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>"Hey anon what music do you listen to?"

How do I respond to this? I listen to anime openings, music I heard in AMV's I like, and hip hop/pop from the 2000's and early 2010's. I need some music I can like and say that I like without looking like a weirdo.
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whats wrong with being a weirdo?
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>90% of what I listen to is vidya osts

Send help.
I like listening to most genres of metal, hard rock, and synthwave. Anything wrong?

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I'm 22 and making $95k without any degree. Ask me anything.
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*sigh* I guess I'll ask.
What do you do?
I get payed by the fbi to shitpost on r9k
I'm a senior consultant at a software development company. Mostly development/architecture work and some small-team management.

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I feel so bad for Jerry
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I don't, fuck you.
He's a normalfag
Fuck him
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He deserves to suffer.

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Do you think you'll get tired of 4chan? Have you considered going back to forums, or reverting to being normal?

I wish I had never discovered this place. I'm going technologically illiterate grandmother now, maybe I could read some magazines and check social media every now and the, perhaps some forums.

What about you?
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I hate 4chan.
I will never leave.
A part of you will always know you belong back here, hitting F5.
I don't know. Is there a way to give myself brain damage and mentally handicap myself in order to become a normalfag again?

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>see a tall skinny pale young girl
>no muscle, no fat, no figure whatsoever
what the fuck
how does this happen
ive never gotten an erection faster
i wish i could have snapped a pic but the girl was a lot taller than me, it was really intimidating
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Did you start walking funny after you noticed her until you got out of view of her? It doesn't happen very often at all because I only see a girl with big boobs every few months or so and usually I only see her for a little while at a long distance, but I lose my head really bad when I have to walk right by a girl with big boobs, it's embarrassing.
she was sitting next to a reception desk
i hung around for a bit after I saw her, and when she stood up her MASSIVE tits were at my face level
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>then a stiff breeze came along
>here her spine snap under the weight of her tits as she falls to the ground

>tfw no fat belly gf to play vidya with
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>this episode on whale wars:
I wonder what her farts smell like haha
I want one to sit on me

My boyfriend and I have a girlfriend that's an INTP.
I am absolutely fascinated with her but there are some obvious drawbacks and I was wondering if this sounds like other INTPs on the board or people who dated them that can chime in

She disappears into her room for days sometimes only coming out for food at night like a mouse.
-the fact that she won't share a room with us is strange. First I thought it was for work or hobbies, but she sleeps on the floor in there like a cat sometimes.
- she says we're dirty because it's not her mess. Albeit her mess is always clothes and clutter. About once a month she goes crazy like a werewolf cleaning everything up to the ceiling fans.

She's uber smart but hardly ever pays attention
- she spends a lot of the day listening to music because it " keeps her thoughts in theme " and " helps control her moods"
-Sometimes we're 30 minutes deep in a conversation before I realize she's not paying attention. One time I got mad at her and her fucking response was " I know but I remember what I thought to say to you in response so I already paid attention we just haven't gotten to that part of your argument but you can finish" -.-
- anything that's in her hands might as well go into a void. She can pick something up and lose it within seconds without remembering where she set it down.
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I thought it was mild autism at first but our boyfriend took her to a few psychologists and they said she was fine just "eccentric and intelligent". Her response was to call all women in psychology wastes of money or psychopaths in general.
- she generalizes a lot and usually she's not wrong but she can't manage to keep female friends, her male friends fall inbetween two categories ugly nerds, and obnoxious Chad's that she thinks are "fun because they're stupid."
- She tells white lies when she should tell the truth like if someone is bothering her at a club she'll say she's sorry and make up a lie about herself to make other people she doesn't know feel better, but anything involving us or people she knows she's painfully honest and pragmatic.

That being said she's not Spock either, every few months she seems to get in a physical altercation over something really stupid. Last time we bailed her out it was some girl she knew that was harassing her. Her reasoning at first was " If she's going to hate me I'll give her a valid reason" to " I'm just frustrated with everyone." without any more explanation.

It honestly feels like dating a beautiful ghost with a dash of Hank Hill.
Why are you not posting this to ADVICE OR SOC?
Get the fuck off this site nigger.
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Dude weeed.png
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>My boyfriend and I have a girlfriend that's an INTP.
Women have it so easy they can have both a girlfriend and a boy friend and friends.
Get fucked and fuck off nigger.

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What do you do after you reach the end of your thought process and realize you're just rotting away, being a pointless asshole, using up resources, staring into the abyss
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Embrace the idea of hope and enlightenment or give up and chase whatever high you like the most. I'm sure they may be the same or there's many things inbetween, but no one can tell you what to feel. Good luck, always look on the bright side of life, or not! !!!!!11
fap, usually
Make some dinner and fap.

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You have thirty seconds to give me a feasible argument as to why all private dr00g use, possession and sale shouldn't be decriminalized globally.
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Quick rundown on that chap calling you?
>decriminalized globally
Under what authority can anything be decriminalized on a global scale?
Why did you post this on /r9k/, huh?

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I only drink black coffee. Should I be proud or ashamed?
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No reason to feel pride or shame over a drink.
Black coffee is not for everyone.
Yeah but your mom is.

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is she the perfect example of a fembot?
>raised by single mom
>600 lbs
>never had a bf
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also robowaifu thread
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oh come on guys!!
The more striking similarity is that she only exists behind a screen and in people's heads.

Who here gets really pissed whenever there is science denial? Also this is a thread for anyone who likes science as well.
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I get pissed when fedora brainlets don't understand what science refers to and it's limits and autistically evoke it as some magic word that makes everything true
I don't get mad at science denial because I'm not an edgy 16 year old with a superiority complex who needs to compare myself to inbred retards to feel better about myself
this also
Science is 90% jewish propoganda

ITT: fictional characters, individuals, or ideas that inspire you to reach new heights.
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Not this stupid bootlipped nigger again i want to whip him good



That's right white boy. Get fucked.
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Lel suck on the BWC Tyrone the tiny dick.

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the dose.gif
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>see mother left a wrapped sandwich from a sandwich place
>Decide to pop it in the micro wave for a bit to eat it
>bite into it
>realize it's a reuben

Corned beef and sauerkraut are both disgusting, why do people eat this shit.
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thanks doc. I can always rely on you
this has to be bait. there's no way someone can have such bad taste. why would you microwave a sandwich to begin with?
Hot food is what separates man from the beasts.
If you eat food cold, you are literally an animal.

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ITT: Pretend we're iFunny/Redditors
>sees hot grill
Haha guys, do any of y'all have her name? For le research purposes
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Haha this is so funny, xdddddddd I'm sure r/4chan will love this when I screenshot it and post it there!!1!!1!!
This is disgusting, I can't believe how many upvotes this is getting. God there are so many creeps here.

Women deserve respect, they are not objects for you to "research".

*nods respectfully*
Summerfags get out

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