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"curiously observes as you walk into the store to apply"
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*sshhhhhhhh* *slurrrpp*

Nearly a third of Japanese people are entering their 30s without any sexual experience, according to research.

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Too many people in little archipelago , nothing wrong with this
You try to fuck us, we opt out. Maybe next generation women will learn to be attractive again.
>no sex, all work
>better kill myself
This isn't like my Chinese cartoons at all

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Are Irish people the missing link between humans and niggers?
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That would be slavs
t. Slav
OP, I'm an American with Irish ancestry. Delete this now.
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Stop spamming the same thread.

Fuck off back to /pol/


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How do I as a white man get an arabic gf?
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That's a dangerous and inaccessible group to be messing with, but I guess dating sites, as I imagine approaching them in the wild would result in failure 99% of the time.
I got a Muslim girlfriend on Omegle. Turned out she lived nearby. She was a recent arrival from her shitty Islamic country. Couldn't understand why dudes didn't care if girls weren't virgins. She wore that headdress thing like that girl in that pic. It took a couple of months but eventually she was naked and taking my dick. She was the only girl I've been with who loved playing with my cum. It's a huge rush to make them into your little slut dude. I've never cum so quick the first time. If you get the opportunity go for it.
In the after life. Kill yourself

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>be me, 16-year-old degenerate
>no friends at school and social outcast
>only girls that talk to me are my mom and older sister
>sexually frustrated and crushing on sister hard
>start writing stories to jerk off to based on sister to let out some frustration

4 year time skip

>still a degenerate but now in college
>have written over 300 stories of sister
think I have them well hidden enough
>sister breaks her pc and starts using mine till hers is fixed
>while she's using my PC she finds my folder of stories
>she decides to read one just out of curiosity
>Story I wrote about her giving birth to me and breast feeding me
>she freaks out and shows parents
>mom making me go to therapy, if I don't go she'll kick me out.
>dad won't allow me to use a computer while he's not in the room now
>sister refusing to even be in the same room as me

So /r9k/ should I off myself now. or is there any light at the end of this autism tunnel?
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>Story I wrote about her giving birth to me and breast feeding me
I hope you're lying
Probably, unless you want to run away and cut off contact completely
>be me,16 years old degenerate

get out underage

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>pee off balcony
>hear my neighbour arguing with my mom, them saying pee landed on their balcony and they think it was me
>she defends me
>cant pee off balcony anymore
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Why can't everyone just get along in this world?
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do you understand why people can't get along yet?
It is the nature of human beings to hate each other.
We will go out of our way to find any reasons at all to despise one another, legitimate or illegitimate.
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Tell me why I should 'be the better person' in a world that increasingly stigmatizes me for being a young white man. Even traditionalists shit on us all the time. Guys who are supposed to have our backs.

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Do you remember this kid in school? Was it you?

>Be in high school
>Have slightly Autistic kid named Spencer that walked just like this with giant backpack full of books
>Would speed walk literally everywhere through hallways like pic related (was indoor in Utah)
>Everyone called him Captain Long Legs
>Used to wipe his boogers on people during class
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>6th grade
>was just shown anime for the first time on school computer
>started laughing about how the ninjas ran
>not 2 minutes later some kid ran down the hall in full crouched pose with a pencil in his mouth
The anime fad my middle school went through is a goldmine for these stories

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I shook hands with a NBA player and got an auto-graph

>forget chad
>forget normie
These are not the only 2 categories of human beings

I myself am 6 foot Tall, my hands are average in size and length

But as soon as i shook hands with the lebron i noticed straight away that my hand felt like a tooth pick

like my hand literally did not exist it was 2 times my hands,i doubt athletes are even humans

Also his shoulder width in person is a alien tier wide the frame that can not even possibly be human
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Did you ever think that maybe it you who isn't human?
You can still kill them with a bullet to the head,height is a meme

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The female robot is a paradox. The robot mindset gets you to take advantage of anything that can benefit you while being easily obtainable and replaceable.

Simps are in great supply today due to indoctrination and they have the money and means to make any woman a princess. All a fembot has to do is be available. They don't need social skills to succeed because they are the choosers and men are the competitors.

With that in mind, why are you still falling for the meme?
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any other robots go through a breakup recently?
How are you doing? It's been 3 months and I still think of her, wondering what I did wrong.

>ree get out etc etc.
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fuckoff blogposter fag
I'm still trying to get over my gf ghosting me out of nowhere.
by recently do you mean 6 years ago?
in that case, yes.

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What's some /r9k/ slang y'all use irl?

>call people I don't like cucks
>btfo (I say "blown the fuck out")
>call guys who are better looking than me Chads
>call guys who are worse looking than me betas
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The last two reasons are the reason your life is shit
It's mostly a female thing to do if you judge another guy based on looks. No I don't mean in it in that way.
Females are typically, nearly always the case shallow, superficial, dramatic, loud, obnoxious, and think solely based on their emotions without use of much logic.
Basically you're a female.
assmad chad or assmad beta?

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digusting cotits.png
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REMOVE COWTITS remove cowtits
you are worst titcow. you are the titcow idiot you are the titcow smell. return to the trash. to our trash cousins you may come our bourd. you may live in the zoo....ahahahaha ,fatties we will never forgeve you. cetnik rascal FUck but fuck asshole titcow stink fatties sqhipere shqipare..titcow genocide best day of my life. take a bath of dead titcow..ahahahahahFATTIES WE WILL GET YOU!! do not forget ww2 .hahahahaha idiot titcow and fatties smell so bad..wow i can smell it. REMOVE COWTITS FROM THE PREMISES. you will get caught. chestlets=kill fatties...you will ww2/ tupac alive in r9k, tupac making album of r9k . fast rap tupac r9k. we are rich and have gold now hahahaha ha because of tupac... you are ppoor stink titcow... you live in a hovel hahahaha, you live in a yurt
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Cute mouth though

Post more

>white peopIe don't have cuItu-
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Common Filth is right about the [[[White Question]]]

White culture is all about worshipping fags and cum, and creating technology that makes
cumming and being a fag easier

And White nationalists still think whites not only can, but are even worth, saving
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>no gothtrap girly bf

i'm out
Whites are the superior traps

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>be me
>have an iq of 124
>too lazy to wake up in the morning when i was a teen
>drop out of high school because i would not go
>lose all friends
>spend my days browsing 4chan; primarily /pol/, /his/, /sci/, or /r9k/
>still virgin at age 20
>have little meaning in life
>wants to hang myself

I need a purpose or I am probably going to kill myself soon.
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