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Hey /r9k/. I need some advice. Here's the situation.

I'm 18, halfway to 19.
>inb4 "fuck off underage b8"
I lurked this site from age 13-15 and have been posting here since age 15. At least I'm honest about it, that's more than other underage fags can say.

I'm wrapping up my senior year of high school and preparing to enter the adult world. Trouble is, I have literally zero idea what I'm going to do after high school. I have no tertiary education lined up and can barely hold down a single, shitty minimum wage job. I know for a fact I will end up a NEET.
But I really cannot stomach the idea of living as a NEET. I just can't. So I created my own plan for after college. I plan to ditch this shitty town I've spent years in and run. I want to start a new life far fucking away from here.
I'm just going to gather up my belongings, take what pitiful amount of money I have (in cash), create an alias for myself, and run.
I'm planning to illegally immigrate to another English speaking country (US fag here) since my foreign language skills are absolute shit.
The only advice I really need here is from Eire fags, Brit fags, Aus fags, or experts on immigration on how to go about smuggling myself into another country and then some insight on what it is like in your/those nations. Sorry for having to plague your countries with another immigrant by the way, but I feel like this is something I have to do.
General life advice would help too on how to work my way up from an illegal vagrant to at least a migrant worker of some kind, maybe more. I'm not above panhandling and/or begging for food, shelter, etc. There is a distinction between that and being a NEET.
I have some skills/talents that could be of use as well. I'm fairly talented in music, an exceptional reader and writer (hoping to publish my work before I skip town), and I enjoy studying/learning about history.
Thanks for taking the time to read guys. Now help an anon out with some advice.
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Getting Irish citizenship is scarily easy. You just need to have Irish ancestry, be it from parents or grandparents. However, Ireland is a quiet country in comparison to the US and you will probably be viewed as a yank if you moved in to a smaller village or town.

Brit fag here, there's always work available and almost everyone everywhere is hiring. It's most likely your best bet. Can't say I can give any immigration advice though, sorry anon.
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Don't listen to this fucking redcoat, OP. UK is a shithole. Tell me, britfag, when are you dumbass people going to combine your hot water faucets and your cold water faucets into SINGLE FAUCETS capable of warm water? The entire world would be better if the UK was blown off the map in the most violent way possible. Oh also the UK is a middle eastern country now so there's that

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Are you a bully? If so, why aren't you bullying an /r9k/ boy RIGHT NOW?
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What exactly does the word bully mean on /r9k/

I think I might want a robot boy to bully me....
I don't want to because I don't like bullying retarded gay fags like you,OP.
Now fuck off my board back to >>>/lgbt/
My fantasy is bullying a feminine boy, forcing him to wear girly clothes then fuck him.

I need a pair of jeans! I'm looking for some that subtly imply I want penises inside me. Which ones should I buy?
I'm thinking about the uniqlo jeans, they are also Japanese which is a plus, they look similar to these.
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I'm not even sure what the fuck you're talking about.
>I'm not even sure what the fuck you're talking about.

Sorry I should have clarified - jeans are pants which are made of denim
Just go buy some women's skinny jeans you faggot.

t. Person who used to wear women's skinny jeans

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post images that you can relate to
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Need text to post

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fuck you stop muting me

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What kind of manchild or autistic things do you do at home or in general?
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we will provide nothing for you normies to laugh at now shoo on back to plebbit little normy
Watch anime. +3296
Use PC from bed, more or less like your pic

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>that guy who makes those wagecuck threads on weekdays

Doesn't he know most robots work weekends?
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It's to bait normies who work weekdays.
>not mocking wagies regardless
spotted the wagecuck

better get your work clothes ready for tomorrow, you know mr goldstein is really strick about dress code
Tomorrow is my Friday;-)

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Report in bros.

Post what you've eaten lately. If you're trying to make a change or have come to terms with being fat forever. Just share anything you want.

Post your height and weight.

6'0 at 380lbs reporting in. Heaviest I've ever been these last two years I've gained 80lbs. Lot of family problems and stress has hurt me these couple of years. I've always been fat, since I was a kid so it's a real struggle to stop eating so much.

>tfw to smart to lose weight
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>/tfw/ to smart to be skinny

i am now 280, 5 11

married to a 8/10 roasty

was 355

fuck shinny people
you must be rich, have a big dick or shes blind. how do you marry a roastie at that weight

This, women are repulsed by fat men

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How are you guys holding up? What are you obsessions and compulsions?
For me it's touching other people.
>somebody touches me
>I have to touch them back then wash my hands and wherever they touched me
It fucking sucks and it's hard to go out in public
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> compulsively overtaking people walking at ANY pace in front of me (also known as the 'virgin walk'
> washing my hands after I eat anything, even if I use cutlery, now my skin is dry as fuck and feels like sandpaper.
> Way too much focus on using specific fingers to touch anything when I know some of my fingers are dirty.
got damn it I didn't close THE FUCKING PARENTHESES
>now my skin is dry as fuck and feels like sandpaper
I know that feel. I live in Georgia so the air is humid this time of year, but during the winter my hands start to bleed from getting so dry and cuts form on my knuckles. It hurts to move my fingers during the winter

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What do you think of weird girls with mental disorders?
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More trouble than they're worth.
literally perfect for bullying
As long as we're talking autism weird and not crazy I'm on board because I'm a sperg myself

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>this is allowed in this day and age

Why are short men hated and viewed as inferior?
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5'2 is pretty small desu.
have you thought about becoming a trap anon? it's not too late
i'll even buy you clothes and vidya and tell you how qt you look in a skirt
5'2 is suicide tier

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What do you guys think of my manga collection?
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TMoHS so I'm happy.
Why read manga when you can watch anime?
Movies and TV, better than reading.

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>tfw mom and possibly sister find your fleshlight
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Hide it better ya dingus
>tfw mom and rest of family already found my secret treasure cove of foreign sex toys and know im a autist but im so savage and dull to it all that i don't even care anymore

fuck you mom
i hope they coated the inside with icy hot

Who here /belly/?

We must stop this.
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Increase your testosterone and your belly will start to melt

It's working for me, I'm already getting more attention from random women (who I am terrified of talking to)
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>tfw look at a sideways glance of my skinnyfat gut hanging out in the reflection of a car's window

I look like a god damn pregnant lady.
I've been skinny my whole life, I still don't weigh much and have thin arms and legs but I'm starting to develop a belly. At first it was just noticeable after I ate because I would get bloated and my stomach was so flat it was very noticeable, but now it's starting to become permanent. I don't know what to do; I don't want to start exercising or eating less because I still don't weigh much and want to put weight on the rest of me, I just want to have a flat stomach. Is there a way to take fat off of that part of your body specifically?

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ITT autistic things you do

Certain foods leave me with this gross, dirty feeling after I eat them or even touch them and I have to wash my hands thoroughly, brush my teeth, and rinse my mouth out with water several times. Sometimes I might even take a shower.

Foods that do this to me include
>trail mix
>ice cream
>french fries
>antything with ketchup or mustard
>maple syrup
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That's called obsessive compulsive disorder. I have it too
Always run across roads, never walk.
Always sprint the last few meters on my way to somewhere.
Keep hopping from one foot to the other when ordering fast food.
Do you do the same thing

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Why don't you guys try Runescape? It's a great time consuming game and fun even if you didn't play it back in the day.
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Waste of time personified in a game. I played it for thousands of hours already back in the day, not going back to do it all again. I'd rather play WoW or another MMO with actually engaging gameplay
Don't get sucked into it. I have a maxed zerker (99 str 99 range 99 mage) 200+qp, months played, and nothing to show for it. I don't even log on anymore. It's not a way you want to burn your time, you will regret it.
>Waste of time personified in a game
Kind of this. I think I played enough hours I had spent a literally month of time playing and still didn't have a single stat higher than 85 or so.

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