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game that ruined my life
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if it wasn't wow it would've been something else

don't delude yourself senpai
Yes, it was best and worst thing in my life. Last time i felt i had friends was in WoW, but i did nothing else than playing, and i guess that's harmful. I have an urge to play again, but i know it will ruin me.
how many hours did you guys sink into it?
having played on and off again since 2005 my playtime is around 35k hours

Who /balding/ here? 27, about as bald as pic related.
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Buzz it down and shave it, you cuck.

im about the same, im 20
>Just shave it brah!
No genuinely bald person would ever suggest this, and going for the full Buddhist monk look is plain retarded.

>someone smiles or tries talking to me
>look down and walk away faster

How do I stop this manner of autism?
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I fixed my posture so now I just look up and walk away, I guess it looks less pathetic and more dismissive that way which probably still isn't very good
You don't. That is the supreme way of life. The pinnacle. The top. You are god.
Feels with you... i scream when i see girls.... thats fuckin shitii

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Why haven't you downloaded all the free stuff? It doesn't have viruses. Software developers create schemes making it think you actually paid for it when you really didn't. It works guys!
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torrents are full of viruses though. Your virus scanner just doesn't pick it up because they're crypted with an unknown stub.
we have a better torrent site in our country that is mostly clean and has all the good shit
I have malwarebytes though.

How are other ugly people doing? Have your friends call you ugly too? How do you live knowing that you will never catch up normal people and always be a subhuman to them?
Can you give me atleast 3/10?
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never been called ugly in my life, actually been told I'd bee really attractive if I lost some weight. Guess I'll be finding that out soon. You honestly don't look bad anon, but I'd recommend a different haircut. 4 or 5/10 right now easily 7/10 if you get a good haircut and a jacket that isn't super baggy.
What's your idea of a good haircut?

You look normal? 5/10 average. Just fix your hair, more shorter or something since it seems you're balding

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Anyone here make youtube videos?

Looking for similar feels and reals.
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no gf?

no game??

no life???
If you get into computer graphics you can make some pretty cool shit:

They're so bad I kind of don't want to share it. But I guess you can kind of see the vision I'm going for with the series. My next video will be a lot better.


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I have a 400ms response time and I think I have a low IQ. I have always tried as hard as I could to become smarter and wiser but this just fucking worries me so much I wanna die.
>tfw both your brothers are on the most respected university in the Latin American Continet
>tfw I am at the shittiest university close to my home

Should I just end it, robots?
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Please reply bros
who cares
>all family members went to UCB or UCLA
>go to Cal state

live ur life bee urself. As long as you make enough money to be happy, who gives a fuck?
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I dont know m8.

It is not only the university thing that bothers me. What bothers me is that I think I might have an actual fucking low IQ and shit.

Is there anything I can do to make myself smarter?

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>tfw being monitored by a US counterterrorism taskforce
What do I do robots? Should I download Tor or Tails? What's the best VPN? They follow me everywhere I go.
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Don't use the internet. That's the only way.
Spend all your time online searching for rare hentai

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When did you start to hate "nice guys" i.e yourself? Femanons are invited to tell about their experiences with these creeps.
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I never liked nice guys,I never was a nice guy, I never liked girls who complain about nice guys, I never liked girls who complain about 'fuckboys', I try to stay out of this retarded relationship stereotyping and just jack off instead.
thank the lord for jerking off
Everyone gets on "nice guy" behavior, but they never question whether the girl deserves such treatment. It's taken as a given they ought to be treated a certain way, even though plenty of men succeed without bothering with those "rules". Because they understand these girls are nothing special.

It's not that they shouldn't be treated like pretty princesses, it's that they don't even warrant that.

Autistic things you do
>Just realised ive been sitting in class for 2 hours with earphones but forgot to put on music
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>be me
>listen to music /w earphones
>lower the volume when there are people around so there is no chance they will know what kind of weird music I listen too.

I wish I could just stop caring you know
i scratch my asshole for a few seconds and periodically sniff my fingers every so often until i need to clean my hands to do something like floss, eat food etc. i have absolutely no explanation for this.
I do the same lmao

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Morning fellow NEETS, what are we doing to be comfy on this lovely day today? we have this entire board for ourselves at the moment.
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I'm Australian & work full time.
I can afford better coffee in larger quantities than you ever could.
Tsk tsk wagie, dont let mr Shekelstien see you on 4chan this early in the morning

go on now, you dont want to get your pay docked
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Do I detect wagie-slavie engaging in idle chatter? While I'm having my coffee? I'm writing you up and subjecting you to disciplinary action.

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What was the last thing you did that was out of your comfort zone ?
Were you satisfied after doing it ?
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I emailed someone and tried to talk to a new person.
No. It was not satisfying and I don't want to do it ever again.
joined a guild in BDO. still kept my distance from everyone though.
i went to the movies last night
no pirates 5 sucked and i was a nervous wreck around all those people

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So some of us had chances to lose our vcards and become functioning members of society, but we ended up here because we're autistic. I'll start.

>friends with a chubby tomboy loser throughout middle school
>literally the only girl that likes me but I don't care because lol fuck girls
>highschool hits, she becomes hot (loses weight and grows huge tits)
>she doesn't know she's hot yet, she still latches to me
>start hanging out with her more because we don't have any other friends in highschool
>go to movies with her as "friends" on the weekend
>she's giving me all the signs that she's into me; cuddling my arm in scary movies etc.
>loads of chances to kiss her, I always chickened out because "we're just friends"
>become friends with some hispanic kid
>he's always talking about her and how hot she is, that I'm so lucky to go out with her
>he thinks I'm dating her
>"haha no I'm not dating her man, we're just good friends"
>All this time I'm repressing my feelings for her that have developed
>I convince her to go out with the hispanic kid because I'm scared to admit my feelings to her and be rejected
>I hang out with her on and off through highschool
>she dates various guys (some of which I hook her up with because I'm still a huge cuck) whenever her advances failed to translate to me
>Finally admit my feelings to her after we graduate through a giant text (romantic stuff over texts was still highly frowned upon in my day)
>"oh anon that's so sweet, but I'm already in love with someone else. I don't want to stop being friends with you though!"
>She goes on to date some giant black guy that got killed a year later in some gang incident
>I never talk to her again

That was my longest attempt at trying to get a gf. Legitimately thought the whole "I've known you since middle school before anyone liked you" would have won her heart in the end, but I was too autistic to act upon it when she may have still had interest.
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>6th grade
>shortest kid in class
>costa rican girl with braces and two friends always picking on me
>always chasing me in the schoolyard during lunch
>one day she pins me down
>starts trying to kiss me
>start getting flustered
>push her off of me
>she starts crying
>her friends ask me why I don't want to be her bf
>say she's always bothering me and it's annoying
>she drops the whole thing
>never bother me throughout middleschool
>first day of 8th grade
>she comes in like she got an entire makeover
>all the guys fawning over her
>she ends up with a friend of mine
>graduate and cut contact with everyone
>kicked out of highschool
>still no gf at 19
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Also I forgot to mention that I sometimes still look at her facebook profile. She really became an absolute babe.
Talking with my oneitis about sex and my virginity. Long story short, I was telling her how much I'm into her and I'd feel comfortable with her being my first. She tells me "good things come to those who wait, anon" then gives me a kiss. I still managed to fuck that one up by sperging out and never making a move. I definitely still have a chance with her though. Weve messed around before and have shared a bed multiple times too

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download (1).png
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>at a lecture break right now
>I am the one giving the lecture
>in front of 70 Stacies and chads
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1 minute to go
File: 1487757565051.jpg (151KB, 764x551px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Final break
>tfw this is part of why I dropped out of grad school

I'm short and squeaky sounding so I always heard a giggle or two from the back during the lectures I had to do.. ;__;

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why haven't you locked yourself in chasity yet?
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what exactly would i gain out of doing this?
i like wanking
>why haven't you locked yourself in chasity yet?

the real question is why hasn't anyone locked me in a chastity cage yet?

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