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>tfw 5'5
>tfw 12yo girls taller than me
>tfw i look like a little kid
>tfw i will never have gf
>tfw i cant do anything
people make fun of manlets and i understand that, nobody deserves this pain
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Well not with THAT attitude, no.
so why arent you a trap yet?
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Same boat, same size.

Outside of my parents, everyone else in the family was 6+

I'm thinking of ending it next year. Not even because my height, but because my life is shit.

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Unfettered capitalism is shit. That's why the world sucks, there's no voice of reason to be found with greed.

Government taxes are a form of pure capitalism as well.
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The government isn't an answer to check capitalism, in fact all evidence points to elite capitalism and top government working together to keep the population working and destitute.

Communism, pure communism, is shit too because everything relies on the workers who seized power by seizing the means of production because working people are shit too.

Our calling to a higher purpose as a species is having a shared and overarching society for everyone to participate in.
so what is it that you're suggesting we should do instead?
>nobody will ever take National Socialism seriously again because that one guy did it

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foot thread
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this one is nice0
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so soft looking

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Does anyone else have tinnitus? I'm fucking dying over here.
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better get used to it man
What does tinnitus feel like?
only a mild case of it

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iron pilled.png
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Who /ironpilled/ here?
>Daily morning routine of yoga, calisthenics and meditation
>Pragmatic vegetarian: eating meat only when served meat by a host where I am a guest
>Study anatomy and physiology to better understand training and posture
>Practice posture and facial expressions in mirror
>Singing lessons, which also improved the sound of my speech (hint: use chest resonance)
>Train my peripheral vision to 180 degrees of attention, allowing me to look at a person without looking in their direction
>Pick up basic fashion advice (whatever you wear, wear clothes that fit)
>Groom a small, well-kept beard (the best I can manage)
The gains are massive. A girl I just met two weeks ago, who asked to add me on Facebook , just messaged me asking to meet up. I'm going to turn down any romantic interest, though, as I will soon travel to the Spanish mountains to live the monk lifestyle for 6 months.
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hahahahaha no one gives a shit! (but you get a bump anyway)
Zyzz died to a rare genetic heart condition not steroids..
yeah that's what his brother claims. zyzz died while high as fuck on coke and pills in a sauna. and the tren probably didn't help either

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This going to sound autistic but I'm already drunk so let's go. I'm black and have been posting here on /pol/ for years. Despite the hatred, I've gotten attached to that place. My long time girlfriend who is white just dropped a hint that she wants to get married. I truly do love her but the posts I read about interracial couples keep nagging at me. I keep reading about how racemixing is killing whites and I feel guilty.

Should I break it off so she can go shack up with a white guy to save the white race? Is this just my drunken autism talking?
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Yes absolutely break it off. You have like a 160% greater chance of divorcing anyway
no marry her and make respectable black men and women.
get married but adopt a white kid or better yet get yourselves a white bull that breeds her for 4 kids.

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Who are these silly looking guys and why do I see them posted all the time?
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Can someone give me a quick rundown on these two guys?
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a quick rundown lad
They're Jamie Olivers, the first gay couple to be invited to an official event by Queen Elizabeth.

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Where are you on it /r9k/
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Sex is on there, we are all at the base.
I never agreed with Maslow's hierarchy of needs. It's ordered all wrong.
Never got to level 3. Emphasis on "belonging".

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Losing weight, things are looking a little better than before lads
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>apply for fast food gig
>be 26
>HR lady asks "what makes you Panda material"
>come up with a BS answer out of my ass because caught off guard
>didn't get the panda job
Why repost this?
I'm 24, can I join in?

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Who else has realised that everything is consciousness?
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Shut the fuck up.
I mean it.
Also kill yourself.
Woah. Anon, what happened?
Just take it easy friendo.
There is still some experience without consciousness. You can simply experience objective reality through one or many of yor senses, and dont associate them in your occipital lobe. Be an insect, and there will be no consciousness, yet there will be perception. Even less than an insect maybe. A robot

Do you know any women with very large breasts? What are they like?
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theyre large
my gf, I sleep in them, it is the cosiest feel in the entire world having huge tits wrapped around your face and neck as you doze and nothing will ever be the same again if I ever lose her.
its time to wake up anon, youre gonna be late for school

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what could possibly be in this envelope?
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A nice, caring lover.

Or a lot of money.

You choose.
the gets?

HIV contaminated needles

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Just make a fake korean interpal
horney gorl are waiting from my response and i sherry-pick the prettiest
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Only slavs? weird. And kek at the french profile which doesnt has a pic. Probably an islamist who wants to convert you.
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but they are cute desu
Yes i know. Just dont get why they like a korean.

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Percocets, molly, percocets.
Chase a bitch, never chase a bitch.
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I just need a whole lot of drugs in my system...

I just tried acid for the first time I feel good...
Chase a cheque you stupid fuck
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Let's gooooooooooooogo

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Canadians are the true bulls

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