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Femanons, are you ready for the summer?
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>Femanons, are you ready for the summer?
Watch this video for added sadness.
Literally all they have to do is nothing. Why wouldn't they?
It's summer here all year around.

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I unironically use /r9k/ as a dating site/tinder alternative.

I've met up and had sex with three girls from here. I don't know why girls even come on this board but it easily has one of the highest female:male ratios on this website.
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guys who pretend to be girls are not girls
>tfw live in siberia
d-damn it
yes we are. the guys pretending to be girls are actually girls pretending to be traps pretending to be girls.

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>coal burning couple I live with are fighting as I'm typing this
>white girl is actually crazier than black guy
>their kids are scared half to death as they're literally fist fighting
>she's winning
>she just kicked him out
>I'm now alone in an apartment with a white woman able to out-nig the niggest nigger I've ever met
>can't afford to move out
>no relatives in this country
What the fuck do I do?
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Bumping this thread, best wishes OP.

Fuck the girl and cuck that nigger
Can u post any recordings of them arguing?

What makes a human being different from an animal? We all know that animals have not sent a man to the moon, explored the seas and been global emperors. The answer must be intelligence, surely, but has the majority of people done any of the above? What makes them able go brag about things others did?

What was there about these great people that made them change the world? They were intelligent and creative; they were knowledgeable visionaries.

The rest of humanity meanwhile, was just a digit; a unit. The few pursued greatness while others pursued a meager subsistence life. The great people of history cared not for sleep nor food. Some went without it for a long time to pursue their dreams. They were not ordinary; no achiever is ordinary.

Look at the rest of humanity however; they all fulfill a single purpose in life; seek food, seek a mate, raise children and die. Animals do the same. They do not think outside the box. They are just no different to cattle on a farm; raised by the state and milked for production and slaughtered for whatever war the government wants.

These specimens exist for a short amount of time, play the game by the rules, act guided only by a computer program in their mind telling them to fulfil tasks for a dopamine blast. A thousand years after death, it seems as if they never even existed. With no evidence to prove they were alive, they might well have never existed. They lived, fulfilled a genetic program to reproduce and died. Their lives had no meaning. Even their emotions were just part of a program.

Am I the 0.01%? I do not know, that will be determined when I die. But I hope not to be a statistic.
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I think you're totally right, OP, and this is something that relates to a thought I've been having after the Manchester bombing. While suffering and death are terrible, most of normie society privileges the suffering and deaths of the "young", and especially "women and girls", but common sense says that most men are more developed as individuals, have at least in general overcome more of their animal nature than women, as have adults in comparison to children.

Really, an 8 year old getting blown up should be seen as far less of a tragedy than an adult man in the prime of his life being forced to hold an inane job.

The thing is - death brings us all to the same level. It doesn't matter how much any individual person achieves, or how brilliant their thoughts are, or what they accomplish... all of those things are the result of fate, biology, and chance - and one person's fat, biology, and chance is tied directly to the same factors in any other individuals' life. So no individual person can really brag about their accomplishments or thoughts.
>What makes a human being different from an animal?
Absolutely nothing. The difference is our mirror neurons activate more strongly when we see a human. So we treat them differently than other animals.
i'm thinking the extraordinaries are the kind of mutations that evolution spits out in the event of a massive population collapse a few of the specialized survivors would be the repopulators

but you figure most of these aberrations live and die alone and uncapitalized on but with language and technology and such they can leave weird ideas around instead of babies

Chad fucking your mom.

Hot or not?
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Depends is Chad my brother or son?
I rather a chad fuck my mom than lose my virginity
gona need sauce m8s

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I read his manifesto and bought a vanilla latte, as I do every year. How about you?
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i watch elliot videos

If you're under the age of 35 it isn't a "manifesto" it's a "bunch of nonsense"
Watching his vids all day here >>37230557

If I starve myself will I lose weight? I plan to eat only once a day. I like the feeling of hunger.
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Try to eat at least 500 calories a day
C Bale did it for The Machinist, he looked preety awesome, right?

Calories in vs calories out.

You will probably lose weight, unless you manage to eat 2000-2500 calories in one meal.

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Fembots, what porn have you been masturbating to lately?
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BBC pr0n
do women even masturbate outside of porn and camwhoring?
They don't watch porn because they don't exist.

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>havent showered in 6 months
>0 friends
>have ingrown toenail
>dropped out in 9th grade
>parents hate me
>need friend to prevent suicide

some1 add me

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What do you do and how have you survived
>not too stupid
>shower every week
>0 friends for like 4 or 5 years
>dropped out in 10th grade
>parents dislike me but tolerate my existence
>think about suicide daily

we would probably get along pretty well too bad im socially retarded and dont use discord anyways
Look if you wanna kill yourself just fucking do it, pretending to be suicidal to get friends is stupid

What do teenage girls mean by this??
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"i'm a slut, cum in my mouth and asshole" "only for chad, though"
What this anon said. She wants to suck dick and get fucked. But not by you.
really gets those axons firing

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Femanons, why haven't you joined the lesbian separatist master race yet?

Today's males are completely unsuitable as partners. They're immature, narcissistic, violent misogynists who will ridicule your flaws and try to tear down your self esteem.
A woman, on the other hand, is supportive, thoughtful, and caring, an equal partner who you can build a life with.

One day, when reproductive technology is ready, the nuclear family will be two women and their daughters. Until then, women need to separate from men the way wheat separates from chaff. Build a wall and make men pay for it, to borrow a phrase.

It's time for the Women Going Their Own Way movement, like the MGTOW movement, but with less body odor and involuntary celibacy. Join today and start building a better future for womankind.
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oh no
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>A woman, on the other hand, is supportive, thoughtful, and caring, an equal partner who you can build a life with.
>Today's males are completely unsuitable as partners. They're immature, narcissistic, violent misogynists who will ridicule your flaws and try to tear down your self esteem.
>A woman, on the other hand, is supportive, thoughtful, and caring, an equal partner who you can build a life with.
you wanna know how i know you're just trolling and never dated women before?

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Time to discussion on how to fix /r9k/. Here are my ideas
>ban /soc/-tier threads
>ban women (the mere mentioning of gender is 95% of the time an attempt to gather orbiters)
>make /r9k/ blue (no porn)
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Needs more generals
Make it more discussion focused rather than /b/ lite.
Every month, compile a list of the most used meme words and images of the last month. E.g., roastie, cuck, Pepe and Wojack, and whatever -let we're whining about this month. Any comment containing any of them is automatically unoriginal and gets muted.
Add flags
Reminder that you can't be a robot if you live in a 1st world country

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>cry while I'm driving
>hyperventilate when I'm on the computer
>get so stressed for no clear reason that I feel nauseous and get headaches

why was I born? does anybody want to kill me?
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1k over paypal and your address.
Oh, this is where it gets fun.
There is no why. It just happened.
Don't panic.
>Believe stupid made up conspiracy theories whose creators got caught red-handed making up

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>2/10 chink grill confessed to me today
>I'm not attracted to her at all and this came out of nowhere
>Don't want my kids to come out ugly and autistic
>Feel sad and guilty about it
Are you supposed to return love in this situation? It's the first time this happens to me and I don't know what to do. I'm not a Chad or anything like that btw, a literal 5/10.
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>Don't want my kids to come out ugly and autistic
bad news bro
Get her all naked and shit
ask her why she likes you

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Post three reasons you don't have a gf.
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1. social anxiety
2. fear of rejection
3. dont really care
>I don't know how to talk to girls
>I don't go out to find one
>even when i do, i don't know how to

>i don't want a girl that's typical
>i'm too old for shyness to be "cute" or something
1) I'm straight
2) I have a bf
3) I like dick

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