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Where do you find a non-chestlet gf that isn't a total attention whore?
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In the 2nd dimension.
How do you define "total attention whore"?
>you dont
oreeeeeeegano you robot cuck

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I found my mentally ill family member's piss bottle (it was on their bedside table). What the fuck should I do with it
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Drink some you fucking degenerate.
Drink it, DUH
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If dubs you have to drink it

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>tfw no cowtit latina gf
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>tfw no leather-faced Kate del Ciado chainsmoking in a telenovela
That's fine and all BUT, if your gonna post a "latina" can you post one without the white features
Or Latina in general.

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> Do nofap for a few days
> Start to get gay fantasies about fucking a twinks boipucci
> imagine pushing his head down into the pillow and plowing his asshole from behind

what does it mean
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It means that you're a faggot
Nofap awakens the bisexual in all of us, it's normal
Nofap makes me feel weird for never masturbating. Is it really that good? I've tried it before but I never finished.

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That's it, I fucking DEMAND a gf RIGHT NOW, or I'm gonna snap.
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Be sure to record that snap. Million-dollar footage, that.
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What do I do with the footage? I want my million dollars.
Shuttup you faggot

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Hey wagie,

What are you still doing on here? You need to get to work to make someone else a lot of money today!
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What are you still doing here? Remember, another day, another haircut!
There's no such thing as an eight hour haircut, you fucking slave.
But I don't need to spend money everyday like you.

Hey can we have a thread where we try to find people to talk to on discord?

I'll start

age - 18
- trap
- i like anime and politics pretty much but everything is good
- awkward as shit but if you know how to talk to me i will love u forever
- my discord is jamie #8444
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These threads all get moved there eventually.
Where are you from though?

And how comfortable are you with the idea of being penetrated by a masculine older man?
We have a bunch of robots, traps, and Japanese shitposters. It's :b:oolin.

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Is it wrong that I am extremely opposed to homo marriage?
If so should I stop saying how against it I am when the topic comes up in uni or anywhere else. I feel as though I am losing potential friends.
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pls explain why you feel like that
Why are you always so negative and angry, namefag?
>having strong opinions on ANY subject

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What do neets do for money? I'm a stay at home neet with no expenses and get $138 a week in neetbux but I think it will be cut by the end of the month at the latest. They will be making me train as a forklift driver or bricklayer or some fukn wagie bullshit. I have no choice but to go along with it until they offer me a job and I say no - then no more money for me.
How do I make $138/week with minimal input while maintaining my cozy lifestyle?
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Lay bricks in front of peoples doors
They pay you to stop doing that / take them away
Devilish but not cozy enough
The wellfare system is going to go bankrupt as soon as 2020 as it's the biggest money sink and the reason why countries get in debt
So it doesn't matter anyways, better take this chance before it's too late

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>sign up for loads of university studies
>Don't turn up

Who's /devilish/ today anons?
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>had to upload grades yesterday
>haven't even started grading
>will say I fucked up and please let me update it today
they can't handle me
>go to restaurant
>Revive amazing food, excellent service at really good prices
>Leave horrible review anyway
You're only pranking yourself

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>be me, 7 years old
>move to a new town, don't know anyone
>nothing to do while parents are moving shit in
>go outside to play
>end up sitting on a bench near a small playground
>girl about my age walks up to me
>"hi want to play with us?"
>introduces me to my neighbor kids
>pretty happy memories of spending time with neighborhood kids during childhood
>girl's name is Amber
>become childhood friends
>not in same class but go to same school
>hang out after school frequently throughout elementary
>we play PS1 games after school nearly every day
>middle school
>still hang out every now and then, less now because hanging out with girls is kinda uncool and I have guy friends now as well.
>starts texting me more often to hang out
>becomes kinda clingy in my eyes
>tell her to look for new friends since I have more friends now as well
>she sends me okay and apoligizes
>have her added on psn and steam, we play vidya together often
>she's always online
>asks me to play every time I come online
>tell her I'll play with her later that evening
>she's excited
>some bros come over unexpectedly and forget about Amber
>don't hear from her for a week
>wonder what's going on
>call her house
>mom picks up, she's in tears
>tells me Amber killed herself earlier this week
>still look at steam/psn every now and then
>Last online: 1245 days ago.
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You killed her. How do you feel, you monster?
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Empty and hollow inside.
You're a fekking cunt boyo

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ITT: that kid: fucking nutjob edition

>The goth kid who set a computer lab on fire because his gf cheated on him
>The emo girl who stripped in class to the guy she fancied. Then proceeded to empty a fire extinguisher on him when he rejected her
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>That kid who wrote down swearwords on his test and got suspended

I was in the same class as him, it was fucking hilarious when the principal came to talk to him
>That kid that drew guns on everything.
>the kid who bricked another kid because he lured him on runescape

Seriously though, the guy who got bricked had his jaw fractured.

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>pain in the left testicle for 2 weeks
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I assume seeing a physician about it is out of the question.
Epiditimytis my duder. If it's on the back of your teste, where there feels like there is a small squishy structure, it's probably Epiditimytis. I get it occasionally.
my dick hurts bad whenever I get a boner, I feel you anon

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Is it worth getting a lefort so i can get laid or should i resign myself to my incel fate?
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That looks extremely painful
What the fuck are you on about my man
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Neither, see celibacy as a conscious, rational and voluntary choice. To be congruent though you would also be doing nofap for months at a time, be firmly against having children, and a germaphobe.

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What is the meaning of life? Have you find out?
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Coitus, obviousIy
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Goddammit, I heard the shitty laughtrack in my head.

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