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Why are they so godly?

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If they didn't use SFM they'd be good. SFM models always look "off" to me, I don't know what it is.
I forgot to mention that their overprevalence of rape scenes in their work is a huge turn-off for me. Same reason why I don't like Zone-sama at all.
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you disgust me.jpg
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>streaming pornography

>From birth you're subjected to a bunch of long dead normies rules for how you have to live your life
>Everything from what you're allowed to smoke to where you're allowed to live is dictated in law and enforced by the decendants of said long dead normies
>Stay from the path of the law and you'll be punished, do it violently enough and you'll be killed
>If you try to leave society and make it on your own you'll be arrested for trespassing, hunting without a permit, illegal camping and countless other things

If this doesn't make you mad as fuck then you're insane
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That's how I feel about social rules
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Just be like good ol' Ted Kaczynski. He lived in a comfy little shack in the middle of the woods in Montana. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Kaczynski
>try to leave society and make it on your own you'll be arrested for trespassing, hunting without a permit, illegal camping
If you're leaving anyway, what's stopping you from try in a country where nobody cares?

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just end it all.png
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>close to 800,000 people commit suicide every year according to WHO
>that's almost 1,5 every minute

Give me a reason to not join the other 800,000.
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Same reason you haven't done it yet.
as long as you're alive there is a chance for happiness.

that's what i tell myself, but i'm pretty sure i'm never going to feel loved by anyone ever again.
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>Same reason you haven't done it yet.
You mean being too much of a pussy?
I've been thinking lately, I do own a handgun, and if I just sat down for long enough with it I probably could muster up the courage to do it.

Things like theredpill and mgtow are fucking retarded. I'm not going to get into that shit.

What does a guy like me do? I'm physically a 1/10. I'm thinking about getting a dog.
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you have to be deformed to be 1/10
> if u know ur a 1/10, why not work out?

I'm 5 foot fucking 3, man. That's basically a deformity.

I'm 3 inches away from getting a disability card for being way too short.

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sft thread
no being mean allowed in this thread
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*gay erp thread

fixed it for you buddy
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Just looking for friends to chat about or play vidya with. I like Arena FPS, OSRS, Dota 2, PUBG, MTG, and lots more. I'm not mean and I won't bite! ;w;
what kind of formats do you play?

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*sees you walking into the store with resume in hand to apply*
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don't talk to me until I've had my trash
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*puts carfentanil in your coffee while you are looking at that kiddo with his resume in hand*

How does this image make you feel in three sentences or less?
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why does the same exact photo of a minor keep getting posted
she looks like shes a drug addict.
I want to lick the grease of her mustache. Me and her can eat molly and watch her throw up in the bathroom. I can later mastrurbate onto her passed out lifeless body

When I look in the mirror, I see a small cute boy that I'd like to hug and kiss and do different things to.

In my 22 years of life, no girl has done those things to me. Why don't they like me? I think I look cute.
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Why do you feel attracted to yourself?
There has to be a name for this problem.

Cool story Narcissus
girls aren't physically or sexually attracted to anything. They're only mentally and emotionally attracted to things. Mostly money and social status, in practice.

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Pic unrelated..
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Who else here /homophobic/ ?
What made you homophobic, was the fag posters, existence of Gays or something else
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I was homophobic when I was 12, not the proudest time of my life :(
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implying im afraid of faggots
I wouldn't say I'm homophobic, I just think that gay people should not turn their sexuality into a lifestyle or culture. Nor should it be discussed and normalized in public discourse. Basically, gay people should keep it low-key (as it used to be throughout human history).

Many gay people are fetishist freaks who devalue neighborhoods with their flagrant displays of degeneracy. "Gay parts of town" are a scourge on polite society.

Gay couples should also not be allowed to adopt as gay people are statistically more drug-using, prone to pedophilia, and diseased than straight people.

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Born in England and raised in England unironically called Mehmet
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No one replying I must even be a threadlet RRRREEEE
u wot m8?
haha just kidding u cheeky wanker


Impossible for non scandis to pronounce or remeber since you don't have the letters.

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>be a weird loner kid, first year of uni
>get put into dorms, sharing with 4 other people
>they invite me to a 'kitchen party', as we share a kitchen
>buy whiskey and turn up an hour early
>decide to put chicken wings in the oven as I'm waiting, begin drinking
>get really drink within 20 mins, start feasting on wings
>everyone starts coming in, looking at me weird
>I try talking to them, but it's mostly just nervous laughter and asking how their day was / how the weather has been (I can't think of anything else to say)
>one guy comes in, huge muscles, tattoos, apparently a girls BF
>I'm a bit drunk so feeling confident, go up to him and say hi
>he just frowns at me, laughs, cups his hand to a girl's ear and they start laughing
>another guy comes up and says my breath stinks of shit
>everyone is drinking around the table in the middle, I'm by the fridge smiling because I don't know what to do
>face is red from embarrassment
>they all start laughing at a joke the muscle guy says, I laugh really loudly and they all look at me
>muscle guy has got pretty drunk at this point, starts outright insulting me, calling me an ugly bitch, loser, etc
>my eyes are watering, but I'm still laughing along, and when I respond my voice is shaky
>he literally takes a spare chicken wing I left and threw it at me, saying I should eat my vegetables (wtf does that even mean)
>everyone laughing, including me
>he throws one particularly hard between my eyes, tears outright come out
>I laugh again, while crying, and leave the room, just laughing - not saying anything
>go into my dorm room, curl up on my bed in the fetal position and cry
>ended up dropping out of uni around 4 months later
>still a fucking no-job, no-friend loser.
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pls respond so I'm not alone. I'm drinking by myself here fucking depressed as fuck reliving this shit, fuck.
fuck man bloxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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>trying to be nice to normies

There's your first problem

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daily reminder that this is someone's son
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No, it's not, anon. You can tell by the breast shape.
Dont you mean daughter
I'd still fuck him.


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Anyone care to share their experiences with SSRIs? I'm getting pressured into starting them, but I'm a bit hesitant honestly.

Do you guys think they work? Do they make you not enjoy things as much anymore?
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I stopped taking them and started taking xtc once every 3 months. depression cured, seriously.
Worst 10 years of my life.
Made EVERYTHING worse.
Best decision I ever made was coming off them 8 months ago, my life has improved 1000% since quitting them cold turkey.
Do you think they helped you initially?

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Streetwear or sportswear ??
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...are for kids. Classical menswear is where it's at.
High fashion is the superior choice

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