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Is Islam the robot religion?
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No, now fuck off Jihadi dickhead
muslims are NOT terrorists
terrorists are NOT muslim

terrorists can be christian
even fucking buddhist
you racist prick
fucking sand nigger go fly into a tower

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Sometimes I think that maybe beating up and bullying a bf/gf and then loving him or her would be nice but then I remember that beating someone up is mean and they would get hurt but it's okay if they do it to me since I wouldn't mind if I loved them
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beating/bulli is ok if its consensual
sometimes i think being beat up by a bf and then lovingly cleaned up and tidied would be nice. but then i remember i can't ever have that.
>but then i remember i can't ever have that.
wwhy not? are you a girl?

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>be 23
>live at parents' house
>pay them rent
>suddenly brother (25) moving back home because he still doesn't have a job even after making my parents pay for his bachelor's degree
>have to share a room with this nigger like we did when we were children
>still have to pay same amount of rent
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I'm 23 and I don't gotta pay rent lol
Slave him for money
>paying rent to your parents
What's the fucking point of living with them?

The mods just unbanned me

I would've been banned until June 19 if they didn't

Any anons ever get their bans appealed
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What did you get banned for? How did you appeal it.
What did ya do

tell us or fake
I threatened to kill someone on 4chan

You just click contact on the site and use the built in forum

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What do you think i'm doing at 830 in the morning with this patio paint? You will be unable to guess.
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Applyingit to your deck?

Applyingit to your dick?
Huffing it?
Nope. I'll give a hint, i'm being productive
Posting about how (((productive))) you are on the Internet

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>be me
>bored, want to do drugs
im choosing oxycodone first, weed is gross to me. how do i not get addicted?
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Make sure to chase it down with some liquor to avoid addictive effects
>how do i not get addicted?
don't do it

just kidding, have fun
May as well go straight to cough syrup at this point

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Why don't you guys volunteer to become big brothers?
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My mom had her tubes tied. She can't become pregnant no matter how many times I cum in her.
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Because I'd be a terrible role model; and as much as I hate people in general I wouldn't want to inflict myself on them just because I see myself as a shitty person. Some of those kids'll make it, for those of us who didn't.

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Anyone here go on a shroom trip? Does it really alter your perspective permanently ?
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Nah just temporarily, though some things you may never forget

I'd recommend it
How can a friendless hikiNEET get drugs?

ps too afraid to order online
It just made my brain scream at me louder than it usually does, listing off my failured and impotencies one after another in SUPER LOUD ALL CAPS VOICE IN MY MIND. Had a panic attack during my last trip, ended up curled in a ball for 12 hours.

Not my thing, but don't let my awful experiences with them deter you. I'd avoid if you have really pad panic issues/you're not comfortable with the other people in the room though.

It's not life altering, but in the right conditions it's pretty great. Going for a walk nice and fucked up on shrooms in the middle of the night is comfy central.

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Is nostalgia a happy or sad feeling for you?

For me it's a bit of both
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I have very little memories. But I think I'm happy. If I'm nostalgic about time when I was in kindergarten and in elementary I'm especially happy.
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hmm let's think. in my youth my country was in the top 5, 98% white, rich, people weren't alienated and detached, japan-tier safe.

now its pretty much third world tier and 65-70% white, crime and poverty everywhere, people don't go out because immigrant gangs are everywhere.
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I miss my friend.
I just want to see them again.

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Let us embrace these hours, the high IQ hours, the hours in which the cockroaches are still fast asleep. This is the only time of the day in which we, the other 53.3% of this site may be on this site without the other 46.7% ruining everything for us.

Let us join as one at last: the europeans, middle easterns, africans and asians and vibrate our IQ cells together to shoot an IQ beam that will destroy the americans so that this site quality will finally rise up in quality more than ever before and eliminate the brainlets forever. IKUZO!
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Whites and asians statistically have higher IQ than niggers and other bullshit.
Anglos aren't white so I don't see what you're trying to say.
It's 3:32 pm where i live. How about that

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im going for a haircut today when i come home from work

my hair currently is pretty much pic related (not a photo of me)

what should i ask for and why?
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I just have the barber give me an all-around 6mm cut. It looks nice, easy to maintain and comfy.
Shorter on the sides and back. Longer on top.

You're going to pay a barber $20 to do a buzzcut job you could do at home? Also that look slike shit
Hitler youth cut.

My barber from Holland, who probably grew up under occupation, always delivers.

Looks great, stays out of the way, easy to maintain, and if you need it to, it can last a long time before your next visit.

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Fembots, would you eat your man's ass?
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Oh, hello sir, I did not le see you there! :^) You may notice that I am displaying (proudly, mind you) a RedditR Gold card, which I received from my Home at Reddit, or more precisely, from another fine upstanding member of the fine community that we like to call "The Narwhal Bacon HQR" or more fondly or "commonly" known to the layman as RedditR.

I decided to step out of my "zone" to observe you, here, on this website - and I suppose you are looking at me and asking yourself how you could possibly strive to reach a level of satisfaction and excellence as I have? I am here to give you a few pointers - they are free and of no charge to you sir, but I would appreciate an upvote and/or a recommendation on your blog or a linkback on your FacebookR page to let everyone know where you learned this information... the internet after all does have a polite code of conduct (although some choose not to obey it...)

So first of all and the most obvious, is to discard any ridiculous notions of religion or belief in any sort of supreme being. We like to call that the "Flying Spaghetti Monster" because the idea that there could be any entity that exists in the universe beside ourselves and the (likely millions) of alien life that all started from gases and star dust, is absolutely ludicrous.

Now that you have your silly little brain cleared out, it's time to enlighten yourself with some real knowledge. Go to RedditR and spend at least a month, full days, 8+ hours per day and just "lurk" in r/atheism. Lurking means you will READ but not type anything. You are not ready to type anything yet and if you input your commentary it will just "dirty" up the threads.

once you have a bit of a grasp on what it means to embrase reality and the concept of acknowledging that you are random worthless being and it does not matter if you live or die, keep studying RedditR and you will feel a tingly, free feeling. that is Euphoria! Keep up the hard work and I'll see you on the boards.
I would love to, but I don't know how to bring it up, plus he might think i'm gross
Just do it while you're blowing him. It'll feel too good for him to tell you to stop.

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Are Staceys more or less slutty than average girls?
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average girl is a stacy
In other words, do better looking girls have more or less sex than less attractive ones?
Cant generalize that.

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what does r9k smoke?

pall mall specials all day every day because i hate myself
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Not cigarettes anymore. They taste like crap, however convenient they are.
Weed and hookah are a patricians choice.
Winfield Blues because i'm a true Australian
Outdated milk bottles

Tsuki here, AMA

Little over a month left until we go into overtime edition
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heres y0ur reply
Will our personality undergo drastic changes due to the combination of memories from "two" lives (Life life and LFE life)?
We do definitely expect it to change, although the core should stay the same.

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