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What is the greatest male privilege?
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Nothing, because it doesn't exist. Just kidding. Greater IQ, or greater strength.
Having to work all day to provide money for the family and being called a patriarch and a misogynist.
The difference is in the handshake, son.

>tfw no friendly korean friend that ilikes rollercoasters
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I meet 2 of 3 descriptors, where you at?
Racist piggu
Rollercoasters cause autism

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*YAAWWWN* Morning Robots. Its a fine FINE monday, and no better way to start off your week than with a nice and hot cup of good ol american java. *SSSIP* Oh baby thats the good stuff. *SLUUURP* Id love to chat about the ins and outs of neet life, but you know the rules. So keep those mouth zipped until ive finished my first cup. When im done, then you may talk.
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Bbb..but i have very important information for you! Hurry up!
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Emma Stone.jpg
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*SIIIPPP* Not quite finished yet robos
*SLURPPP* Now enough or your jib jab, keep it down untill this cup is dry.

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The normies that find the need to brag about their social lives here have always been so pathetic. Are you so insecure that you need to validate your social accomplishments to socially awkward people? It's like a spectator hopping a fence and participating in the special Olympics.
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Facebook is not enough to satisfy them.
That's the thing. I mean the whole benefit of 4chan is that not having a username eliminates a lot of ego. Everyone is basically equal until one person says some dumb shit.
Damn. You got me pinned

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>Been living in someones attic for several months now
>Just made a bunch of noise by accident and I think they know
Pray for me
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Post pics. Do you know these people? Donyou eat their food and drink their water and use their bathroom?
how has it come to this for you?
i'm praying for you.
wait what

several months

how did you get in there in the first place? How are you living? Are you using their internet?

Explain everything pls

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women will NEVER like you as much you like them
even if you devote yourself to help your gf/wife she'll ALWAYS think she can do better and if she has the chance she'll leave you for chad
it's all pointless
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Its her orbiters who keep telling her how good and special she is, and that leads her to think she can ALWAYS do better.
no its not the orbiters. Its the fact that there are a lot of guys who will fuck basically any girl because they go by the reasoning "a hole is a hole". So then you have 3/10 girls getting fucked and thinking "we'll if i can get sex this easily, then i must be a fucking hottie and a catch" and then an ugly 3/10 will want to settle with a 7/10 guy.
7-10/10 girls have guys constantly telling them they're hot so they know they can always do better than who they're with.
If by a miracle a girl does truly fall in love with a guy because of who he is and not what he looks like, then he's in great luck, because that is very very rare nowadays. I personally have yet to experience or witness this kind of love from a woman, but i hope its true, because i have a girlfriend who i deeply love and i dont know how she feels about me.
>f by a miracle a girl does truly fall in love with a guy because of who he is and not what he looks like, then he's in great luck, because that is very very rare nowadays. I personally have yet to experience or witness this kind of love from a woman, but i hope its true, because i have a girlfriend who i deeply love and i dont know how she feels about me.
that's absolutely correct my friend
somehow i got a gf and as i said, i like her way more than she likes me
in fact i don't even think she likes, she's only with me because i'm fit and autistic, so she probably knows i wouldn't cheat on her

>tfw really want to go to a uni and live in a comfy 1 bedroom one bathroom apartment
>tfw parents are wealthy so they could easily pay for everything.
>only 110 IQ and did horrible in HS so I'll never get into one.

Reeeee I just wanted to live by myself and have cute Exchange student gf but my dumb fucking brainlet brain screws me again. I will always be subhuman and never be able to feel a sense of accomplishment. I'll be stuck as a KHV forever unless I buy a hooker also.
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There are lots of brainlets in uni. Dunno what you're talking about.
step it down a notch and live in an apartment and go to community college
I doubt i could even get into a uni. Even if I could I would probably only be able to do joke meme degrees, I'm not even sure if I could do those.

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Who here /raising canes/

Caniac combo. extra sauce, extra bread and a sweet tea for me.
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>3 people worth of food
I bet fatties think that's one serving.
File: feelsfatassguy.jpg (64KB, 633x758px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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These type of foods is the reason why I'll always be a fat fuck
File: shadesDogPack.jpg (99KB, 447x599px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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what is the dipping sauce?

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>be early teenager
>late bloomer, friendless and diagnosed sperg
>qt aryan in class below me is into me for some reason
>I'm too autistic to take her hints
>honestly thinks she's just fucking with me since she's waaay out of my leauge
>why would she be into the weird autistic kid anyway?
>she's flirting with me through entire middle and high school but I kinda ignore her for the most part
>she used to throw snowballs at me in recess to get my attention
>started wrestling with me in the snow once and I landed on top of her face to face, she stared into my eyes and slowly moved her face towards mine and tried to kiss me but I paniced and narutoed the fuck out of there
>asked me to prom over facebook but I told her I have other stuff to do
>spend prom night playing vidya alone in my room
>she goes to prom alone
>she wanted to go with sperg me instead of the hundreds of normies and chads that went to our school
>ff some years
>flirting still goes on
>other guys start dating her and taking her out since she's getting prettier as the years go by
>my semi-chad cousin is dating her for about 2 months
>they stop dating
>he talks to me and say she never wanted to make out or fucc anyway so he didn't care about her
>he also told me she's still a virgin that never even kissed a guy before
>I meet her at a partylater and she starts dry humping me
>I still think she's baiting me and I won't bite incase this is just some master plan of hers where she gives me false expectations, rejects me and then make fun of me for years to come
>after a while she stops flirting, pretty sure she's given up on me after all these years
>find out some time later she lost her virginty to some skater hippie with dreads
>realise later in life that I made a huge mistake
>have no idea where she is
>pure qt virgin aryan wanted me to be her bf and take her virginity
>I'll never get a chance like this ever again in life and I'm still a virgin
>can't get her out of my head

pic related, looks like her
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Damn that must hurt

I also do this retarded shit. Like I somehow cant even take a hint or just think no way anything good can happen to me so I bail or isolate myself. And only when a girl has found someone else it suddenly hits you: "I could've been that".

Im fucking blind to hints too, or was more since I havent gotten a hint in year
>in a year

meant to say in years

I need to fall in love again but i've only recently learned i'm too old to fall in love again. Even if it's love I cannot have, still better to be in love than to not love anyone anymore. At least being in love kinda gives you like some extra strength, even if it's surreal you can fool yourself and you get through your day easier
Hopefully she found the blackest thuggish guy and got her pussy tore up afterwards

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>now closer to 2030 than 2000
>People born In 1990 are now 27
>Trump was inaugurated over a year ago

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Trump was inaugurated in January of this year you dumb virgin
>trump anounced his candidacy over 2 years ago
>tfw 1997
>20 years old
time flies

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>stuck in a situation where the only thing that makes you happy is also killing you inside
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i know that feeling

Are you talking about anime? It's anime for me.

I know that feel.
File: 1493080434059.png (93KB, 645x773px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Close, it's waifuism.

File: n-FEMINISM-628x314.jpg (27KB, 628x314px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You guys don't legitimately think that feminists want to enslave and destroy white men right? Like I understand some of your gripes with feminism in general but you can't be as dense irl as you guys are here, that's just absurd.
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Have you ever met one? They are fucking CRAZY.
There are many serious books written about how feminism has taken a bad turn, politically.
Feminism is basically women crying about how they should be treated like princesses by all the beta man they ignore while simultaneously worshipping Chad's cock.

Maybe if women gave a second thought to the non-Chad they would get some respect.

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>get out of the house, you will feel better!

No I fucking won't! And I will never "get used to it" either. Why is it so fucking hard to understand? Jesus Christ.
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If you stopped bitching and complaining about how boring, joyless and lonely your life cooped up in your room is, people wouldnt tell you to go outside
Its called graduated exposure. Basically if you do it often enough you get used to it. The phobic symptoms at first are crazy but if you jeep doing it often enough (3+ times a week) the phobic feelings reduce over time.

t. Got used to driving a car thanks to this
I never ever do that. All I want is to be left alone. Fuck off.

I miss when this board wasnt gay
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This board has always sucked. t. knower
>"this board was better before"
>doesn't make posts like the ones that were made before
I'm no homoph, but I cannot understand why gay stuff is allowed on this board. In fact, anything sexual.

There are other boards for that. If I went on /sp/ and made posts about sex or computer games id get banned.

Can a mod of this board explain this to me please?

What is the best way to wash your cock? I've been using sensitive soap and a facewasher, then some hydrating soap, but it's a little rough so I'm looking for other routines.
Or should I just forego washing my cock and hope for some filthy Tomoko-type?
Jewslave cutfags need not apply.
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Uh, water? You're not supposed to use any type of soap on a sensitive tissue like the glans of the penis, just warm water. Anything else damages the tissues.
srs? i wash my dick with soap, will it fall off?
People actually wash their dick? Is this an uncut thing?

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