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The pig woman experiment:

A few years back someone edited a literal pig's nose and chest hair onto an already grotesque and obese woman, posted her on a dating website and despite this she was still inundated with thirsty betas, some way out of her league, begging for her attention.

As a woman you literally cannot be lonely. You cannot lose. Ever.

General online dating thread I suppose
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Picture pictures picture pictures
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Picture pictures picture pictures two
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Picture pictures picture pictures 3

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How do we stop degenerate 420 culture?
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Helicopter rides for everyone.
Sounds like you could use a smoke, bro.
Why do you care. Are you so childish you can't mind your own business

Yeah I remember what it was like being 15

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Who else has rule 63'd themself?

This is Anonette here. I probably wouldn't have the confidence to show off my pudgy little tummy though, if I was her.

But that's the whole idea, right? Fantasy?
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How did you make this?
Kisekae2, the most complicated dressup game ever made.
I was going go ask why you want to be a girl but I spent half an hour last night recreating my ex gf in a video game, so I guess I have no right to judge.

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i have decided my life is empty and that i have nothing to live for

My natural death will eventually come and kill me making me lose everything i once had

What are some painless suicide methods and does the helium method actually work? I don't wanna end up being a braindead retard roaming the streets
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Have you ever thought that maybe since you have nothing to live for you might as well just go out and do shit that ultimately has no repurcussions that you care for?

Also the most painless way is a bullet to the head.
why would i would end up forgetting them anyways
I hear you can use helium, nitrogen, argon or neon gas to do it. Not 100% sure is as painless as People say it is but it's how i plan to go

>you now remember that time in middleschool when you were jumped for sticking up for yourself seriously for the first time because normalfags were throwing big iceballs at you
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That never happened but it reminds me of when normalfags would beat with me a part they found from one of those giant paper rollers after school every day and I wouldn't fight back because I was more afraid of getting in trouble for fighting
>I beat up 3 kids that tried to jump me so badly I got expelled.
I only ever stood up to a bully once in high school. He had been mocking me for 2 years when I was a fat loser with only two friends who would just look at the ground when he came over and made fun of me.

I got a growth spurt and became big and I became friends with the popular group and my confidence skyrocketed.

I was walking alone to a class and he was standing with two girls near the entrance and made some stupid comment.
Dropped my books and stood right over him and yelled at him, challenging him to a fight. He didn't want to. Never said another thing to me and wouldn't even meet eye contact.

Disappointingly I became a bully myself relatively soon after. I was a real asshole in high school.

There's a happy story for anyone who had a bully like me though, my life is shit now so joke's on me.

Why did memes stopped evolving ?

Did we reached zero point meme field?What is going to happen next?
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there are no real people anymore and there is nothing to create.

i hear tumblr has some good memes.
It's hard to understand what you're saying. Is that English?

Need advice
Be me
21 year old virgin (was nerdy and shy af)
Change life
Hit gym and buy better clothes
More confident
Qt i talk to sits next to me in class and pretty sure shes into me
Do i be honest about still being a virgin or do I lie?
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Be honest in what way?

>hey anon how's it going

I mean you can't lie if you don't actually bring it up.
Lie till the death of you. Admitting your a virgin will let off a strong vibe of weakness, be smart anon, you've fucked 5 girls in your life and it's just a fact. Stick with it.
If comes up I guess

Come on anon! The sun's great! Why aren't you taking off your shirt?
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Cheer up! Why the long face?
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Go away roastie before I destroy you with my big boy stick. REEEEEEEEEE

Stop rubbing your genitaIs
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Once i got raped by Sheldon while a laugh track kept repeating itself
If I do that, I'll just cum all over myself and my bedding in my sleep.
Does this actually happen? I haven't had frequent wet dreams since I was a teenager, now they only happen after if I go like 40 days without fapping

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ITT: Who was thwe biggest titcow that you knew? what happened to her? did you ever have a chance?
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That's legit my ideal woman
Nice eyebrows, huge tits, huge ass, decent chunk of chub.
>Nice eyebrows
Those aren't eyebrows.
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>Who was the biggest titcow that you knew?
Jacinta. EE-cup, she told me, she always wore shirts too small for her, and there was an earlier time when she didn't even wear a bra. She just jiggled everywhere, it looked kinda painful. That was a golden age for my dick.

>what happened to her?
Judging by Facebook, she got a normal lanky boyfriend and a normal lame job.

>did you ever have a chance?
Uh, no.

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Happy Columbine day robots. Just kidding, fuck all you newfag normies. Get the fuck off of my board.
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>uses "Normie" unironically
>says the sentence "Get the fuck off my board" unironically

Please end your life OP.
>Just kidding, fuck all you newfag normies
if the newfag normies don't go are you going to shoot up the board?
The shooting sucked OP. Only 12 people died and none of the bombs exploded. Don't know why America made such a big deal over it.

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You are now aware the average number of dicks sucked by women at 18 years of age is 5.

How do you live with the crushing reality that every western woman will never be satisfied enough to stick around for the long term? How can they be when they've been intimate with that many men at such a young age. You will always be traded in for something better. There is no hope lads. I'm this close to suicide
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this is absolutely bullshit
how is long term relationship better than fucking a lot of different women
>You are now aware the average number of dicks sucked by women at 5 years of age is 18.

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Holy fuck this place is full of disgusting losers. I've only been on this site for about 30 minutes and it's just hilarious the shit that's spouted here. I'm a 6"2' blonde haired attractive male, with a stable job, a girlfriend, and I like to go out with my friends and hit on bitches because I can, and I'm already 500 times better than you pathetic virgins. Me and one of my friend groups have this guy who we let in as a joke really, so we could pretend to listen to the retarded shit he says and laugh about it later when he's gone. Anyway he told us he goes to this site a lot, so I had to see it for myself. And it's pretty disgusting. Like 75% of the posts I see are you gross slobs complaining about all your made-up problems and how nothing in life is your fault and you hate everyone. No wonder none of you have girlfriends. And whenever I see someone come along and try to give you guys good advice like dress nice, act confident, and bathe at least once a day you guys make up like five mental illnesses and blame all your problems on them instead of yourself. It's hilariously pathetic. None of you are ever gonna get anywhere in life besides your moms basement. Well I think I'll go get a bj from that retarded friend's girlfriend. We actually convinced one of the girls in our friend group to date him as a joke. That bitch actually gets her flowers and writes her poems and shit, and she shows us them later and we just fucking laugh until we almost die. Anyway now I see why he's so fucking pathetic, if he spends his time here. And to think that you little virgin losers actually hate women just because you can't get any. Lmao.

Oh and the image I posted is what I'm gonna make that bitch's girlfriend wear while she blows me. Jealous?
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This is gonna make great copy pasta

MCPGA (make copy pasta great again)
Welcome, you will fit in right here with the other losers. You have a gf, which most here don't, but you are still a failure at life.
Low quality bait. You're just a loser like the rest of us.

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Hibike Euphonium.jpg
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Whats some comfy anime you enjoy robot?
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I finished rewatching Hyouka today, still one of the greats with robot-related subject matter.
Non Non is super comfy.

also something called Kiniro Mosaic

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>took 1.5x normal dose of ADHD meds to study all day
>ended up on a 12 hour fap session
>no i dont mean i came multiple times over 12 hours, i mean i literally edged myself for 12 hours straight and came once, just then
>got nothing down and now it's the middle of the night
>foreskin (not benis?not head atleast) is swollen as FUCK looks like I have a tumor
>mfw my life
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First time eh? Happens every time I get fucked up on that shit.
post pic

happens to the best of us, pal.
be thankful that you can get adhd meds, I have to resort to street speed
and go the library for fucks sake. that way you can concentrate more and are less likely to be distracted

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