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Who else here can't speak proper English even though it's their first language?

>tfw I say shit like "catched" instead of caught and other similar fuck ups
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Broken English is cute to me
That's great, unfortunately most people interoperate it as a clear sign of retardation
Just read everything, from signs on the street to the back of your cereal box, basic stuff like that helped me learn English

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im fucking done.png
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>Be me, 19 years old, fairly attractive, outwardly normie-like
>Go on Tinder date with 7/10 Stacy to Mexican place in town
>Everything is going great, making her laugh with smalltalk and jokes and the like
>She talks about how she gained like 20 lbs her Freshmen year at college
>I say "its alright, thicc is in and you're rocking it"
>We stay at the place for another hour, thinking, I thought it went great
>we text eachother afterwards saying how much fun we had and goodnight
>Out of boredom I go see if she has a Twitter account
>see pic related
>I deleted Tinder
>I'm so fucking done with having my self-worth being marginilized by a meat-market of swiping right or left
>I'm going to go to the University Gym 6 days a week and become attractive enough that I don't have to rely on the validation of shitty Tinder bitches to make myself feel attractive
>I'm not going to feel depressed and hate how I look for the rest of my life because some Tinder cunt thinks that she can have any dick she wants just like that
>This is a turning point for me and I'm not looking back
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Learn how to greentext goOd god
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I'm on the toilet taking a shit right now
I read your meaty green text and I feel happy that you are motivated. you don't need anyone else to validate your worth! take care of your self. look fit, be the best self u can be. I unironically believe in U
I hope you've got actual resolutions to do this bc you sound just like me
>mfw can't greentext
She was making fun of you? Fucking roastie whores are so tricky to us dumb robots reeeeeeeeeeeeee

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If you could take a pill right now that turned you into a 6/10 woman, would you? You can't turn back after.
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No. As tempting as it would be to live life on easy mode I don't trust that I will enjoy the experience of bleeding between my legs and don't know what psychological effects the hormonal fuckery would do to me.
Naw, i aint fuckin gay

I will always just remember giving up on my manhood as a woman and feel like i made the world slightly more shitty

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>tfw still no gf/bf

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fuck off gay faggot
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A rogue admin completely ruined my discord server today Ceb. I have nothing now...
Sorry to hear that. How are you coping?

Reminder: I am always here for you, and it you want, I will always be with you.
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Get out of here Jesus I need to fap
Religion is so sad.
He isnt even reaI

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>bwaa bwaa i am boring ugly fat manchild who loves anime and pissing into bottles. why stupid girls don't love me?! Fuckin rosties reeeee!

r9k in nutshell. Can you stop being so pathetic?
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Clarity has awoken on /r9k/.
I wouldn't be here if I could
You automatically become one when you post here, have fun normie

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frenz thred?
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friends are overrated they all tell you "you have shit taste, x sucks, read this, watch this, play this" because they think your taste is shit, and want to brain wash you with their shit taste.
UPDATE FASTER, god fucking damn it.
File: 778.png (69KB, 658x528px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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seounds liek you need better frenz, fren

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Post yfw normies are all going to die horrible deaths


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>white race, have kids
>btw, STDs are becoming immune to our antibiotics lol
It's like a targeted Chadisease
>isn't spread through anything other than sex due to its inability to survive out of body for long
>becoming increasingly drug resistant
>fucks with babies and leads to infertility
These waves of baby wrecking diseases is a sign of overpopulation catching up.
>Normies have so much sex they weaponize STD's
>It become unstoppable and air-born
>Normies have developed immunity through incubating these STD's
>Virgins on r9k die a painful death, normies move on with their lives

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I have to get up in 3 hours, should I go to sleep or just wait it out?
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If you kill yourself you won't have to get up at all
Take a nap

it's not much but better then nothing, that wall of fatigue will hit you
Get some sleep. 2 hours will be better than nothing.

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>tfw we're in the wrong timeline

feel real bad lads
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I was literally thinking about this tonight. There is an infinite number of universes where the Nazis won, and we're stuck here.
we get to live in the future where lots of scifi shit came true, unfortunately we also got cucked politically and socially
if the nazis won we'd be living in blade runner right now

>"OMG anon, your hands are softer than mine!"
>"Ally! Come feel how soft anon's hands are!!! OMG HAHAHAHA!"
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How about you just not let them touch your hands? If they did that to me I'd just walk away. They sound like cunts and whores.
I don't feel sorry for any robot that has softer hands than a female. You're literally spoiled. If you so much as drag around groceries and walk home with them, you'll have rougher hands than a girl.
Handshakes are a traditional greeting for people who leave their houses.

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Its the most pathetic excuse for willfully being an ignorant dumbass.

"I could have got good grades if I tried."

Yeah, if you were actually intelligent. Which you aren't, because you're repeating this shit excuse unironically.

Pic related. If you're smart, go out and prove it. 'muh IQ tests don't measure true intelligence' says the LARPer who hasn't yet figured out that intelligence is a measure of how well you adapt to situations via problem solving while simultaneously complaining about their life situation and being unable to solve it.
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What's wrong, brainlet? Upset that people can be smart without using it? I bet you also think people can't ride a bike just because they haven't ridden one since they were 14.
Intelligent people can be retarded. Just look at Chris Langan
I don't think "If you were actually smart" is the way to phrase it. I think it's important to point out that even if you are intelligent, it is meaningless unless you use it to achieve other things

It's like bragging about your nice lawnmower. Yeah, it's cool that you have it, but if it sits in your shed every day while your lawn grows to shoulder height then it doesn't matter how good it could cut it.

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what do you guys think of "stealthing"? would you do it? why or why not?
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I've done it many times but I just can't stealth first world bank it fucking sucks
What is this "steal thing"?
It's something that black people do, like dabbing.

>be half black, half white guy
>bad luck with girls, hardly any ever like me
>meet a girl on an online game, she seems real cool
>get to know her, find out we like the same things, get closer over time
>finally go to meet her in person, told me what she was wearing so I'd know it was her, I did the same
>no one wearing that outfit she described
>worried no one will show, I was catfished
>someone walks in wearing that exact outfit, sees me and squeals and races to hug me
>in this moment I find out... she's Black...
>decide to play it cool, spend time together, no sex stuff or anything, told her I felt uncomfortable doing that sort of thing, she seemed sad but understood
>the truth is had she been White or Asian I'd have done stuff with her right there with no problems

This is bullshit, finally a girl likes the kind of stuff I like and actually likes me a lot, and she's Black, wtf is this

pic related she resembles this girl but darker skin and no freckles
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>>decide to play it cool, spend time together, no sex stuff or anything, told her I felt uncomfortable doing that sort of thing, she seemed sad but understood>the truth is had she been White or Asian I'd have done stuff with her right there with no problems

That is fucking terrible.
take what u can get and enjoy it as long as shes no gay trap
so you weren't attracted to her?

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Hello, 22 year old skinnyfatfag here. I'm pretty autistic and nerdy but I managed to lose my virginity at age 18 and i've fucked a few women since then, I even use 4chan memes irl.

What's your excuse for being a virgin? Are you severely overweight? Dress like a neckbeard? Disabled? Fugly? I can give you tips on getting laid

I think you might just have high standards
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I was severely overweight and I currently avoid close relations with people
I've never been comfortable around girls. I don't show interest in them, they don't show interest in me.

File: 1487391142387.jpg (87KB, 882x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
87KB, 882x640px
Standards are too high, i refuse to have sex with a normie and all women seem to be normies.

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