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whaaat was the last time someone hugged you? ya
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like a month ago
this guy really wanted a hug out of me and bear hugged me hard as i stood like a stick
also some girls
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i don't know, i've only been hugged a handful of times since i was a small child. it's been at least a few years. i really miss it, honestly. i remember hugs being really warm and soft and comforting.

are you lonely op?
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>are you lonely op?

I am

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What do robots, at this point I'm only willing to take advice from other fellow robots.

>23 year old robot
>lifelong depression
>attempted suicide twice some months ago
>literal drug addict
>went to rehab, stayed sober 2 months
>relapsed again
>use 24/7 again
>feel sick again
>chest hurts and I'm slender
>try going to NA meetings but it's full of Chads and Stacies
>genuinely hate everyone else

I am lost. I have a job but I might lose it soon. I am too pussy to kill myself and I can't stop using. I can't sit in NA meetings, I just leave after some minutes because everyone else's shit nauseates me.

I just want to be happy, believe me I try, but it's hard.
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pls respond

oregano 69
You're probably highly intelligent; highly sensitive; and have a genuine heart. Unfortunately, many times it is not uncommon for men like who have these traits that I described to be lonely and isolated.
My advice to you is to JUST DO THINGS and stop STOP THINKING so much. Average people have a tendency just to do a lot more than think. They're also more socially and materialistic ally driven. For someone like me, seeking out high music and high art is the pinnacle of a quality life. But for many others it may just be making money fucking bitches or hanging out with friends. Do all this stuff but just do it. I'm still a virgin but I know if I want to fuck I just have to make the effort to find a girl. It may have to be any girl.. just as long as she doesn't have any stds

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Deja Entendu.jpg
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Does /r9k/ into Black Metal?
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Stop cucking yourself to musicians and make your own music
>implying I don't
I'm a saxophonist but that's not the point of this thread holy shit can we just talk about music
I'm into some black metal. Usually it's a lot of atmoshit, so I hope you are into that stuff.

Pic related; my favorite album of all time.

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How are you enjoying your new freedom?
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Explain this new meme to me please.
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Its fucking dope

I cant believe all i had to do was relax Lmfao i really am,the legendary chad thundercock
what game is that? it looks like gen 3 pokemon but yet it doesnt look like it

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Tired of tinder whores ignoring you?
Try blendr.
Unlimited swiped
Has a filter to highlight whose online
Whats stopping you from getting a girl now robots?
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>Owns an iphone
get the fuck out normie

I dont its an ipod
whats your success rate with it?

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>TFW no pill popping, BPD goth gf
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Are you genuinely retarded? And stop posting underage girls here. She thinks you're a creep.
DESU I prefer the classic Pennywise over this new one.
xan xan off and on swiztc
keep me alive

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I don't know but they scare me
they came into our domain so i'm going to become a normie to spite them and beat them at their own game

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you are now truly free
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Wrong. Society is still shit. The west is still subverted by globalist interests. I'll set you free and no this isn't a larp
Let's here it then, pal
;) ok one second

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>TFW I live in a small town in Kansas
>TFW nuclear war is coming
>TFW the closest possible strike target is KC and it would only be on the secondary target list
>TFW getting fit
>TFW have guns

no radiation coming anywhere near me, I'll just have a new life in a new world
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I think you're delusional.
There's nothing g of value in Kansas
We are talking about best korean missiles, the safest place to be is an actual target

how many of you would lowkey impregnate a wetback spic?
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Sure I'd fuck one hard, since young spics are hot.
But definitely not impregnate, once spics hit 30 they turn into disgusting round blob abuelas.
All of us. Latinas are the only women who crave white dick.

yeah okay, look at jessica alba, salma hayek, jennifer lopez all nearing 50 and looking amazing.

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>fall 2014
>be 16 years old
>my sister goes to the state fair with her friends and I get dragged along
>one of her friends brought her sister
>shes my age and is pretty much my ideal woman
>after talking for a while I get the feeling that she likes me too
>we talk for months after that but I always feel like I'm fucking up somehow
>we stop talking after a while
>I'm convinced it's because I never made a move and she got tired of waiting
>about a year later she gets a boyfriend
>I feel like my heart just ripped in half
>it takes me 2 years to get over her
>recently heard a rumor that they broke up
>earlier today I was scrolling through Facebook newsfeed and she shows up on my recommended friends list
>add her
>she accepts
>I don't know why but I decide to scroll through her profile
>The more I scroll the more I start to fall for her all over again
>just seeing her face brought back a lot of memories
>Then suddenly see a photo of her with a man
>it's her boyfriend all those rumors were lies and they're still together
>suddenly feel depressed again
>I felt a whole years worth of old emotions in just 3 minutes it honestly felt like my heart was going to jump out of chest but then it just died
I wish I never found her profile. Sometimes it feels like the universe just wants me to unhappy and I'm sick of it.
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Nice blog normie. Now leave and kill your self
People like you are why I rarely come to this board I swear just about everyone on this website deserves all the bad shit that happens to them
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What the fuck do you expect anyone to say to your retarded blogpost? Are you asking for advice? Why did you waste time on writing this stupid bullshit?

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I want to be a trap or atleast more feminine I am skinny qt boy already so I don't think it would be too hard. I'm not trying to grow a pair of tits or anything I just want to be more feminine. Any ideas robots?
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post your dick idiot
but why do you want do to that
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Here's an idea: neck yourself you subhuman degenerate ape. I hope Tyrone destroys your colon with his massive nigger dick and leaves you unable to walk and everyone laughs at you when you roll yourself off a tall building in a wheelchair. You're the reason r9k is turning shit and you need to fucking stop. Go to LGBT to ask this retarded question, this isn't the place for it you fucking moron

What's it like to be Mexican?
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Being a Mexican who grew up in the USA means your brown, but in Mexico it means your white. You have no home/nationality
There robots.
>average height 5"4
>only country to beat the US in obesity
>literal leaches off of the US
>high unemployment
>no aspirations
They are just sucking the balls of chad above them
Thats because you have a pathetic view of white

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Should taking valium make it easier to kill yourself?

Asking for a friend.
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take a bunch of DXM too
it an over the counter dissociative anesthetic

will dissociative you from your emotions and body and numb pain
Would DXM be superior alone? My friend has a limited opportunity to acquire valium illegally but could buy as much over the counter meds as he pleased in a few days.
honestly Valium would be a nice addition but DXM is already pretty great for assisting in suicide.
maybe he should spend a few comfy nights with valium if he's gonna off himself anyways. hell he should trip on DXM before he goes too.

may I ask what his preferred method is?

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We're all going to make it. People are going to choose to be kind when this movie comes out. It'll all get better. You'll see.
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Whenever normies give abnormal people attention it's usually to garner brownie points with the other normies
>>Whenever normies give abnormal people attention it's usually to garner brownie points with the other normies
yeah, but they made a movie. it has julia motherfucking roberts in it? how much else are they expected to do? that's a fuckton.
>they made a movie
using abnormal people as props in their crusade of aggrandizement
people will go on thinking nothing about us except mild pity and disgust

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