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>everything is chatting in discord and other shit apps instead of r9k
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Because Discord is a good plattform.
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>Discord is a good plattform.
>see interesting looking thread
>"join our discord!"
>leave thread

I had a red mark a bit itchy for a week, I thought it was a mosquito but now there's a transparent liquid leaking from two little holes, what do I do??
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First, you kill your parents.
Squeeze it orgmai
Already did that, it's a bit painful. Squeezed all I could out of it.

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If BBC is a myth, why do all the black guys in porn have bigger dicks?

Let's be honest, in porn it's not even close.
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If it's not, then why is the world record holder white?
If it's not a myth then why are there white men like this? I heard from someone who works in porn and he says huge white dicks are just as common.
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You were saying?

>"Hey, you like that book too? It's one of my favorites!"
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>I hope that you're favourite book is the Kamasutra
>Maybe we could have a look through it together
u-uhhhhh, m-marry me and makes babies!!!!
Your nose ring makes you look like a cow.

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/pol/ is asleep. Quick, tell me your opinion on jews.
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None. It's entirely pointless to have encompassing opinions on an entire group of people.
They are like the Irish of the Middle East
Generally they wouldn't be in a group if there were nothing to be understood for them being in the group.

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How do women 5'9 and over feel? is it like being a manlet or no?
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Tall women's only problem is that they have a smaller selection to choose from when they want someone who is way taller than them.
They face no difficulties in society, like manlets do.
>they have a smaller selection to choose from
Isn't this the same as manlets?
Manlets don't choose partners. They are rejected.
Tall women have all the options a short woman has, but they will reject a larger percentage of men for not being much taller than her than a shorter woman would. A tall woman would have no problems finding a partner if they didn't have a preference for men who are much taller.

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>do you still sleep with a stuffed animal
I'm a 21 year old man and I still sleep with my teddy bear every night. I have a psychological attachment to him and I know I'm never going to get a girlfriend anyway so why stop?
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That's cute. Just be my gay bf and sleep with me instead.
I'm a 21 year old grill and sleep with a giant stuffed bear, like the ones bigger than a person you get at carnivals or theme parks. Kind of embarrassing but he's sort of my bf. I have a strap on vibrator I put on him sometimes, and use him to simulate having a bf.
>OP makes a slightly depressing but neither the less interesting thread
>first post is a faggot
I still have a collection of stuffed animals from when I was a kid in my room, but I don't sleep with them

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/r9k/ is now a Chad board. All robots and normies must leave.
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It is truly our time now, brother
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new flag of /chad9k/
What if my hair defies gravity in a non-Chad way?

What do you Robots think about Mr Kanye Omari West?
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That's nice and all but musically that Queen song takes more talent than any of Kanyes songs.
He is the biggest egomaniac. Also that meme is, wrong.
nice b8 m8 4/10

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Why do black women love white men so much?youre sleeping with the enemy.
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does this little goblin even pass as black?
Because love is colorblind. Love and attraction doesnt care what your skin color is. If you love someone,you can look past the flaws and stigma they have. Not that a lonely,raceb8ing cunt like you knows anything about love.
Looks black to me tho.

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>The average male dick size is considered a "Small" in dildo shops

How does it feel knowing you'll never sexually excite someone?

Because it hurts me.
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>6x5 is called a beginner size
>tfw 6x5

fucking kill me
It feels bad being a dicklet.
I'm so happy I'm hung

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Would you:
>remove 1 inch from your dick and add 2 inches to your height
>remove 2 inches from your height and add 1 inch to your dick

Post your height and dick size. I'm 5'8" with a 7" dick, I wouldn't do either.
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6 foot with an 8 incher. My choice is quite logically, neither
Neither, since I'm average in both, so removing from either would not be a good idea.
Can I do both?
t. manlet/dicklet

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Reminder that the Fascist orange Dorito turned and walked away when asked if he disavowed the Nazis. If this isn't proof the US is secretly a Fascist state I don't know what is.
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Didnt he condemmn violence on both sides?
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Questions that stupid do not deserve answering.
do something about it faggot
also look both ways when crossing the street

Does anyone here genuinely enjoy cuckold porn?

I have a small penis and premature ejaculation which makes cuckolding seem like a possible consequence because of them. When I masturbate to cuckold porn, I stroke my penis to the pace that the bull goes and end up cumming in like 30 seconds while the bull continues pounding.
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I'm more into fantasizing about it. I don't go out of my way to find cuckold videos (in fact, I don't think I've watched a real porn video in a long time). I just look at 2D pictures and pretend I'm being cheated on. Or I just purely use my imagination.
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Lille bikini.png
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Yes, I want to be cucked by my waifu.
When I watch Cuck porn, I always pretend to be the bull

>mfw Rick and Morty's creators betray their viewers and include antisemitic racism in an episode
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Was a devout supporter until Rick said that shit.
So true. Now I hate Rick and Mort for their antisemitism and hatred. Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland should be imprisoned for hate speech.
Justin Roiland should be imprisoned for hate speech!

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