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So you're in a club with your bitch and this guy walks up to your girl, spanks her ass and grips both of her tits in front of you.....

Whatcha crackas gonna do about it?
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Use a knuckle duster.
Rolling quads to stop giga nigga
Turn 270 degrees and walk away because i don't have or want a gf.

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Is it really weird to be virgin at 27?

I am khv, I see hot couples everyday, but idea of them having sex seems unreal desu

Does it even matter
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please resopnde family
As a 24-year-old virgin I can't tell you anything. We are in the same boat.
23 year old here, lost virginity about a year ago, and maybe this is just my personal experience, but you aren't missing out on ANYTHING. Unless maybe you have some kind of deep emotional connection to the person, it feels the same as jacking off. Waste of time tbqh

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>that song came out 5 FUCKING YEARS AGO
A black person asked if I like any rap. I said not really I do like Chief Keef though. They told me not to tell any black person that ever. Why? I don't understand...
>tfw watching the latest spoony stream
it's sad to see what depression, SJWs, and shitty girlfriends can do to a man. he used to make great videos, now he just does a livestream every few months or so where he's a cunt to the chat and bans everyone who doesn't suck his dick

Anyone ever felt the urge to kill someone? I don't mean being angry at someone, but actually wanting to kill that person.
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I felt like killing my adopted daughter a few times. But i can't cause she's so cute.
Yes. I think about it from time to time, and imagine what it would be like. I mostly just do it when I'm bored now.
I wholeheartedly hope I take my own life before I take somebody else's

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LSD thread.

whos done acid? i know a lot of you guys have.

what was it like for you?
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Hello friendo. Dropped about a hundred or so microgram the other day, done it for about four years now.

It's different every time.

It's a lot of fun.

It's very interesting.

Ask me anything.
Pretty cool. Just keep your cool on the comeup and laugh your ass off at stupid, fleeting thoughts. It can get pretty fucked though if you don't enter in the right mindset and have the right environment/companions you're totally comfortable with. Friends of mine got hospitalized because they were tripping too hard, were freaking the fuck out, and needed to be sedated.

Nice bait.
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>Nice bait.
In what way? Name one thing I said that was wrong.

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which buzzfeed person do you hate the most? obviously all buzzfeed is cancer. but for me its between "tan" and that fat gay guy
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>watching buzzfeed videos enough to have a least favourite person
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fat gay guy.jpg
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this is the gay
Explain in a paragraph what's wrong with that.

Why don't you robots just become like don draper? He literally knows that he is just a beta numale but he acts like an alpha in front of his clients and colleagues. It doesn't matter if you believe that you are a beta, it only matters how you act in front of other people.
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Becuase the entire show is about the problems that come with that lifestyle of pretending, like running into old acquaintances and shit. And he is supposedly some kind of genius with advertising which most of us aren't.

I am not talking about the show or the lifestyle. I am talking about the character of Don Draper. He knows that he is a betacuck, the son of a prostitute and a drunken retard. But he still acts alpha under all circumstances.
He can act alpha because hes an attractive genius who is good at his job and good at manipulating people

Now I cant think of many robots like that

It's real NEET hours, wagies currently crying themselves to sleep edition
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I'm a wagie and I don't plan on going to bed until 2am (I don't work mondays)
first for qt anons
I'm working tomorrow. Hope I can finish this beer before midnight.

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Conversation with my dad a few minutes ago:

>Anon we spoke to your grandparents and they said they want you to come to Guangzhou (a city in China) to live with them so they can make you normal again, what do you think?
>I'm not sure, I'll think about it
>Well it doesn't seem like you're getting better, if you're going to be at home most of the time, you might as well try out living. You can go with your grands to buy a computer once you're. A firm handshake would also make them happy.
>Okay i'll think about it and let you know

This is it, my family can't take it anymore. I think they'll send me there even if i tell them not to do so (Pic related is me the moment i was talking with my parents, no porn)
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How comfortable are you in your current situation desu?

Long time no see, chinkbot
I'd go. Once in a lifetime experience that almost nobody gets.

It seems you really need a change of pace, not only for your family but for yourself. I also sense you aren't happy, shaking things up drastically is probably the most effecrive way to deal with your shit and insecurities. Dont be afraid of change or the unknown.

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>tfw addicted to singleplayer minecraft survival
I don't give a fuck how autistic it is, this is the greatest game of the decade
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Minecraft survival is super comfy when you do it alone, especially in a snow biome when you don't use a bed to skip nights
>of the decade
This decade? Minecraft came out in 2009, anon. That was last decade.
Post pics of your world

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I like Kanye

His music is enjoyable, dunno about his newer stuff really but he has some good songs to his name. From the few interviews I saw he seems like a sperg who doesn't know how to act when not in his persona. I don't get where the hate for him comes from.
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I like him as well.
Hes a pretty interesting character.
Absolute sperg. Absurdly creative but struggles articulating himself.

Seems like a pretty nice guy outside of "work".
I'm a huge fan of his music and I strongly believe that he's a robot within.

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I never get pussy I never get any pussy I'm nice I'm always so nice to the girls and yet they always end up dating guys whare terrible to them I never get any pussy
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yea this always crushes me. whenever im rude to a girl i get way farther. niggers and chads and pimps whatnot beat their women and never help or defend them if they ever need it and they swim in pussy. women deserve their fates man. just focus on your hobbies anyways women just bring drama and stress.
Does annon want to talk about it?
How can they keep getting away with this????

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friendly reminder that "thicc" is a Jewish plot to make white men attracted to gluttonous and likely infertile fat women
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isn't voelkisch and all that fuzz something for /pol/?
>Fat correlated with infertility
Wot. Women become infertile when they don't have enough bodyfat.
First off you spelled it wrong you moron. Secondly, fuck off. Poltards are the worst with their conspiracy bullshit. Men want thicc or fat women cause they look like they'll breed strong and healthy children. That's biologically correct.

What are OBJECTIVELY the best type of bed sheets?

Silk? Egyptian? Microfiber?
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Latex or rubber
Silk is harder and more expensive to clean. Save yourself the headache and just get cotton or linen.

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Has 4chan made you more insecure?
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Let that poor mouse go
4chan has pretty much moulded me into an insecure retard. But on the plus side it's made me painfully self aware.
4chan's actually made me feel a lot better about myself.

Sure I'm weird, but compared to most of the people here I'm a fucking rock star.

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