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I'm drunk, high and lonely. Anyone want to talk for a bit?

Lonely robot thread
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Not sure if this bump will work but here goes
Tell me your story lad, where are you from?
I'm here too now. What are you up to?

You have a fuckbuddy right?
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I haven't talked to a female of our species in 7 or 8 years.
I think you're lost friend this is >>>/r9/
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virgin /r9k/ is for everyone

I have an infatuation with Maisie Williams.

I know she looks different but for some reason I find her irrrsistable.

I want to marry and have a family with her.
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Beautiful originialio
Kek also bumping because this meme is one of my favourites
She looks like and has the body of a teenage boy with makeup on. You're a homosex in denial.

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>tfw my mom geniunely thinks I'm handsome
>girls think I'm pig disgusting
>I'm actually ugly af

What do? How is it possible that my mom's view is this distorted?
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Everybody's mother tells them that they're handsome. In fact the amount she does so is proportional to how aware she is of how ugly you are.
No she doesn't anon, no she doesn't.
This thread makes me want to die. My mom is the only person who has ever said I look nice. Time for the noose.

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Do blowjobs feel better for uncut guys?
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everything does, get fucked cutfags
It'd be hard for anyone to answer that accurately unless they had received a blow job uncircumcised, got cut, and then received another blowjob. That's two blowjobs you're expecting from a board full of beta virgins
This, especially when the quality of blowjobs varies wildly by the girl whos doing it.

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All other attempts at minimising the presence of women in mankind while making her available for procreation have failed dismally. Chinese legalism led merely to harems, as did Islamic polygamy and Hindu caste marriages, inevitably causing societal pressure as men became sexually frustrated; Christian and Jewish monogamy has only led, inexorably, to the "liberation" of women, to a point where they are now inflicting incalculable damage to all the progress made by mankind over the last 400 years. There's not even any point in discussing the animal like breeding patterns of savages, where women are the ones in controlling of mating - such societies haven't even progressed beyond the Stone Age.

There are several points to identify -
1. Mankind requires women for breeding
2. Mankind can only progress if women is kept solely for point 1, and where she has no impact at all on wider society
3. Women need to be equitably distributed to men to ensure that the irrational competitive drive to breed is satiated

Women thus need to be treated like a common held property, and as such, can be treated as property to achieve the aims of mankind.

How would this be achieved in my perfect society? Read on!
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Let's start from an early age - any women born in this society would be sequestered almost immediately from men. Through monitoring by artificial intelligence, the girls would be cared for through rudimentary AI, like cattle. The girls would be allowed to crawl, toddle and walk in a paddock area with heated areas for sleeping. No medical care would be given - if a girl dies, her corpse is removed from the paddocks. Every few years, tests would be taken to ensure that the girl has no genetic abnormality. If she does have an abnormality, she is liquidated instantly.

This process would continue to puberty. Once a girl has undergone menarche, she would be herded into a chamber where she would undergo a lobotomy to make her completely docile. After the procedure, she would be taken to a "station" with other breeding age females. There, she is again cared for by AI, and is allowed to wander around the free range paddock, like cattle. They would be well provided for.

At these stations, men could come and go as they pleased. They would make a request for sex, which would be judged depending on how hard the man worked since his last request for breeding, and be given a yes or no answer. If given a yes, he is given a girl - not up to him, and randomly selected. Don't worry, though - due to eugenics and good diet, all the girls would lack physical abnormalities and be thin! He would then have a few hours to use the woman to his pleasure.

If the procreation results in pregnancy, the girl is taken off the sex line and put out to pasture, enjoying in her dumb, lobotomised, animal way pregnancy with the other pregnant cattle. Nine months later - if it's a girl, it goes into the breeder cycle; if it's a boy, it's brought up communally by the local "troop", which is an organisation of men of all abilities built to instil brotherhood and family in men.
Once a girl hits menopause, she is liquidated. If she's been a fertile breeder, she may have had up to 12 children in her life, ensuring mankind's survival. Meanwhile, men can live to any age as long as they keep working for the glory of mankind. Unshackled by the need to compete for women, men would bond together, and seek to conquer the Universe.

I think one day my plan may happen. Let us hope so!

What do you think, robots?
Do robots not wish to comment on this remarkable vision?

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Welcome to 2017, my friends.
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toronto 6.jpg
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good old Toronto
Do you have any of the shops of this?
How awkward would you feel being black and seeing this sign. There was a BLACK LIVES MATTER sign stuck to the window of a student accommodation so everyone passing by could see it, on the ground floor. Thought it would be awkward for the blacks in the area, saw one of them cross the road to avoid it, id have probably done the same desu

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girl just sent me the message: "hey, what's up? ^-^"

how do i respond to this?
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nm u

Berate her for her childish use of emoticons then come back here to >tfw no gf
ask to see tits asap

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W-what happened to Tsuki?
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Tsuki is fine. The gates opened without any issue, qithva new counter going down to 7/7/17.

A trusted admin of both the boards and discords recently decided that Tsuki is lying and in light of Tsuki being 1/4 Jewish, this mod believes the Tsuki Project is Jew Magic design to drain our souls. There's a bit of "drama" going on in the community.
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>Tsuki being 1/4 Jewish
>1/4 Jewish
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W-what's that countdown about?
Is it happening?

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What's your ideal superpower /r9k/? Mine's Time control
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Omnipotence so I can destroy this universe and replace it with one where anime is real
Invisibility for sure. Or flight
Telekinesis is the only decent response

Would you give her your seed?
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I would spit my apple seeds all over her face
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This bitch has ruined AOA
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No, It'd be morally wrong for me to reproduce.

When will women learn their place?
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Ummm... No sweetie. Womens place is to be leaders. Men are too stupid to make their own choices, so they need women to run things.
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>what is Yahoo?
go fuck yourself you know where you are suppose to be.....

>short qts
>if you're 5'8"+ you're considered tall
>worship white people and blonde hair blue eyes.
>40% of young adults are virgins.
>cute and feminine acting.
>cute clothes and hairstyles.
>not ruined by feminism.
>higher IQ.
>less likely to reject you because she doesn't have tons of guys talking to her and asking her out.
>good at cooking.
>look young up until their 50s

Why aren't you in Japan right now? Or looking for a Japanese Qt in your area? No other group of women can even compete.

>inb4 weeb ect ect
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Well its good you have a such a clear non-biased non-romanticized version of Japanese women.

You wont be let down at all!
I thought they hated foreigners and like to stick to their own kind. Also then you gotta learn japanese so fuck that noise
white girls don't like me but i'm sure Asians will..

why not make yourself a better person first before blaming it on a race ?

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Hey guys I made a friendly thread last night around 12am. By the time anyone responded it was 3am and I was asleep. I'm starting a new one now in case anyone wants it but I've got a very busy day of yardwork and won't be able to participate for the most part. I'll start another "be nice" thread in about 16 hours. I just want you guys to know that there's somebody out there that gives a shit and wants you to feel better. Be nice, talk about your problems if you'd like, make a friend. (I really truly tried to respond to you guys when I woke up and really appreciate your hopping in my thread, by the time I was awake I couldn't.)
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Ooh, I'm interested in this.
I'll be on standby to chat and console anyone that's having trouble, then. For at least the next hour.
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karen stretching.png
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more people need too be friendly. there's too much hate on this website
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Definitely agreed.
I guarantee this board would be more productive if the community was friendlier.

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so boys I have the opportunity to make a woman pregnant she wants it and is ok with me and my situation.

I am still anxious though. What do you guys think, should I shoot my seed up her alley?
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do it OP
post result
I am not with her now what should I write her? this seems to be some kind of fetish of hers (we are strangers and she already has 2 children) and I am curious what is going to happen with the child, since I am ill and can't really take care of the child.
Use male contraception so she doesn't get pregnant, you get the sex for nothing. Profit?

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