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Why are you guys so pissy towards us fembots? I mean it's not like we did anything wrong
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Can't be pissy towards something that doesn't exist.

also what youre doing wrong is threads like these
This. OP is either a LARPing faggot or a trap.

I have a crush on a robot. He's 33 and our common friends seem to think he's never had a gf and is probably a virgin. I've been thinking of asking him out, but one thing is holding me back.

I'm a bit of a slut. I'm looking for a serious, committed, loving lifelong relationship, and it has always been a priority for me. But I haven't exactly gone out of my way to avoid shorter things either, and sometimes I have casual sex. I also talk about sex a lot more openly than most women do.

Is there any point in even trying to date him? Can an inexperienced guy like him not get hung up on my sexual history? Could he take me seriously as a prospective partner? Could he actually love me?

If you were a 33-yo virgin, would you like to be approached by a slutty friend?
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Assuming this isnt a bait thread, yes I would like it. Is he rich or something?
It's unbelievably obvious that this post was not written by a women.
No, he's broke. I'm not sure exactly why I like him, but I'm definitely at least a little bit robotic too (I've been coming here for a long time) and we've bonded over our similar problems. Could be desperation, I've been single for a while now.

Would you only use me for gaining exp?

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More and more white males choose to play video games and spending time online instead of finding a partner and getting into committed relationship. If this doesn't change women will continue growing being unhappy.


Men are destroying our society by being NEET losers.

Bbut I am not to most women's standards!

Umm sorry sweetie, but women NEED TO be picky, because pregnancy takes your time. If you get pregnant with the wrong guy, you waste at least two years of your life and resources bringing up his child before you can walk away. Maybe you should work on improving yourself instead of eating potato chips, honey?

My personal theory is that white boys can't handle the fact that women are now beating them economically and educationally, while demanding to be treated as humans, so boys throw a tantrum and take their ball and go home keeping their angry heads down. If we had smart leaders in the office, we would have HEAVY single male tax put in place long time ago.

Please stop acting like spoiled children, go outside and fucking man up already. If you have nothing to show for yourself then START WORKING and find a woman AFTER you got your shit together.

Thank you.
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White men are demonized and held down in our society, if they shut down the net and gaming they will find something else to obsess over.

You can't demonize people and expect life to carry on as normal.
Don't fall for the bait. This thread has been created multiple times today and yesterday.
too long, didn't read.

Does anyone else like to watch these cyst popping videos?

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No, but lots of normies do.
you stop that right now, young man.

I had a cyst in my left ball when I was a child. Got really big and red. Luckily I was in a Eastern European country at the time. No debt, plus everything went very well. I cherish my left testicle very much.

How do i convince my parents to put my severely autistic brother (22) into a facility?

My mom practically gave up her social life taking care of this piece of shit and the stress is physically affecting her.

My autistic brother has an iq lower than my dog (cant feed himself, cant clean after himself, nonverbal) extreme autism.

How do i convince her to move thos burden to a facility for other tards 24/7, or better yet how do i make him go away permanently

Any other robots dealing with this shit?
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>wanting to destroy your own family

Kill yourself, you piece of shit
Im trying to save it, literally 0 cons when this piece of shit is gone
>Im trying to save it, literally 0 cons when this piece of shit is gone

except an extremely depressed, almost suicidal mother that she threw her own son in the mental ward

understand you don't understand what it means to be a parent and stop trying to do your mother's job

or, alternatively, buy a ticket to japan and visit aokgakihara forest.

You may choose ONLY ONE of the following gifts.

-5 additional inches of penis length

-200 thousand dollars of tax-free American currency

-An additional foot of height

-A girlfriend who's exactly the body-type you desire with exactly the personality type you desire who is madly in love with you and will never leave you.

-Your own Youtube Channel with 8 million subscribers and all the equipment you need to make videos.

-Become a co-host of the Jerry Springer show

-Acquire a job as a television news anchor.

-A car that can turn into a jet that can go to the moon.
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The money, hands-down.
i already live like a peasant so that money would last me years and keep me going until i finally get the courage to off myself
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Black women are so cute. They're like chocolate angels, the last refuge for the troubled white man in this crazy 21st century.
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The only reason a white man would date a black woman is because he's too much of a loser to date white women. Even then, black women are a last resort for white guys. White dudes will go for latinas and asian girls before they go black
Speak for yourself, American. Foreigner white men are not low-t like your kind.
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black angels are pure

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>white people can see the UFOs, bigfoot, aliens, the lochness monster, etc
>they can't see their own privilege
really makes you think
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That's a lewd rendition of the emoji.

>be minority
>Move to someone else's country
>expect to be treated better than the locals

Really makes you think.
Whites are the only group that it is socially proper to insult.

Prove me wrong

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>yeah anon in puberty you will grow up to be big and strong and manly
24 and still waiting for my wrists to grow wider and i can't even grow a beard plus i'm a dicklet on top of that
fucking school lied to me again
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Gain weight and do forearm/hand exercises. Doesn't grow your bones but it's better than nothing.
Same, even though my father is a giant and my mother isn't small. What went wrong?
I have a girls' wrist too. No amount of fitness will grow your bone.
For the facial hair, you can try 6 month minoxidil on your beard area.

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Freshly baked thread
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>Terror attack
>Everyone is on damage control by posting 'but x Muslim did this' #not all bad.
When did we become Cuckland.
Years ago desu
Got a gold magikarp lads

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Any experience with said drugs?
Will they make me less suicidal and more confident?
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Do you have inattentive disorder? I take ritalin when I'm at work, my psychiatrist says it helps me stay organized in a work environment which ultimately relieves my generalized anxiety at home about work.

Im a Geotechnical engineer but I still need speed to do my job every day.
You have a very good brain.
It's very forgetful and quick to miss small details, bad news for a geotech eng so I hide my drug dependancy from my colleagues. It's hard to deal keep it bottled up but I've gotten bad reactions from people in the past when I tell them I take ritalin.

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This board has completely gone to shit.
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Each year the shit goes deeper in my mouth but I can't leave this website; it tastes so good
My boyfriend is getting mad at me for hanging out with my ex, should I dump him? I just smoke weed with him and my boyfriend doesn't even smoke so...
Just go populate a tiny, slow image board like samachan or something.

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this is fucking bullshit im not a fucking normie dont feed me your fucking LIES AND DECEPTION r9k
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reply to this post or your mother will die in her sleep tonight


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Is there any point to try in life if you're a manlet?

I mean, no one expects anything of someone they don't respect, and no one respects manlets. Anything you do to improve yourself is seen as compensation for your height.
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If you put it that way, manlet is a state of mind. It means someone who blames everything on his short stature and is massively insecure about it.
no, the only choice is to hope you can become a girl or kill yourself.
maybe if you have a alpha personality being a manlet can work, but for a robot it is a killing blow. only other person i know who is short as me is diagonosed as a dwarf wears diapers and im 100% sure he will die as a virgin.

t. tiny turbo manlet that became a cute girl(male), got a awesome r9k bf (he is basically a chad kind of hard to believe he was on here)
just become a pretty girl

My boyfriend is getting mad at me for hanging out with my ex. We get into horrible yelling matches, it's not like we do anything other than smoke weed and chill.
He has no reason to worry, but I'm considering breaking up with him because it's becoming too much.
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nobody cares about your problems, fuck off
go fuck yourself :^)

whore i'm just kidding, kill yourself, i mean it.
Men don't hang out with girls to hang out, men hate girls, even girls hate girls we only hang out with girls to slip in somewhere. This is a normie thing not an r9k thing. Not only are you hanging out you're smoking weed with him; I wouldn't be surprised if you're a slut.

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