Tell me, anons, how do you spend the next 10-20 years?

Do you purchase mansions around the globe, luxury cars, clothes, accessories, and live extravagantly?

Or do you just buy an apartment and upgrade your computer?

Let's hear your fantasy life.
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Live reasonably within my means for my lifetime, don't tell anybody about it, and donate the leftover money to charity through a will
Find a nice house in a safe, quiet neighbourhood and become a hermit
Invest it all in Bitbeans immediately

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"Champ, I know you're pretty bummed about being sent to Guangzhou to live with your grandparents, but it's for your own good. It's time you lived a little and saw the world for a change. Remember to greet them by shaking their hands and bowing in humble gratitude."
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Fly the Taiwanese flag if you ever get there.

It's sad because he'll never leave fucking Australia

What's your excuse? Why haven't you done it yet?
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Dont want to upset my parents desu
Cuz nobody would care
Giving the neet thing a chance, if it doenst work out well im out

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>gf just broke up with me because "everything is a joke to you."
Fuck right the fuck off. It's either that or me being a depressing loner all the time
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wrong board

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>be really fat kid (I remember being 150 lbs at fucking 10 years old)
>reach about 300 lbs at 18
>peak at about 320 (maybe more) at 23
>start losing weight, about 80 lbs
>people start giving compliments
>they have no idea that my body looks like a deflated balloon
>have ugly hanging manboobs, loose thigh and ass
>my pubic area is literally 2.5 inches of fat and extra skin
>dick is only 6.3, so it looks like a lolipop swallowed by a fat blob
>also my hair started thinning really hard in the past few months

I feel so fucking disgusted of myself, I literally had one chance at life and I ruined it by being fat slob as a kid
thanks for reading my blog, I really had to type this
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hey we all live and learn right bud
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All I can say is I'm sorry OP
>I ruined it by being fat slob as a kid

no your parents did, you did not know any better

Why does it seem like women are better at listening to people than men are?
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Maybe they haven't destroyed their attention spans as much (not using technology as much)
i'm fucking awesome with listening
Because women are more in tune with social nuances, its why they tend to have more friends and seem talkative (if they are talking to you, a man).

>when u show an 8/10 ur dick and this is her response
is it finally happening robots??
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Yup, you can finally leave the board! You're free!
Take your complimentary (You) and this bottle of sage, then fuck off.
Post dick familia
>have sex and lots of friends
>leave /r9k/
>kill off friendships and stop having sex
>suddenly back on /r9k/ for first time in years
Woah you're right, that is how it works.

Oh god what happened to my life.

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>people born in 2001 are using this site
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I was born in 1997 can I stay?
I'd say that around 30-40% of fags here are 14-15, but whatever, i come here once a month so who cares, normalfags are a much bigger problem.
>people who don't even remember the battle of Normandy are allowed to use this site now

Thoughts on this autistc fellow
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I stopped watching when he started the IRL shit. Wish he'd go back to wearing his white shirt and tie, and just play RuneScape again.

Nigger Chad has women as pets on leashes, eating out of doggie bowls.

Meanwhile you jerk off to chinese cartoon hand drawn by an asian blob who hates you and himself.

>worldstarhiphop com/videos/video.php?v=wshhjpn4e4B3m6P8o87v
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why does he wear a glove like he made the take out meal or something?
Pimp Trainee who also works part time at kfc to pay the bills.
>when u gotta slap a hoe at 3pm but got work at kfc at 4pm

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I can see a new horizon underneath the blazing sky
I'll be where the eagle's flying higher and higher
Gonna be your man in motion
All I need is a pair of wheels
Take me where the future's lying St. Elmo's fire
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[email protected]

[email protected]

Listen to some decent music

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>tfw looking for a daddy robot bf

fuck my butt desu
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Do you have Discord or anything? Tell me about yourself.
What are your hobbies?
Stick a knife in your neck.
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Shut up and lay on my lap to spank your ass

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Hey anons! Need some friends? Or need someone to talk to in general? Come join /Light~Criminals/ and become part of the family ^_^ yqK3aPB
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Bump, pretty cozy in here, and comfy little community too.
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I don't trust you. It's probably not even comfy

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