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Roll em faggots
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Want to have a threesome with another guy?
here's her profile
>I was just kidding I'm actually a girl trying to make friends

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>on my way out of lab
>hold the door for stacey lab partner who sat at my desk
>stacey initiates conversation with me
>talk with her about the pre-pharmacy program while walking down the stairs
>watch dat ass go out the door as I try to figure out which wing of the building I need to get to
>next day in lecture overhear her gossiping about her creepy lab partner who "loves talking to her"
>says that she hopes he doesn't stalk her since he "followed her to her car"
>feel really bad about scaring her
>thinking of sending an apology note through her window at night with a brick
Help me /r9k/, how should I right my wrongs against the sanctity of the feminine soul?
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Just blank her fampai.
And if you ever see her on fire or dangling from a ledge, just walk away.
Seconding. This is the correct answer.
I am not sure what blank means. Is that a jiu jitsu move?

if i bring my computer to best buy to get fixed how do i make sure they don't go through my files?
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What seems to be the problem for your computer
IT guys will always look through your files so you better fix it yourself.
take out the hardrive.Unless you are into cp or illegal shit then leave it in and enjoy prison

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is there a name for the type of anime fan that:
-refuses to watch anime with fanservice or slice of life anime
-owns anime merchandise ironically
-thinks that anime body pillows and most anime merchandise are cringe
-when at anime conventions they perceive themselves as superior to the other con goers. They believe themselves to be the only one who isn't mentally ill, capable of holding a conversation, doesn't live with parents, has a good job, and a non-virgin
-he goes into anime conventions with a very condescending attitude. Passive aggressively making fun of bad cosplayers, making virgin jokes, acting suggestive (but in a joking way) towards sexy cosplayer women
-he dislikes AI Channel ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqjDugfOkE0 )
-he dislikes anything anime related that's cutesy
-thinks it's "weeaboo" to eat Japanese food
-refuses to wear anime related clothing because "cringe"
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The word is normie.
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>thinks it's "weeaboo" to eat Japanese food
"weeaboo in denial" is the word you're looking for.
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yeah its called "faggot who takes himself to seriously."

Reminder that you're alone because the Jew, with his subversive media has degenerated your mind. Muddied your race, and turned you into a defeatist feminine cuck who has no drive to do anything.

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No my parents feminized me by not teaching me anything I needed to know about being a man and reaching my full potential. Just bad parenting, not a devious plot by the eternal Juden.
You can't blame your own problems on mummy and daddy forever child. You need to build your own personality. Stop fapping eryday and get active. Go chop some wood or ANYTHING
:+1: single boots

>dfw kein freundin
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Ich bin Mann
ich bin anon. ich komme aus Omaha. das is t in Nebraska. ich wohnen in Atlanta. das ist in Georgia. Ich sitzen in mein bett,
That's all I remember from my 8th grade german class. did I do good?
Dein Deutsch ist gut anon.

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TFW no southern belle girlfriend
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HA already have a girlfriend a step above that.
The only way to get one is to be black
Why would you want one anyway? all whores anyway get a based Sikh girlfriend like me.

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Everybody is asleep edition
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>in bed feeling really ill, chewing on ice cubes
chewing on ice cubes? Is it cause of the heat anon?

I can't imagine how terrible it'd be to have flu or whatever causing a temperature in this weather. I'd be delirious.

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>hey anon, wanna "praise kek" with me in bed?
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>How to be below average and still gain a rabid fanbase as a female
Woman, you're quite the piano teacher
>can still see her bajeen

So this is the power of the black woman.....
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with every passing day my jungle fever grows stronger
idk what you see.
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I get turned on with pretty much everything, even traps, but that shit... nah
It don't look human, nor alive, just look like a property.
Nobody would fuck his property

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>Thanks for dinner Anon...a-are you sure you're cool with me being Trans?
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no actually that's a dealbreaker for me. Good luck finding your happiness.
As long as your penis is feminine, it's ok
You know what really pisses me off? Trannies having a better jaw and bigger dick than

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>be ameriburger
>eat burger for din din

so what stereotype have you done today?
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>be white
>went to college

>be white
>had a caesar salad for lunch

>be white
>did yoga

Just to name a few.
>>did yoga

youre a grill arent you
>be black
>ate a banana

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Do any robots ever feel like they need to find themselves? Do you ever feel like you lack a purpose or direction in life? Do you want to better yourself with the support of others in a warm setting without being made fun of for your opinions or others causing drama? I want to set up a group like this on discord, if you're interested leave your discord name and I'll invite you to the server.

Just so you know ahead of time: this isn't a place to whine endlessly about life. I want this to be a server filled with hope and the goal for everyone to accept the good parts of themselves while working on the bad. No matter who you are: normie, NEET, fembot, of trap, everybody has good parts and everyone has a purpose in life with a role to fulfill and I want to help others figure that out while I figure out mine as well.
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how about you go fuck yourself instead, faggot
File: 001.png (2MB, 1053x1500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That's sad, I just want to help some robots to figure out their purpose in life while I figure out mine. We can all learn and grow together in a support group of sorts!
Why would I want to join the discord of someone who uses pedo shit as his OP pic? Go bloviate about your sadness somewhere else, freak.

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uhhhhh no one?

where the fuck do you think we are? none of us are getting married in this lifetime.
yeah..... uhh.... about that.....
No idea dude.
But if first crushes inform what actually gets my attention, big, strong and very kind.

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don't respond at aIl, she just wants your money
Just keep it casual. If you don't think you know her, just say something about a common friend you both know.
No because I sent her a friend request, actually I sent alot but she's the only one who responded.

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