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Roastie hate thread

>no fembots
>no traps
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castration device.jpg
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horrifying. disgusting. revolting.
a truly amazing photoshop sir
I love my roastie :3

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I find them such a turn on.

Where can I find videos of girls crying? Ideally just lying down, looking into the camera and crying softly.

Also dump all your crying girls here.
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Dude right?
No idea what it is but a girl in distress holding onto you is like the hottest fucking thing ever

My ex gf used to have panic attacks and would have to hide under her blanket in the fetal position and have me hold her until it passed, then we'd both be horny af.
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Something about them being vulnerable and broken and needing you to be there for them.

At that moment you feel like their whole world.

Especially if the girl is someone strong in real life, it makes it even more deep that she trusts you enough to cry around you.

Seeing their eyes brim with tears makes me so emotional yet so powerful.
Yeah I know what you mean. Usually though that doesn't translate so well irl. Most girls who'd do that shit are pretty crazy, my ex I was talking about was bulimic and would have her anxiety attacks at the smallest shit like worrying about 1 too many calories in a smoothie.

I mean like you said, it's hot as fuck to feel like this girl trusts you so much to show that emotion around you but again, girls who do that for real often use that crying shit to just get what they want out of you.

by god does it work

>mfw chad grabs me by the balls and made me suck on his nuts like a little bitch that I am

I feel sorry for you virgin losers.
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hmmm thats gay anon

LMAO at your life
At least I'm not a virgin. My boyfriend loves me for who I am.
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Don't feel sorry for us
Help us
How to seduce Chad????

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>you never leave the house, you've never worked, you have no real world experience, therefore your arguement is invalid and I win

My family says this to me everytime we debate something and I win because I spend endless amounts of time researching topics online.

So because I can't be best in debate they just turn to this to try and end the debate so they don't have to feel like they've lost.

This made me realise normies don't care about the truth they only care about whose talking, they don't care about what's said, they only care about whose saying it.

I guess all the isolation and research I do has made me immune to group think and this normie behaviour of only caring about the status of an individual instead of what they actually have to say.
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That's why I love 4chan. It's all about the content. Who is saying it is irrelevant.
Yeah pretty much. Also your family sound like cunts. What do they say when you reply "what's that got to do with anything?" I mean as a retort criticizing your life is pretty irrelevant.
Is that Steven "Destiny" Bonnel?

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>feels thread

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>tfw you wasted your youth playing singleplayer games and shutting yourself off
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there is no misaki who would notice you and pull you out of the helplessness of your despair

Anyone in Aus want to kill me? pls. No friends, gf left me 6 moths ago and aborted a baby (We originally decided to keep it and I was so ready and prepared, but she changed her mind and im abroken man now) wtf do I do?! Im in another state and dont know anyone. Fuck

>"Son, your father and I think it's time you went out and found a nice girl. You aren't following your father's job advice, and you spend all your time shut up in the house playing on that computer. This is not going to work anymore. It's easy, all you have to do is put yourself out there- you're a handsome guy, Anon. Just be yourself."
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shut the fuck up carol
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>you're a handsome guy
d-do i give them a firm handshake too

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Share robot music and enjoy

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this comment is now orgiinal
pretty interesting


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Post about yourself and your ideal partner in the thread and lets see if someone will find someone from /r9k/ to chat with and stop being lonely together, if even for a short while.
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> horny
> male
> very lonely
> girl
> want me
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I have incredibly high standards for personality, I don't think my ideal even exists in fiction.
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> 24 years old, from Europe, male
> enjoy learning and watching documentaries
> like space stuff, science
> like playing all kinds vidya. Really dived deep into Stellaris right now.
> Like writting long messages to someone and talking about anything and everything
> NEET, but started fixing that, because im tired of it
> 5'8", slim
> Really enjoy cuddles. Hand holding
> would love to roll around the grass together and have picnic dates
> Love animals, would love to have a dog again
> prefer to stay inside when possible, to snuggle up in a warm blanket, play vidya or watch something, but can go out if there's a reaso nto
> don't drink, don't smoke, don't do drugs
> Enjoy having discussions about stuff if the other person is interested
> like shitty memes and all kinds of humor
> enjoy banter
> Like spending my time talking with people and listening about their problems. Spending time with them if they're lonely until they feel good
> Prefer to have fun in games and dick around with people, do stupid shit than go full competative
> like to cook
> clingy

You :

> From Europe, between 18 and 29 years old.
> female
> like to cook and try different weird recipes
> Would like to either play together, play and have me watch or watch me play
> would like cuddles and being snug
> enjoy horror movies
> like pets
> could either spend the whole day inside or outside
> don't like crowded places
> want to better yourself, always try to improve yourself
> accept yourself for who you are or work on doing it slowly. Focus on your strengths
> Enjoy being motivated and to motivate
> clingy
> love to laugh
> would like to have cheeky banter together while playing
> enjoy reading spooky stories
> would want to play Stellaris multiplayer or any other game together
> same size or shorter than 5'8"
> would feel comfortable to talk for a very long time and would feel fully comfortable in complete science while together

Doesn't have to be perfect, but atleast some.

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i always feel really bad for apu, it's not his fault he is a retard frog baby. he is a sweet boy
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look at this kind squinky boy
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Jason is also a sweet sweet boy.

>can be apus friend
>Jason cannot die
>apu cant die cuz pepe his father
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apu is my favorite meme frog

this is him in happier times

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What are some sicc NEET tips you've learned?

I'll start
NEET tip #1:
You can remove plaque films from your teeth by rubbing each tooth with a napkin and biting down on the napkins to clean under.

Never have to leave your chair to clean your teeth.
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tip #2 if you have cats that live in your room, you can dispose of your piss bottles every time you clean your cats litter box! makes it easier to not get caught
I always keep a cumrag under my bed.
>not having your mom steal napkins from Wendy's when she goes to get your nuggies

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if you were racist before you even came to 4chan and you have parents who aren't racist then I'd like to know what event caused it
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colored people influencing me to do drugs at a young age had a terrible affect on my life. constantly seeing them promote mixing races. gangs, violence, music videos brainwashing people to sell drugs...etc. yeah they might be a product of their environment but mostly it just seems like they think with their dicks. don't they realize the stereotypes people have and if so why don't they try to change it.
>think with their dicks
Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black? You know what board this is right?
I got raised in a multicultural neighborhood. Enough said.

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/pol/ here.

The story so far:
>Guy posts video of Trump beating CNN on Reddit
>Trump retweets video
>CNN gets butthurt and doxxes creator of video
>blackmails creator of video to issue an apology
>CNN claims they will do this in the future
>Buzzfeed starts rallying cries to get rid of r/the_drumpf and 4chan for racism and islamophobia
>Buzzfeed contacts cloudflare

MSM has waged war on us and we're all in this together now. We need all the help we can get to protect the freedom of speech and you still owe us for winterball.
Will you join us on a meme crusade and face the Hydra or will you simply listen to the battle from a distance?

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Im not helping you /pol/faggot. I want this site to die, its overdue. Maybe then I can focus on bettering my life
Sure most of us will be in. I need a good laugh from time to time I guess. The last time it was tortanic or even all the butthurtness around the internet over things like gg or no mans sky or other retarded shit (like trump being president).
Sure why not. Let us laugh together.
What are they trying to do? Dox us and raid us? Hiromoot can stop that by himself and fuck Reddit.

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How should I act around black guys with my black girlfriend? Kinda afraid I might get shot
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Start saying nigga and act like Jamie Kennedy.
Don't be around them. Move away.
She will find out you're a racist and dump you long before you have to worry about that

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>finally accepted that I'm ugly
Holy fuck I am so fucking ugly. Fuck.
I can't believe I've tried suppressing how I looked for all these years. Im just so fuck ugly.
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then kys faggot lelelelelelelel
The truth is somewhere in between. Nobody is as ugly as they can believe they are, and same for the opposite. Luckily each person will decide what they think of, and some will land on the better side of your coin.
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I have realized that I am ugly when I was around 16/17.

Before I had still a faint hope that with puberty I would turn out allright, same with the mental capabilities.

None of that happened for me, while some fat kids suddenly turned handsome when hitting puberty.

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waiting 5.jpg
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lets have a comfy anime thread while we all wait for girlfriends
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I think they gave up on their future girlfriends
File: Happy Gab.gif (1MB, 400x533px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Happy Gab.gif
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This, always for a comfy thread though with some tea drinking and the like, helps one relax. How are you guys, making any progress?
But I want a boyfriend not a girlfriend OP!

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