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post your desktop fags
pic related mine
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that's a good fucking desktop
unfortunately, I don't have the energy to make mine A E S T H E T I C
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Nice and minimalist, just the way I like it
thank u sir
it's not that hard though

I'm upset that the Third Reich was the last and finest example of a Beta Uprising
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You should try reading a history book.
give me a tl;dr if you are so enlightened
>inb4 no, ur stupid!
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What about ISIS?

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/r9k/ no longer has a community or identity; it does not create OC or have very many greentext or feel threads. We are left with a vacuum, and are faced with choosing what kind of board /r9k/ will be. We have to act quickly if we don't want it to become a massive porn dump.

I have a proposal: /r9k/ should be a tripfag board. Everybody who posts here should use a trip. If somebody doesn't use a trip you shame them.

The effects should be rapid and dramatic. Soon, people will have identities attached to their posts. Retards will no longer be able to go into racebait threads every day and bump them by bitching about Jewish shills without being made fun of. People who post in bad bait threads, spew garbage, and act like retards can be identified, mocked, and filtered.

Better yet, /r9k/ will become the most reviled board on 4chan. Anybody from /v/ or /b/ will come here and think it is the most circle jerking, cancerous pile of shit they've ever seen. And they'll leave, which is a good thing.

It will also be more difficult to be a needlessly abrasive jackass without people being mean to you in response. The board will generally, in my estimation, be considerably better and more constructive for anybody who posts here regularly or puts in effort.

>go back to red.dit
It's ruined by the upvote system. I'm only giving you the opportunity to filter people you hate instead of having to put up with them. Feel free to filter me, if you like, you won't ever have to read anything I write again.
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I agree one hundred per cent OP.
Actually it goes in the email field you hopeless newfag.
this is gay, even to gay for ebaums

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What u guys do last night? Went to a club with my gf because im faggot
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Cool. Did you fuck her at any point?
I stayed at home and tried not to cry
Nah I took molly so my dick would of been too flaccid anyway

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It finally fucking happened. After 25 long hard years I finally convinced a decent looking woman to have sexual intercourse with me.

Kissed, suck some titties, finger fucked some pussy, sucked some pussy, got my dick sucked sloppy, got ridden, fucked her.

Words cannot describe how good the days been r9k. I recommend you try this. We've been missing out guys seriously
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>I recommend you try this

Oh well in that case...
How much did you pay and have you already appointed a doctors visit?
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>Kissed a girl

GTFO norman

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Alright I made a Tinder. Now what?
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here is what will happen:

no matches: sad
match with girl, she won't talk : sad
match and meet girl, she never talks again: sad
match meet and fuck slut, then repulsed by all of them
delete account
Delete it before you realize the sad truth of your situation
delete yourself

le orginallllll lcommentntnttttnt rudebwoyyyy

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I've fapped 5 times today and I feel very tired

I'm so tired that if I go to bed I feel my body to be paralized, my head hurts and my eyes "roll" but I can't fall asleep

what the fuck is this?
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i'm also hungry as fuck
Sounds like a seizure anon stay awake and see if you could go to a doctor

Lay off fapping if that's what is causing this
seizure wtf?

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>be 18
>underweight manlet
>parents tell me i gotta eat so i become a big boy because i'm still growing
>remember i hadn't measured myself in a whole year
>do it
>still 5'8
>still 120lbs

it's over for me
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what are you complaining about you fuck im 5'3
If you under 6' you should kill youself.
File: IMG_1977.jpg (61KB, 1668x925px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm 6'3
I barely made it

pic unrelated

tfw no autistic weeb gf (male)
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yeah iktf anon.

must be androgynous though.
>tfw you are the autistic weeb gf(male) to a super qt robot
i hope you find a gf soon and make her feel like a princess!!! <3
Shut the fuckin hell up ya transgemdered wop!

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Tell your fellow man about some of the feels that might be hard to understand for someone who haven't experienced it themselves.

I have some experience with paranoia and will tell you about it. I have felt it in two different ways.
>see bright star from window
>it suddenly disappears
>"the government are using drones to check me out. They know I am about to go insane. Reality is an conspiracy."
Another time
>car follows me for 20 minutes
>heart is racing, I get out in a parking lot, ready to face death. Ready to fight for my life.
>car drices up
>old lady steps out
>"they must have switched driver. The government man is hiding in the trunk"
>speed of. Take a long detour
This is a very real feeling. I have never considered that I might be exaggerating untill years later.
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I don't even do drugs. Fyi
I'm paranoid as fuck, I patrol my lroperty becuase I always think people are tresspassing or setting up to ambush me, I think the gov uses helicopters to spy on me and drones or hidden cameras, I know what I'm typing or txting is recorded, I'm real scared about whos going to move next door to me last thing I want is "Fear Thy Neighbor" type shit going on I hope my new neighbor is nice.
I stress when i'm driving to my house I live in country on dirt road and a random car follows me but i calm down when they keep driving off

If you couldn't articulate the damage done by your single mother here you go now robots. Pic related as well.

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So what do you plan on doing about it dipshit? You can't just have a thousands of kids go into foster homes, and you can't force couples to take care of children.
Are these numbers adjusted for the proportions of single parents that get custody? Even if they aren't that's still crazy
Why are you blaming the mother and not the father for abandoning his male responsibility?

Roasties trying to ironically pass a law ticketing people for masterbating.

Let's get as many people to cum on a picture of her as possible and send them all.
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Full picture

Oh yeah fapping is just like killing an organism with a cns. Hence "choking the chicken".
good law, masturbation is degenerate

>that dream where you start making out with a girl but then she turns into a dog or bursts into transistors
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>the dream in which you anally rape your best friend
I can relate too well to this dream

>that dream where whoever you feel bad for while awake is torturing you
>that dream where you're running away from your own insecurities

I've been having these a lot recently

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The only guy who ever had a crush on me did everything he could to suffocate his feelings because he didn't want a relationship with me. How am I not fucked?
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i think you are cute anon!
I dont know, you did not talk about yourself... Only about some guy that did not want a relationship with you.
>Someone has had a crush on you
Most of us will never know this feel. You're lucky. Tits or gtfo.

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Who /turned gay by 4chan/ here?

Before I starting coming to this website I hadn't even seen a single feminine penis. Now I want nothing more than to become a qt trap and to sit on Chad's dick.
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Is that Adam Sessler? Origu
File: 1479262186229.jpg (69KB, 900x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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SO, you degenerate homo's ADMIT that you turn gay!
women are basically walking shit-tests who literally don't have it in them to provide the kind of emotional support a guy needs
it's actually cruel to even ask it of them, they're designed to receive it, not give it
also, with the globally falling levels of testosterone, a cute boy is endocrinologically equivalent to a woman from 50 years ago, so it's not even gay

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