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>Hi anon. I wan help on this math assignment. Can you do? I hear you are smart
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No I won't do your assignment, that's unethical.
>Needing math help
Don't do it anon it's a trick, everyone is going to laugh at you
well whats the assignment?

You want to know the real, unvarnished, black pill truth? Prime teen pussy was the ONLY thing that mattered in life, and you failed. Your positiin in the high school social hierarchy determines mannerism, personality factors, and the like which you carry to the grave - these subtly, instinctively signal those around you how you should be treated, often without their awareness. qIncels face massive discrimination not just socially but in jobs, housing, even healthcare. Your success in other areas of life can be DIRECTLY correlated to your sexual success in your early teenage years. Until that time you are mostly shapes by your parents, but that is when you begin to interact with your peers and determine your own identity. You have a brief window - not even your whole teenage years, for most people 2 or 3 years somewhere between 13 and 17 years of age - during which your own actions and decisions, and in particular those relating to social and sexual life, can actually influence the course of your existence. The rest of your life, not just sexually but economically, is almost totally, and largely irrevocably, determined by traits which are shaped by your sexual success during this brief time period. Graduate a virgin, and you will most likely die a virgin - and homeless and penniless, too.
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Are rhinos /ourguys/?
too long stopped reading after the first line
I had sex a couple of times in high school and fucked a 17yr old at 25
Really? The only thing in life that matters is teen pussy?

That's the most childest thing I've ever read on r9k, and how sad it is.

There are greater joys in the world.

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God, FUCKING DAMNIT. I fucking hate these fucks. I had 120 dollars in spending money in my drawer, right? I go to count it to make sure I had some money towards a new, non-shit PC. I counted 53 dollars. 53. Fucking. Dollars. Stolen out from under my fucking nose. Oh sorry, I meant "BORROWED" but when I remind them they keep delaying. I want money for nice things, but they have to fucking steal my shit and then say "oh sorry anon, your neetbux should suffice!" Like I don't want nice things. I fucking worked for that. Fuck these fucks. God fucking damnit.
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Wtf are you on about? Why are you hiding money in easily stealable places? Is it change? I'm not saying what happened to you was justified, but if you're living with a thief...Well, shit goes missing. Kick someone's ass out or buy a safe.

Maybe you can trade in some of your Good Boy Points for dollars, anon. Might have to skip a few servings of tendies, but sometimes life is hard.
>I fucking worked for that

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>first date in years few days ago
>thought it went well
>having a conversation with girl all day
>Usually responds in about 10 mins
>Send text in pic related
>no response in an hour and a half

Is it just a coincidence or do I just kill myself now?
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>paragraph replies
too much my dude
too much too soon
Give her the benefit of the doubt for the time being. If you don't get a response by tommorow, something may be up

Talk about what you're on and if it helps you or not and stuff.

I just got a prescription for Abilify today, anyone have experience with it?
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It made my dick not work.
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Just some acne medication
I've got a fever

and the only prescription



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Let's talk /r9k/!

Anything going on in your life?
Want to vent about something?

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No u

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Would a gf like my penis?
Texture makes up for size, right?
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That is disturbing
I just realized that you post here alot

Stop posting ur dick on the interent for attention and actually get medical help
yes, if a woman sees a dry dick she instinctively want to moisturise it

Why aren't you married to a QT virgin?
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Because I devirginized my fiancee already.
She seems a bit too young.
That guy must be a massive cuck.

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>sign up for clickworker
>in order to get paid, your paypal account has to be verified with a bank account
well...shit. is it worth it? tell me the best course for starting a bank account. bonus points if it doesn't involve human interaction.
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Don't you need a bank account to have a PayPal account?
no. i have a paypal account where I've been able to send and receive money for a couple years now. I just never verified it, and for some reason that's a requirement with this website.
>go to bank
>"Hi, I want to open a checking account"
>agree to some stuff, make an initial deposit, wait for your debit card in the mail
There are some fees that come with having one but most banks also have ways to waive that fee, I don't get charged for my checking as long as I use my debit card at least 10 times a month of have a minimum of 500 dollars directly deposited each month and I don't get charged for my savings as long as I have a minimum of 25 dollars automatically transferred from my checking into my savings each month

what the actuaI FUCK went wrong?
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bad economics
race mixing and consumer culture. no one knows who they are anymore
Single mothers, reality TV, and internet culture.
t. Millennial

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>friend doesn't show me enough affection for my liking
>start to feel unappreciated
>sign off for a month
>the person tells me they missed me and were scared I wouldn't come back
>I feel loved
>mission accomplished

Does anyone know these feels?
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so close to the holy quints
almost know those feels, except without them missing me
Ye, sometimes I suffocate my friend and then he goes silent, so I stop interactions until he checks on me
but I'm afraid that if I give him too much time he'll just grow away from me to a point where the friendship is just

>working for somebody else to make a fraction of the profit they make
>not OWNING a fraction of the business so wagecucks LITERALLY go to work to pay you to own them
feels good man
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>Family is wealthy
>They could literally support my NEETdom forever for a pittance (to them)
>They refuse because "we expect more from you"

You can just ignore them. They won't kick you out.
You could do far more than a dozen wagies by investing some of their money in a company and then living off the dividends and shit.
That money would allow the company to do far more, make more, employ more people and pay more tax to society than a dozen minimum wagekeks.

Here's mine. I'm a bad motherfucker.
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Goddammit I meant to say faces of /r9k/ thread
Is that weed?

>faces of r9k
you mean faces of normies on r9k
fuck off >>>/soc/

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did you ever look at a couple or even your parents and think how it happend. how do people get together, how do they know they like each other. how did their communicate in the first place or know they liked each other. i wonder how people get together.
because i know its impossible for me and i will never understand how it works or what you say to someone to do it.
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I know that feel. I cannot for the life of me have a conversation with anyone.
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it gets really awkward really fast.
My gf is sleeping next to me right now and your question is good. I thought the same at one point. I remember losing faith in girls around 21- I am 23 now. What struck me about girls were the fact that every time you had been dating one, she always kept her options open. So I decided, I won't go into dating unless the girl invites me out - and here I am, with the love of my life and future mother of my children. I met her trough a colleague and friend at the bar I work at. People who were introduced by friends always last longer in terms of relationship, and that's probably how your parents met.

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>Put trailer hitch on my vehicle just so it can fuck with people who rear end me
>A few days ago a double-x chromosome was looking at her phone and ran right into the backside of my car
>My car is undamaged, her engine got BTFO
>Watch her cry and I leave without reporting it because I don't wanna be late for class

Have any satisfying payoffs recently?
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But she's going to reach to her insurance company. Then her insurance company is going to contact your insurance company. Hopefully you didn't give her your information, otherwise you will get caught for committing insurance fraud.
Hell no, only thing I exchanged were a few words
Lol she's just going to file with insurance and tell them you fled the scene, or make up some bullshit how you hit her car. There's no police report to prove her wrong. Enjoy getting fucked by this minor hiccup in your life

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