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Reminder: Tomorrow is Elliot's birthday. 24th July
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>tfw his birthday is only 6 days after mine
Why didn't Elliot think to attempt to shoot the lock off or at least find another means of access to the sorority house, was he really that retarded/ stunted due to being in the moment?
Ah yes, Smelliot, le impotent rage man

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Why the fuck do we keep making meta threads but eventually fuck off back to watching anime and jacking off? Its good that people are finally realizing how much of a garbage dump this place has been, but all we do is complain. If we spent the time we waste complaining into doing something we'd have won already.

I dont get why people here have to be so stubborn and actively work against themselves all the time. Whenever there is an attempt by someone to organize and actually do something there are always some faggots who have to whine and nitpick about how its not being done in the exact same way they want it done. Is this really all we are capable? We cant even keep our own board clean because everyone would rather bitch and whine than do something about it
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Probably because robots are inherently lazy, so we rarely ever stick to something new if it requires effort.

But it doesnt even require any real effort. I have seen close to 40 posters who agree that the norman invasion here needs to be stopped. If each of those people spent as much time derailing threads in a coordinated manner we'd win fairly quickly, if not at least significantly reduce nornalfag presence here.
because we cant change anything without mod support

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Wizards, why do you still come to this miserable place?
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If you have to ask that question, then you don't belong here.

datamine thread

Hi cia, fbi, nsa and jews
>Implying I've anything better to do.

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how on earth is masturbation not considered guy ? you are jerking yourself off with a male hand...
>inb4 b-but youre thinking about women/watching porn, by that logic screwing traps wouldnt be gay as well because you imagine him to be a girl
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But anon, screwing traps isn't gay.
It's pretty guy, actually

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Why is it that men have such strange fetishes compared to women?
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Men are opportunists dude have you ever heard the phrase
>any port in a storm
Men will like whatever pays attention to them and isn't immediately repulsed.
That's the only thing that I'm actually happy with, there are so many things to fap to
Because men are so appressed that anything we want is seen as strange; woyim got the same shit we have.

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How does one become Chad? Personality, mannerisms, etc..
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you don't become a chad, it's something you're born with
First you must become a big guy
1,85m+, good face, muscular, rich

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should i move to japan guys
im 5'7 spic
will i fit in please help
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Language barrier is huge and if people find you fat which to them is disgusting no pussy, no friends there. Its too big of a risk, you'll be a stray dog among sheep
>Language barrier
I-i can always learn japanese, r-right anon?
Also yeah im sort of overweight but nobody can tell i am.
What type of people do japanese women like talking to?
Unless you work for a foreign company with good conditions, or are an artist of some sort(the kind of artist that makes money) living in Japan must be pretty terrible.

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What is it like when a woman shows sexual attraction towards you?
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If she is hot, it is like you are a god.

If she is not, it is the living embodiment of
>haha yeaaaa...
>What is it like when a woman shows sexual attraction towards you?
It's pretty scary desu
like bags of salty milk

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Why aren't you wearing one right NOW on your dicklet? And get the rush from knowing you're just a useless hole for Alpha dick as Nature intended?

ITT share your tips&experiences fellow robots
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It would fall off. I'm so fat my dick goes all the way inside when I'm flaccid. It looks Like a bellybutton at times.
what happens with these thing if you get an erection?

doesnt it hurt?
>doesnt it hurt?
You're a little guy.

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">tfw no" thread
I'll start
>tfw no gf that walks around topless around you
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>tfw no gf that fucks you with her feminine penis
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goodnight bad.png
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>tfw no free will as the universe is deterministic
>tfw no gf to put lotion on your back after you shower together

I've been using your average Durex vanilla shit you find on Amazon/supermarket till now but it's not very moist and not slippery enough..
Any reccomendation?

Preferably off Amazon as I got gift codes and prime subscription

thx bois
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Never had any problems with taking my bf with spit alone. But for your first few times you should use some lube to help you learn how to relax your butthole muscles.

Something NOT water based. Water based dries out too fast.
yeah if you want to fuck up your ass's eco-system.
Keep your degenerate horseshit to /lgbt/.

are you a faggot or a faggot?
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you are the faggot you fucking faggot
are u a faggot?
wow thank for only allowing quality original posts robot.

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Why haven't you guys tried talking to a Jesus freak on a dating site? Only just started talking to one on a dating site and she is so awesome. Just the fact that she likes God makes me like her so much more than other girls.

From the way her profile is written, I wouldn't be surprised if this girl was one of those waiting until marriage to have sex Christians.
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So. You gonna meet her or what?
Are you in it for the pussy or for her?
Decide man! Decide!
What's the point of a Christian girl? They're either "Christian" or they're absolute loonies.
It's for her. I'm a normie, I've had sex. Sex with someone you passionately love is way better than casual sex. I don't really even care to get laid anymore, unless its with someone I develop feelings for.

She's so adorable with short brown hair and glasses and a big smile in her pics, on top of being a devout Christian....she just looks like potential wife material to me. I will absolutely ask if she wants to meet, once we talk more. We've only been chatting a few days.

>Be me
>19 year old hugless, kissless, sexless virgin
>People tell me i look decent
>Not too unfit or ugly but majorly fucked In the head and antisocial
>Don't use any social media
>Dad starts to think I'm gay
>People around me keep making virgin jokes
How can i get laid without hiring a hooker or lowering my expectations to a 4 or 5
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I feel your pain.
I am planning to pay a hooker to break my virginity
>21 year old kissless virgin
>never even had a gf
>younger brother is gay and married
>at my last birthday my mom, grandma, etc made a joke that I'm suspect
>go along with it and try to have fun in this semi-uncomfortable situation and continue eating my all you can eat shrimp at red lobster
Stop being a puss, OP.
I really honestly wish you guys would stop thinking that pussy is the answer to everything.
Stop worrying about it. Fuck anyone who makes fun. Live your life. If you get to have a girl, good, if you get to fuck, then even better for you. But stop feeling all sorry for yourself.
It fucking hurts not to have what other people have, but that doesn't give you an excuse to start a pityparty about it.
Please OP. Just don't care.

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Who else here in the same situation?
My bf is too passive and idk if I can make it work.
He doesn't like to dominate me and make me feel like a real woman(male) I deserve to be.

In fact he's starting to get into crossdressing and submission too...it's very worrying uwu

Pls halp.
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what is the source on that image op ty
That's too bad. Nothing like pounding your own personal cocksleeve robot gf (male) and then passing her around among your friends while spitting on her/slapping her and telling her she's a dirty whore.
I'd say I was in the same situation but I don't even have a bf. Be happy with what you have, and try and get your bf to be interested in it as well.

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